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Original Japanese hard-subs only. As soon as English-subbed episodes are available, we will bring those to you.

— All editorials by Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

EPISODE 30.  Asia broadcast 8/28.  Continuation from last week… Rain runs his rehearsal at ZEPP Tokyo Hall, and he means business.

First it’s all about getting the It’s Raining performance tightened up and completely ready.  I do so love having that live mic, and catching Rain going in and out of song at a whim.  His voice is so beautiful, even when he’s only rehearsing and paying half-attention to some other detail.  Mm.

And then we move on to— oh, excuse me!  Oh, oh, oh!  That sexy back!  And sexy backside!  Nice going, camera man.  *clearing throat* Er, as I was saying… and then we move on to the fine-tuning of Handshake, that beautifully magnificent song, as well as Escaping The Sun.  Sing it, Rain!

LOL! Okay, we’ve seen Ji-Hoon “accidentally on purpose” poke himself in the eye with his sunglasses many times for the camera, during the Love Story era in particular.  So when it appeared that he truly accidentally did it here, the look of disbelief on his face cracked me up.  He is freakin’ hilarious.

Have much fun with these visuals, Clouds.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translations by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Hey! (his assistants) you should have put a mike in here.

Once again.

Rainism music has to be played soon after its prelude.  There shouldn’t be any gap between the beginning of Rainism music and its prelude.

Yes, well exactly!

You can do it like this.

My stand mike was suppose to be up on the upper stage by now.  Please play the last part of ‘It’s Raining’.

The stand mike should be going up while the lights go out.

Please play the music where ‘Stop’ comes out.

Female dancers should go up to the next level.

I’ll rise to my feet.

I’ll climb the stairs during the last phase, taking it easy.  I’ll cue the director where I’m supposed to climb the upper stage.

My stand mike was supposed to be up on the upper stage by now.  Hyung! (director), please go ahead without paying attention to me.

Please mark this spot with blue tape so I can check it out again.  Also, somebody should tell me not to come here just below this spot when I climb up here.

Please cue me soon after the lights go out.  I’ll go to the back when the lights are ready.  Please play the music when I raise my hand in this way.

There is a lyric that goes, ‘You Know’, I’ll keep using the hand mike until that part.

I need the interpreter’s help.  He has to interpret for the audience whenever I speak Korean during the concert.  Please bring him a hand mike.  This is when the interpreter begins to interpret, and he should keep on waiting for a chance to interpret.

” ‘Love’ is like that. I’m doing my best although I’m not very good at Japanese.  I’m sure you know what I’m going to sing next time.” (where interpretation is needed)  Please play the music right when I wear sunglasses after finishing speaking.

Good job! Thanks a million.  That’s the shots.  If you could do that again tomorrow, I’d appreciate it.

Would you mind seeing what we’re doing? (to other staffs looking at the rehearsal)

Do you think I’ve put you in an awkward position? (The staffs : No, not at all.)


EPISODE 29.  Asia broadcast 8/21.  Continuation from last week—we are ZEPPing in Tokyo, and Rain is running his rehearsal like a pro.

Being able to see the opening JumboTron-ics here (heavy rainfall, location graphics, dancers being “born of fire,” etc.) is a real treat, as only fans at the ZEPP concerts have been privy to that.  Looked like those elevator springboards being used in the fire sequence were pretty precarious… but boy, what a great effect.

After hitting the Tokyo streets for a break, it’s on to the Rainism staging.  It’s really cool how only one JumboTron can be like having a hundred different sets.  And then “Yo, Rain is back” with It’s Raining, and with his hair shining under the ZEPP lights like new money.  Enter: the Women behind the Man.  Go, girls!

You can always tell when something is off, or when an idea hits him—he simply gets “that look” where you can practically see the wheels turning in his mind… and after a moment or two of thought, whatever it is will come out of his mouth.  If nothing else, Rain is a man who knows what he wants and goes completely with his instincts.  As he should.  It’s his reputation on the line, after all.

Enjoy, everyone. 😀

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)



For a brief indication as to what Rain said at this press conference, and to revisit some of those images, please see our previous posts HERE, and HERE.  A resulting Japanese news spot heralding the start of the tour is HERE.

Asian broadcast 8/14.  [w/English translation.] We’re going ZEPPing!  It’s all about the 2010 Love Tour in Japan, and we start off with Rain briefly introducing himself to the media in Japanese at his Love Tour press conference on June 21.

My my, he is looking sharp in that suit and as fine as wine, but we already knew that from all the previous images and the bits and pieces of press conference footage we’ve seen in previous news spots.  Is that room FULL of reporters and photogs, or what?

