Food, Glorious Food

Once a starving child like so many others in our world, Rain now has a passion for good food and home-cooked meals.  And as we Georgia Peaches and Southern Belles know down here in the Dirty South—nothing says love like the cooking that comes out of your Mama’s warm kitchen.  So, in that tradition…


Southern American and Korean recipes for the Month

by Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA



» kimchi mama Jooliyah’s Spam and kimchi rice recipe

» Beef bulgogi

» Paula Deen’s Chicken Brunswick stew



» Jja Jang Myun (noodles with black bean sauce)

» Paula Deen’s Sweet Potato bake



» Hot and Spicy Rice Cakes (Dukkbokkie)

Mom’s Southern Fried Chicken (submitted by Omma Betty—Terri’s mom)

1 fresh whole chicken, cut up (or the chicken pieces of your choice)
1 quart of buttermilk
2-3 eggs (beaten)
2 tablespoons of sweet (regular) milk
1½ cups all purpose white flour


Place the 1 quart of buttermilk into a container that is lidded and large enough to store the cut-up chicken.

Take the chicken out of its wrapping and wash it in hot water.

Drain the water off of the cleaned chicken, then place the cut-up chicken pieces into the container of buttermilk. (Note: chicken has a better taste if the bone is left in while cooking, but if you prefer chicken “tenders,” without the bone, you can certainly remove the bone. It’s your choice.)

Marinate the cut-up chicken in the buttermilk 3-6 hours, or overnight.

After the marinating is complete, drain the buttermilk from the chicken and then place the chicken onto a plate.

Beat together 2 to 3 eggs with 2 tablespoons of sweet (regular) milk, to make an “egg wash.” Put the egg wash in a large mixing bowl.

Place 1½ cups of all purpose, white flour on a large plate or platter.

Place approximately 1-1 ½ cup of oil in a frying pan (Note: If you use a deep fryer, make sure you follow the directions on your deep fryer for cooking “fresh” foods).

Heat the oil to a medium, frying temperature.

While the oil is heating, dip the chicken pieces into the egg wash and then roll them in the flour, covering the entire surface of each piece of chicken with the flour breading. Repeat the wash and dip more than once if you like a thicker, breadier crust. Repeat this step for every piece of chicken. Set aside the breaded chicken pieces until the oil is ready.

As soon as the oil is hot enough, place the chicken pieces in the pan or fryer and fry in the hot oil. (Note: It’s important that the oil be hot enough before you start cooking the chicken, otherwise the chicken will taste too greasy).

Cook about 35 minutes, on an medium temperature, turning often, until the crust on each piece is a golden brown.

Serve chicken pieces piping hot and enjoy!



Bibimbap  (비빔밥)  “bibim” means mixed / “bap” means rice

The only things constant in this healthy dish are: rice, egg (raw or sunny side up), and greens (sprouts, or lettuce, or spinach, or seaweed, etc.).  All other ingredients hinge on your personal preference, so long as they are fresh.  As a result, the ways to prepare Bibimbap are as many as there are stars in the night sky.

» Maangchi’s Bibimbap

Yes, we do eat uncooked greens in the South too!  In fact, there’s nothing better during a hot day than a cold summer salad and a glass of homemade iced tea.

» Paula Deen’s Cornucopia Salad




Cool Kimchi noodles, and Mulhoe

Southern Mid-Summer melon salad




Kimchi Pizza

Southern Macaroni & Cheese.  Paula doesn’t like her pasta cooked al dente, but I do.  Prepare it the way you prefer.  It’s a winner either way!



Red Bean Noodles

Sage-flavored stuffed Pork Chops

Favorite Christmas Recipes from around the world!



One of Rain’s favorite dishes… that he is also promoting as a part of Hansik.


Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts… share your favorite recipes, from anywhere in  the country, so that we can all spread more of that Mama Love.

You know?

(sweet potato bake, Jja Jang Myun, kimchi, chicken Brunswick stew, hot & spicy rice cakes, southern fried chicken, bibimbap, cornucopia salad)



4 Responses to “Food, Glorious Food”

  1. wooooooow ^^


  2. Heck yeah! Food and Rain? I have gone to heaven! Great idea!


  3. Thanks for the tip! I need tips on Korean and Korean American cooks… up to this point, I’ve only really known of Chinese chef Kylie Kwong in Australia (and boy, that woman can cook!)

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Check out aeri’s kitchen on fb and youtube, she has some wonderful recipes and the cutest baby ever! She is from Korea, but living in the states! Love ethnic cuisine!!!!!


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