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INTERVIEW: Rain in Canada for Ninja Assassin. “Raizo, yeah. He’s very sexy. How about him?”

Ah yes! I so enjoyed this late 2009 Ninja Assassin premiere interview from when Rain was in Canada doing his thing. Love the interviewer! She was not only polite, but very aware that conversing in English made him nervous, and took care to help the interview along and put Rain at ease rather than take advantage (or so it seemed to me). AND she was a blast. He was laughing in spite of himself.

I LOVE Rain here.  As hard as it had to have been, he not only kept it together, but managed to throw a bit of charm and JiHoon personality into the mix as well.  Even when the wheels of his mind were turning furiously and he was pulling that English out of thin air, he was just cute and funny as all get-out.  Watching this… I was so proud. ♥

He always does his best, no matter what.  Always. Bless him.

Do enjoy this, fans.  Nicely done, JiHoon.

(courtesy of Tribute Movies @YT)



PRESS CON: Rain and Daniel Henney in Manila for Runaway/Fugitive

From the September 9, 2010 press conference for new drama The Fugitive: Plan B.  We were all swooning hard over the tan Rain had gotten on location in the Philippines, one of the countries the show was filmed in.

(courtesy of



INTERVIEW: Rain, McTeigue, and the Korean Beacon

This is our favorite NINJA ASSASSIN promotional interview of them all.  And why is that?

Well, just look at Rain.  Look at him.  He was the most relaxed and the most chatty in English than we had EVER seen him (and the Korean Beacon understood the reason behind that).  He would just jump into the conversation whenever he felt like it.  So cool.  So natural.  He did a wonderful job here, he and McTeigue.

This is also our favorite because Rain and McTeigue go into detail and clear up the matter of Raizo’s name and nationality.   (We never understood why more people didn’t figure it out to begin with, instead of bitching about a Korean guy playing a Japanese guy—it wasn’t that difficult.  Ozunu-sama is Japanese and gave Raizo his Japanese name.  And where did the ridiculous idea come from that actors can only play characters of the same ethnicity anyway?  Do you realize just how limiting that is, people?  Black Americans can’t play Africans or Cubans?  Whites can’t play Germans or Swedes unless they are German or Swedish?  Asians can’t play other Asians or Asian-mixes or Asian Americans?  Mexicans can’t play Spaniards or whites because they aren’t Spanish or white?  How silly.  The best actor should get the role.  Acting is an illusion, not reality.)

Their rapport here makes us hope that there will be a NINJA ASSASSIN 2 one day, preferably right after Rain gets out of the military because then, his body will already be incredibly cut and he won’t have the hell of scarfing boiled chicken for eight months.   McTeigue:  “He [Rain] likes me more than I like him, actually.”  LOL!

» You can read Korean Beacon’s article that accompanies Rain’s interview HERE, on their website.  Enjoy this, Clouds.

Korean Beacon Interview with Rain, November 2009, in English and English-subbed.  (credit:



THE MAKING OF: Nappeun Namja… Rain and JYP In Australia

For those of you who haven’t seen it, enjoy this, the making of Rain’s debut music video for “Bad Guy” (Nappeun Namja) off of the n001 album, in Australia of 2002.  The living of Ji-Hoon’s dream had only just begun.

(credit: JYPE / courtesy of entertainmentjunkie2)



AWARD: Rain wins the coveted Daesang Award in 2004, only two years after debut!

Who can ever forget THIS?  Heck, it still makes me weep, to this day.  Missing his mom, who passed away two years before his debut and four years before he could win Best New Artist for her… sending out love to his dad and his little sister… Bless his heart, and him trying to sing after all that.

What an achievement.  Ji-Hoon’s most bittersweet moment in history. *applause*

(Spanish-subbed by and courtesy of RainPeruFans @YT)



STAGE: Rain “comes back home” on the 200th Music Camp, November 2003

Cloud USA community member divalcious found this cute, charismatic, and energetic performance of “Come Back Home” and “Escaping The Sun”, and boy, are we grateful…!  Ji-Hoon has always had an amazing stage presence, from his earliest days on.  So…


(courtesy of HeavenlyHeart87)

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