In between conference questions, we get a real treat: ZEPP Tokyo rehearsal time.  Wowzer—that “born of fire” intro is hot, if you will pardon the pun.  What a visual!  The inside of ZEPP Tokyo Hall was also revealed to us in pictures back in June, but here you get a real feel for the place as Rain runs the rehearsal and takes the stage in from several vantage points.  We’re already looking forward to next week in the hopes that we continue ZEPPing in Episode 29.  *fingers crossed*

Enjoy, everyone!

Part 1 of 2,  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I [arrived] yesterday…

Thanks, but I’m not tired yet.

I’ve been controling my condition [physically preparing? ^@@^] for my concert and I had a nice dream last night.

The reason I’ve opted to hold my concert at such performance halls which are a lot smaller than I’m used to, is to come to my fans myself in order to communicate with them as if I’m close friends with them or I have a date with them.

First of all, I tend to think of a concept for my music album, everywhere I go.  When I went to Europe to film a hollywood movie, I was able to see a lot of men wearing false eyelashes and coloring their eyebrows.  Their epicene beauty that I had never tried before got my attention, that’s why I picked up the idea from it and applied it into the concept for my new album [Back To The Basic].

I’m thinking I’ll familiarly communicate with my fans as if they are just next to me.  By the way, I’ll proceed with Saitama Super Arena concert the way I did [ZEPP, but just as a larger scale extravaganza].

Part 2 of 2.

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I think I can eat sea mustard soup on my birthday in Fukuoka , but I don’t [have to].  I don’t mind eating Japanese miso soup on the day.

I’m not class enough [skilled enough? ^@@^] to play soccer.

I hope both Japan and Korea will make it to the round of 16 and have some great opportunities in the World Cup games.  No matter what, I’ve been watching each of the games involved in Korea and Japan on TV, even without watching other teams’ games.

Please turn the lights slowly.  I’ll let you know when I move.  Please start it!

Since I’ll be the [executive] producer, please do as I tell you.

Well. Too noisy! (calling into his ear microphone)  This performance will go for the next 9 days, it is expected more details will be needed during rehearsing.  Nobody can’t even count how much time we spend rehearsing for the concert.  Anyway, we belong to one team, so I ask for your help.

I’ll oversee the progress of the rehearsal, so I ask the director to be responsible for all of our rehearsal on the other side of the stage.  Before the opening video clip, let’s time the lift to reach in time.  Please put it back where it was.

Please try to operate the video from the half of it.  Just a moment, please stand by.

I’ll tell you what : Staff ‘Hyung Young’ will be on the right side of the front stage, while the audience will be provided with simultaneous translation of what I’ll say through the interpreter on the left side of it.  Each time I [talk to] the audience, immediately on the scene the interpreter has to interpret for them.

This concert won’t go according to the planned schedule, so there might be [many] ad-libs.


EPISODE 27[w/English translation] Asia broadcast, 8/7.  Continuation from last week… Rain’s mini-fan meeting outside MBC’s Ilsan Dream Center, after his final Back To The Basic farewell stage performance on Music Core, at the end of May.  » You can revisit the images from that fan meet in our previous post HERE.  And there’s » one more HERE.

(It’s only my opinion, but I feel it was bittersweet for him to say goodbye to the B2TB comeback stage just then.  I think he might have liked for it to have lasted just a little longer.  Singing and dancing is where he is physically closest to his fans, after all, not to mention the beat of his music practically lives in his pulse.  Thinking about having to say goodbye to writing for any length of time fills me with a terrible sadness… so I get it.  But in Ji-Hoon’s case, his MTV Movie Awards journey, the 2010 ZEPP/Love Tour, Runaway filming, and so many other things demanded his presence.  He had no choice but to move on.  Destiny awaited.)

The Q & A session with fans was cute, with or without translation.  And he did it even though he was dead tired.  We can always hope that one day we’ll be afforded such time with him here in the States.  Woah—! There it is, that humongous stuffed otter, fashioned after the cartoon one that supposedly copied Rain’s Golden Ab rolls.  LOL!  As we understand it, a fan actually made it for him.

“Rain, you will go to Hong Kong—”  “Sorry, I don’t know yet.”  (laughs and catcalls from the crowd)  “Next year, next year.”  My goodness, the fans were so orderly!  Rain was sitting or kneeling thisclose to them for pictures, and they somehow managed not to totally freak out, or jump him from behind.  Good Clouds!

