[13 images][10 clips/cams] Rain at PSY’s All Night Stand 2016 (plus 6 Blasts from the Past!). (12/23)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Mr. Guest Star was rocking those boots at this concert and got a great reception from the audience, yes, he did! Did somebody say Rain was “no longer popular in South Korea”? LOL! If you believe that, your brain is in a fog from something you’ve been smoking. LOL~ ^@@^

Clips. Where he unveiled his pre-teaser and teased the audience about an upcoming collab with hyung PSY. ^@@^(Credit: ASIATODAY 아시아투데이 )

Fan cams. Gosh, check out that crowd. PSY sure does pack ’em in! Thumbs up! ^@@^ (Sources: 닉팝 TV T / BiRain625)

(Images credited to various media, as tagged)







Now, let’s blast off into the past with Rain guesting at previous PSY concerts. Rain did “complain” (jokingly) to the audience about how his hyung always calls him up like clockwork and puts him to work on stage, haha. And these prove it!

12/24/2015. Rain called us on our V-apps and we joined him backstage somewhere… and then we were suddenly whisked by him towards PSY’s stage and we had a backstage pass to watch him perform at All Night Stand 2015. I. Fangirled. So. Hard! ^@@^ (Sources: Rain’s V Live Page / Cloud Taiwan / Sungyeol kim)


2/20/2011. Some funny stuff he said during this surprise appearance: “I wish Psy wouldn’t hold his concert anymore. I feel awkward about the situation where I have to attend his concert all the time just because I’m younger than him.”  LOL! And when they asked him to take off his sunglasses, he slightly took them off and said, “I extracted a mole yesterday.” ROFL! What a time to confess, dude!^^ You can read more about it in my previous post HERE. ^@@^ (Credit: koominseo)

*grind* *grind* *grind* *REARVIEW* hahaha~ If his interesting shirt has gotten your interest, you can read HERE about how he was a Topman. ^@@^ (Credit: ARACELY_B)


5/15/2010. This was my very first PSY encounter and he cracked me up! He cracked Rain up too, which made me laugh even harder. 🙂 ^@@^ (Source: Arirang TV / courtesy of biblueberry11)

(Credit: B4.마리 @ DC Rain Gallery / courtesy of rainwelove)



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2 Responses to “[13 images][10 clips/cams] Rain at PSY’s All Night Stand 2016 (plus 6 Blasts from the Past!). (12/23)”

  1. Elle me fait trop rire la vidéo avec PSY !!


  2. Love the “Blast from the Past”. 👏🏾💦🤗 thanks for sharing Stephe 😀


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