Enjoy this episode, fans.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Fan’s message : Would you be open to holding a concert in Korea?

Rain : It’s up to you to make me hold it in Korea, but I don’t know when to do.

Rain : So, please aggressively have a dash at asking me for a concert in Korea.

Fans at the scene of the fan meeting : Can you specify exactly what you mean?

Rain : Dash at my agent.

Fan’s message : What is the brand name of the lotion you are now using?

Rain : Actually, I rarely use any lotion because I myself am valuable.  (His witty words set the audience roaring with laughter)  Anything is fine by me, but sometimes I use some lotions which are a little expensive.

Fan’s message : I know you enjoy drinking 참이슬 soju (an alcohol brand name called ‘Real Dew’ soju in English). Well, which brand of beer are you particularly fond of? I’d like to choose the same brand as that of the beer you want even if I can’t be with you.

Rain : That can be the infraction of the trademark law (the audience is laughing)  Nothing is unpalatable to me.  I usually drink just about any type of beer.

Fan’s message : How [when…? ^@@^] do you think you’ll appear in a beer CF?

Rain : I don’t have a choice.  If I had the choice, I would already have filmed such a CF.

Fan’s message : When was your best moment in your life recently?

Rain : My best moment was when I was nominated for an MTV Movie Award.  Thank you for your supporting me, and thank the jury members for their choosing me.

Fan’s message : What hurt your feeling the most recently?

Rain : I know some newspapers have been often guilty of distorting the truth of my frankness, but just let slide that situation since they have to subsist on the number of people visiting the site. (There is enthusiastic applause)

Fan’s message : My mother has bought 60 of your new albums.

Rain : Who is ‘Dahrim’ who wrote this message?  Please come on out.  How old are you?

Dahrim : 19 years old.

Rain : (After hugging her)  Come on, it’s time to turn again.  Please go back to your seat.

Fan’s message : I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your releasing your new album for us, and I’m very proud of you.

Rain : I’m very proud of you, too.  I think the number of people attending this fan meeting is the same as that of the people who attended the then mini fan meeting when I was in Rainism.  Are there the people we met 2 years ago?  (Every fan at the scene of the fan meeting : I’m over here!)

Fan’s message : I’ll open a restaurant in 5 years.  Are you up to visiting my restaurant when it’s that time?  Then, you don’t have to worry about paying for your meal throughout your life.

Rain : Who is this?  Is it true?  Where will you open a restaurant?

The fan : Please come to Incheon.

Rain : Let’s draw up a contract right now! (A gust of laughter)

Fan’s message : Orabuni (= Oppa = Rain) has a very slim body.  How have you lost weight in your thighs?  If I follow the choreography of your Hip Song, can I be like you?

Rain : You can do it mentally. (laughter)  But, I can offer you the know-how if you are surely interested in loosing weight in your thighs.

Fans at the scene : What’s the secret of your diet?

Rain : The secret is very simple.  I lose weight by portion control.  (They are booing)  Why are you protesting by saying “Boo”?

Fan’s message : What is meal like to you?

Rain : That meal doesn’t exist is unthinkable.  [Meals not existing would be unthinkable. ^@@^]

One fan’s banner says “I want to Rain to stay single forever.”

Fan’s message : When you were invited to the MTV Movie Awards, how did you feel about it?

Rain : Isn’t it too obvious that I’m invited to the ceremony? (laughter)  It was just a joke!  Actually, It was [like] something that could never happen to me.  But I’ve been one of the last candidates in the vote after beating an estimated 30 others including Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and so on. (There is enthusiastic applause)  Anyway, whether to win the award or not, I don’t care.  [This award meant everything to Rain, as he himself has acknowledged, so I am certain that what he meant here was that if he didn’t win, he would take it in stride, that he was honored just to be nominated.  — Stephe ^@@^]

Fan’s message : Will you hold your dinner show in 20 years?

Rain : They commonly kick off such shows in some foreign country.  I can start such a show at any time if you really want to.

Rain : All right, I guess that does it.  Do you really want me to hold a concert in Korea?  (Yeah!!)  I’m interested in it if you make a firm request.

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : I’m interested in it if you make a firm request.

Fans at the scene : What should we do?

Rain : This idea looks good.  (unrolling the paper)  The paper says, “Raizo! Focus your attention to be able to keep the MTV award!”  She also gave me some black sands.  Does she want me to die? (because of the black sands that were a strong symbol of death in his movie Ninja Assassin)

Rain : These folded-paper cranes include your messages to me?  (Yeah!)  I’ll take them to read at my leisure time after unfolding them.  Anyway, thank you so much for your support.

Fan’s message : Do you happen to want to go to the baseball field at your free time?

Rain : Yeah, of course, I want to.

Fan’s message : They often cheer for the teams they support, singing your Hip Song.

Rain : There is something extraordinary in such a popular song. (laughter)  I’d love to come to the field someday.

1:56~One fan from Hong Kong : When will you go to Hong Kong?

Rain : I’m not now thinking of visiting there, but maybe next year I can do.

Fans at the scene : How much difference gap in age between your marriage potential and you, will be good to you?

Rain : Age is not really an issue to me. (A gust of laughter)

Rain : The person over there in yellow clothes!

The fan : Why are you shouting, “Woo Laa Laa”?

Rain : I just can do what I will with my own.  Why are you doing it the way I do it?  After all, it is the same.  Hope my fans and other stars’ fans love each other without distinction.  (The audience burst into enthusiastic applause)

Rain : Thank you for your supporting my album.  Hope you to be always happy and healthy.  Please show your support even to MBLAQ.  It was nice to meet you.


EPISODE 26.  Asia broadcast 7/31.  Now we get into the Back To The Basic farewell staging where Rain says goodbye before hitting the ZEPP trail, behind the scenes, and it looks so exciting!

Rain is wearing that hot black casual fitted-jeans look that we all swooned over.  (I know this is supposed to be a professional write-up, but my heavens, his pants are TIGHT.  *blinking* Okay, I need to get a grip.  Er… okay, that was the wrong thing to say.  Let me just continue.)

Other comeback groups enter and exit the studio’s performing area like clockwork.  MBLAQ, in stage makeup, awaits their turn in a prep room, never taking their eyes from the live monitor.

The studio crowd is loud and lively.  As they should be, as Rain busts out Love Song.

And then it’s outside the building for Rain’s farewell mini-fanmeet.  (Unfortunately, all I could pick up with my almost-nonexistent Korean skills was “Yes.” “Okay.” “I like…” “Oh, really…” and “Thanks.”)  This was pretty cute, and it looked like he and the fans had a blast.  They barely got into the gift-giving, and that gigantic otter didn’t yet make an appearance, so perhaps that means the mini-fanmeet will continue in next week’s episode.

Enjoy, everyone.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I think I’ve finished my activites very well with my special album for two months.  Thank you for your supporting my special album.

Q : Is there anything you gained during your activities with your album?

Rain : I’m very happy to have more and better opportunities to meet you (his fans) rather than to have got something out of my activities this time.

Thank you for your love I received.

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown, I could work cheerfully.

Thank you.

(2 minutes before going on stage)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

My throat hurts and I can’t talk any louder.

You can hear me?  (Fans : I cant hear you!!)

My throat hurts and I can’t talk any louder.  Do you understand what I mean?  Can all of you hear what I’m saying?

Anyway, thank many of you for supporting my activities with my album.

Did you tell me to stand up from my seat? (asking one fan)  How old are you saying such things?  Come on out!  I can’t understand why you are picking on me like this, even if Oppa (Rain) is so tired that I could die.

Anyway, thank you for supporting me a lot.

This special album is….(Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

So what do you expect me to do?  Now I’m doing my utmost for you to hear me (after checking the loudspeaker)  You can hear me if you are quiet.

I’ll go home if you keep complaining.  You can hear me if you are quiet.  I’m just not feeling well now.

First, thank you for supporting my special album a lot.  Even if I couldn’t do a lot of work for the album, but this seemed to be a very meaningful album for us.  I think ‘Love Song’ in this album has really left a deep impression in you, so I’m very happy (Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

(Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

If you are quiet, you can surely hear me.

Thank you for loving me a lot.

Anyway, I’ll be soon shooting a drama.  I hope you will love the drama a lot, too.  Anyway, I’m really thankful for your support.

Thank you. (bowing)

Do you have any other questions about me?

Look! the wind seems to blow out the candles! (One of the Cloud executives)

Once again! (after singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rain)

One, two, three, four!

Thank you.

What? I cant hear you.

(Fans : I love you!!) I love you, too.

Let’s love each other.

Can I choose each out of these?

(The message is as follows)

“I’m so touched, excited, and happy that you showed us your best side on each stage.  Today’s performance by you was the best of the best.  Do you choreograph yourself?”

Right! I’ve done it all by myself.  Do you know why it’s so?  Because no one can equal me.  (fans are cheering loudly)  [And at this stage, that statement is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. — Stephe ^@@^]


EPISODE 25.  Asia broadcast 7/24.  Continuation from last week, Rain’s journey to and through his MTV Movie Award evening, with more footage that we haven’t seen up until now.  Notice how he nonchalantly made his way down that Red Carpet… what a star. 🙂 And once he got to his seat, remember he talked about being incredibly nervous, and being almost in a dream state.  He was so excited, but he looked so calm!

(This episode pretty much answers my question from last time—all of the car footage last week was Ji-Hoon riding TO Gibson’s Amphitheater, with future things spliced in for the viewer.  Interesting… seeing as he mentioned Ms. Scarlett before even seeing her that day.  *sly look*)

And then he caught the audience and the world off guard by winning.  They were like, wha? wow! There were cheers and applause from supporters, and then all-out shrieks of delight as he ascended the MTV stage and everyone got a really good look at his hawtness.  You could feel the women throughout the place gaping with their mouths open and wondering who the hell is that? Tell me who he is, like right now! I want that. The entire audience, suddenly sensing they had just witnessed something special, applauded our man as he left and made mental note to Google Ninja Assassin… Google Rain…

(*NOTE: We can bet you there were a lot more people in the MTV Movie Award audience who already knew and liked Rain and Ninja Assassin.  He only seems to be an unknown here.)

Poor baby blanked out at the podium!  And we would have too.  You’re sitting there not expecting to win but all of a sudden you have the statuette in your hand, and you’re shoved in front of a room full of Americans, with countless American viewers and the whole of Korea and the rest of the world watching and waiting for you to say something wonderfully profound.  In English.  OMG.  *blank*  *deer in headlights* And he did the right thing—kept it short and got the heck off the stage ASAP without embarrassing himself.  Thanking everyone properly later is always an option.

Well done, Ji-Hoon.  Well done!  This is one episode we’ll be really happy to get the translation for.  Enjoy, fans.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 24.  Asia broadcast 7/17.  And on to Rain’s MTV Movie Awards odyssey, beginning with his airport interview and flight from Korea in early June, and ending in Los Angeles.  There is a nice mix of footage we have and have not already seen here.  And with all the entertainment news reports over the past two months, we don’t really need a translation for the first video.

Question: In the second video, is this before or after the awards ceremony?  Is Rain in the car going to or leaving Gibson?  I’m asking this because at one point it seems like he’s talking about Scarlett Johansson and the guests as if he’s already seen them.  And footage of his badassery win is thrown in there.  It was awfully bright outside, but we are talking Pacific time.  And he wouldn’t have the Golden Popcorn statuette in the car because MTV kept it to put his name on it and ship it to him later.  I don’t know… I’m just tossing stuff out here.  Somebody throw me a bone! 🙂

» You can revisit Rain’s car ride to Gibson Amphitheater, with English subs, and MTV footage of part of his Red Carpet arrival over on our MTV Movie Awards 2010 project page HERE.

(credit: rainsnow cb / edit and upload: scorpiolabibi @YT)


EPISODE 23. Asia broadcast 7/10.  The “OMG, Look At All Those Hard Guns!  They’re Everywhere!” episode.

“My muscles keep falling down!”  Oh, for pete’s sake, Rain.  We know it’s cold (which constricts blood vessels like crazy) and that you want to be at your very best for us.  But dude, you look hotter than bulgogi (Korean barbecue) over an open flame here, and you know it.  The body is banging.  Stop doing a million reps!  Stop it now!  LOL!  Everyone, prepare to have your imaginations freak out on you some more.

I mean, I feel so pathetic.  I was so into his reps and his dancers’ reps that 1) my eyes started burning from lack of blinking, and 2) when video #1 suddenly ended, I was so startled that I bit my tongue. (And off he sneaks to get oiled up again.  He can continue with that, however.)

This episode was just plain fun.  Hard guns, golden abs, and plenty of horsing around. 🙂

*NOTE:  We don’t have an English translation yet, but in » this previous post highlighting an Arirang report where we discovered Rain’s Bling was made of Swarovski crystals (starting at minute 3:15), you will find English subs of some of Rain’s dialogue in this episode.  Enjoy.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 22.  Asia broadcast 7/3.  And how did Rain look so pumped up and buff in the Love Song music video?

Well, for one thing, he and the Crew exercised and special-dieted together like mad in the months prior to shooting.  And for another thing, right before the cameras would start to roll, he would take the time to give those precious, poppin’ muscles of his a major boost.  What with how frigid it was there on the streets of Seoul, and how cold naturally makes blood vessels shrink and constrict, I can see the necessity of this.  (Goodness!  He was probably tired before the filming even began.)

And for another thing… nothing says check out the definition in these arms and this body! like OIL smoothed on and glistening underneath all those lights illuminating the set.  Hmm-hm. Yum.

Wow, the fog was overpowering on that first take.  And Rain’s ball cap just wouldn’t cooperate.  At all.  But eventually, everything came together and gelled very nicely.  And it was a wrap. ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 21.  Asia broadcast 6/26. Continuation from last week.  It looked like Ye-Seul had an easy part, but honestly, it had to have been difficult to lie completely still and NOT peek an eye open to look at that hot man, especially when she felt him nearly sitting on her legs.  In fact, her entire job this week is to ignore Rain. How is that possible?  Seasoned actress or not… ughnnn…!  Torture!  And Rain with that Kim Jong Kook muscle shirt on… woah.  And that sound he always makes when he likes what he sees on screen… aoowwww.  (Okay, at some point I will get professional here.  Or not.)

As always, when Rain’s creative thoughts start clicking, he approaches his hyung (the director) for a consult—the man does know what he wants.  But I tell you, when he started coming on to the guy with his rolling abs, I fell over laughing.  LOL  Ah, Ji-Hoon, ever the jokester.

I’ve always thought that the sequences in the Love Song MV where Rain’s character is wandering through the house, recalling where Ye-Seul’s character had been (though she wasn’t there anymore), were the most wonderful parts of the thing.  Two people walking through the same space, just not at the same time.  And the use of that bright glare in places throughout may or may not have been on purpose, but seeing as its common use in cinematography means a flashback, fantasy scene, or lack of warmth, I was impressed.

Have fun, Clouds!  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 20.  Asia broadcast 6/19 — The tale of the Wobbly Bed continues. :)

Rain’s eyelashes are so beautiful here, and very effective.  What do you immediately think of when you see a man whose lashes are naturally long?  As a woman and as a writer, I see one of two things depending on his surroundings: either a fierce, primal nature, an uncontrolled passion hidden beneath the surface (a la those first Back To The Basic long-haired Glam photos), OR very strong masculinity that is hiding a soft center, a vulnerability.  I’m strong, I’m tough like steel but the woman I love can still kill me with one blow to my soul (which is why Rain used the false eyelashes on his character to begin with, to convey that tone).  Speaking in allusions and metaphors is what he does, and very well.

Yes… losing the jacket during the “Ye-Seul and the mic stand are interchangeable” stuff did work better, didn’t it? Made him look more opened up and less closed off.  Gosh, I would have been lying there on that bed grinning up at him too.  Can I see a show of hands? Ha!

Rain talks about his inspirations for the shoot, the costuming, and Love Song’s R&B rhythm.  ”I’ve never worn this much silver on my body before…”  This is my favorite RAINY DAY episode from Season 2 so far.  Do you have a favorite? ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 19.  Asia broadcast 6/12.  The continuation from last week—getting to the lovin’.  OR The Case of the Wobbly Bed.  OR Han Ye-Seul and Rain’s mic stand are interchangeable (which is pretty brilliant, by the way).  How terribly unromantic, having every camera and every person in the studio gaping while you’re trying to be intimate with someone.  But WOW—Rain and Ye-Seul took it like professionals and were thoroughly convincing in turning it on and off, weren’t they?  Which could not have been easy at all.  Especially for him.  If you know what I mean.  Ahem.

Very cool how, in post production, they kept the glare that the camera picked up, very reminiscent of flashbacks and fantasy sequences.  And then… it was time to squeeze onto that skinny modern chair together.  And then it was bedtime!  But look at how close the crew was—bummer!  Talk about putting a damper on things.  Oh well, all in a day’s work.  We got our first commercial spot with this episode, Clouds (at least the first one that we’ve seen), the announcement of Rain’s Summer Love Tour making a stop at Saitama Super Arena after he’s done ZEPPing.  Enjoy! ;)

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 18.  Asia broadcast 6/5.  And… on to the lovin’!  Rain and Han Ye-Seul do their part for the Love Song music video, on this weekend’s show.  Some of this footage has been previously shown in entertainment news spots and such, but it’s worth watching because there is still alot of stuff we haven’t seen about this particular shoot.  For instance… take a good look at that single white contemporary-style chair that Rain and Ye-Seul shared (in the picture with this post).  With them OUT of it, it looks pretty skinny.  They really had to squeeze together on that thing, and that gets a WOW out of me. :)

Remember, from the earlier news footage, Rain was saying (after those first shots on the sofa) that Ye-Seul was making the work very easy for him and that she was wonderful to work with.  He is quite the happy camper here.  And so are we.  What a great job they did in front of that huge set crew… so natural!

Have fun, Clouds.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT))


EPISODE 17.  Asia broadcast 5/29.  Continued from last week, getting the rest of the footage for the Love Song MV.  Yes, Rain suffered greatly and practically froze into a human popsicle during the entire shoot, as we’ve witnessed, but boy, those mic stands have really taken a beating when it comes to wear and tear.  Of course there are NGs—just during that first take, Dancer 1 got his shirt completely hung over his head, Dancer 2 pulled his shirt up late, Dancer 3 flipped his hat off with his shirt, and Dancer 4 forgot to take his hat off entirely, all at the same time. ROFL!  One of them apologized while they were all watching that footage [mian hadamianhae (casual), mian haeyo (formal) 미안 해요, I’m sorry], but Rain was looking like, it’s cold as hell and we’ve got to do another take?  $%#*!

At first glance, we thought the hairdresser had poked him in the head with her tool, but no… looks like he jerked because the rubber strap he was exercising with suddenly broke.

(courtesy of ratoka)

Interestingly enough, none of this particular footage ended up used (in the official MV, Rain is NY gold studded on the streets and only mirror-iced up on top of the high-rise).  And even more interesting: those Love Song pics that were leaked early on in the year were probably taken here, where Rain was ATL-iced in the street.

And… it’s a wrap, Rain!  Now go get warm.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka)


EPISODE 16.  Asia broadcast 5/22.  Continuing from last week: we’re on the cold, nighttime streets of Seoul, finishing up the MV for Love Song.  Rain is in creative mode behind the camera as well as in front of it, running the vision he sees in his head by his hyung.  Speaking of running… he did “pound the pavement” a few times.  Then it’s time to get blinged-up for Love Song’s dance portions.  Having done lots of theater work and some filming for TV, we weren’t surprised by the lighting tricks used by the production crew, but you might be.  It’s funny what you don’t see in the finished product!  And of course, Rain had to get his Golden Abs pumped up for the strippin’.  Ha.

Try not to SWOON when the camera gets a closeup of his biceps.  How many of you would like to have that J.Tune jacket his assistant is sporting?  (ATL hat alert!  ATL hat alert!)  *Note: We’re guessing that there is lots more Bling footage, Clouds.  In this episode Rain is only wearing the mirrored ice, but in the music video he wore both the ice and the NY gold studs. Enjoy!  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka)


EPISODE 15.  Asia broadcast 5/15.  We continue our journey from last week, with Rain still high above the streets of Seoul, braving frostbite and the elements by stripping down specifically for our viewing pleasure.  Poor thing… he had to do so many takes (probably due to bad shots, the shirt getting tangled in his hands, etc.) that after a while he seemed to just not bother going for a parka anymore.  He was probably good and numb.  Whoa, wait a minute… is that lead dancer/choreographer Jeong Sung-Tak (one of the 7 Rainmakers , who has been performing with Rain since before debut) at minute 3:11?  Wow, hey there, fellow. :)

And then we go down to the streets of Seoul at night to shoot the… uh-oh… the infamous traffic violation scene!  *looking around frantically for KBS watchdogs* Hurry up and get the shot, Rain.  Just get the shot!  Run!  (Listen to that wind whip around.  Now we know how he looked so anguished in the MV—it was like standing on a frozen tundra and no amount of fit-throwing warmed him up in the least.  The man was a human popsicle.)  Enjoy, Clouds!  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 14.  Asia broadcast 5/8. The making of Love Song, behind the scenes. Rain is “iced up” and freezing. Freezing. Freezing! High above the streets of Seoul. Funny… he looked so toasty warm in the video (that’s the miracle of illusion for you). Roll camera, call action… and suddenly he’s in another zone where he only feels his character’s emotions… oh, he is good. Stop camera, and cut—and he’s desperately walking towards a parka, any parka.

Notice, Clouds: They did the whole scene without removing the iced flack jacket first, and after looking at the footage, Rain seemed to not like something. As we have seen documented in several entertainment news spots, and in the final product, as cold as it was, he commenced to stripping down and getting to the raw heart of the matter at a certain point, so perhaps that was the change they made. (Ugn… worked for us!) Have fun with this, everyone. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka)


EPISODE 13. Asia broadcast 5/1. We pick up where we left off last week, in the present, during the taping of Rain’s comeback stage at Music Core. And we’re also treated to Rain’s Back To The Basic press conference at the KT Building in Seoul, on April 5th. Boy, there were a lot of reporters in that room. How does a person manage to not go blind from all of that flash photography?  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka)


EPISODE 12. Asia broadcast 4/24.  Oh-em-geeeee, Clouds—this one is SUCH A TREAT.  The show has zoomed forward to the present, April 2010, and is giving us behind the scenes access to Rain’s second comeback stage.  Holy moly.  Can you just imagine sitting in this audience and getting to watch him do Love Song multiple times?  Could you stand the excitement?  Unexpected glitches (like his hat unexpectedly flopping up and down on his head, or sound problems, etc.) were like godsends to the fans, because that meant they were going to get yet another taste of Rain’s magnificent voice.  Enjoy this week’s episode!  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka7 @YT)


EPISODE 11.  Asia broadcast 4/17.  Rain at a 2009 Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot.  These people wanted a darker, more rebellious tone for their clothes and pictures, so Rain used his character-building skills to create a sullen, introverted guy who might have been a model or a rock star.  (It worked for us.)

The eyeliner made his eyes look SO deep.  And he knows how to use his jawline like a pro, doesn’t he?  Loved the hair… but goodness, that alcove really looked cramped after a while.  We wondered if he was indeed in character or truly in a bad mood (especially when that lovely uncut gangsta rap started blaring, “We don’t give a damn, we don’t give a f__k! Yeah!” LOL).  But those few times he broke character, to laugh at something funny and to play with his “eternal cameraman” told us that everything was cool.  So enjoy this, Clouds!  (If anyone can keep their eyes off of Rain’s amazing lips during this episode, we’ll pay you.)   — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka)


EPISODE 10.  Asia broadcast 4/10.  Behind the scenes at a 2009 Nature Republic commercial shoot.  Just look at how, even though Rain is freezing his butt off in the cold, he is completely composed even before hearing the word “action.”  How does he do it?  I believe he goes deep inside himself, to a happy place where his mother lives, and once there simply doesn’t feel a thing.  It’s quite amazing to watch, really.  The sneezes cracked me up.  And I’m sorry, but I would have had a serious Diva moment being barefoot in a frozen rowboat like that!  Enjoy, everyone.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of rainbunnie.  English translation or subs when available.)


EPISODE 9.  Asia broadcast 4/3.  The continuation of last week’s fun fan meeting, and believe it or not, it gets even more fun.  Things continue to go awry, and you know how it is when Rain gets really tickled—it’s darn near impossible for him to stop laughing.  His dance crew is no help—if anything, they make the problem worse.  A possible subtitle for this episode could be “Rain Comes Undone.”  Haha.  —  Stephe ^@@^

(Brief written translation by rain bird @rain-eu.  Courtesy of ratoka.)

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown… Such opportunities, as I was selected as the representative of Korea in many fields, and as I was interviewed with the leading media including CNN, etc., seem to come to me.

While waiting around at airports, I usually listen to music or read magazines or enjoy looking around.  By the way, I feel angry and I’d like to rip those pictures and throw them away, when there are Lotte DFS pictures that don’t show me around airports… but otherwise, I feel so good and am in good condition.   (The audience burst into a laugh at his joke)

[ *Yeah, I would be disturbed too if the media made it look like I just magically appeared everywhere without any effort at all, as if I had it easy…  Stephe ^@@^ ]

I hope you are always healthy and happy, and that you will love my Ninja Assassin and MBLAQ a lot.  I plan to hold my concert in Japan as quickly as possible.


EPISODE 8.  Asia broadcast 3/27.  Rain is back in Asia, with MBLAQ, at a Lotte family show and talk event in early November 2009.  Of course, Rain’s charisma with the audience is front and center, whether he is singing, answering questions, or making them laugh.  I cracked up when he totally blew it by starting to sing during the wrong part of “Love Is” (or maybe the music was started in the wrong place?) and his background track suddenly sang OVER him. LOL!  And as usual, his reaction was the best (Ah crap! I did not do that…! well let’s just pick the song up again right here).  He is so darned cute.

So, you have “100 percent body fat” now?  Rain! LOL! — Stephe ^@@^

(Credit: rakota @rain-cloud.  Brief translation by rain bird.)

2:17 (Seung Ho & GO)

Hello, everyone, nice to meet you. We’re MBLAQ.
We’re honored to appear on the opening stage for Rain’s fan meeting, and thank you for coming. Our musical activities in Japan are planned ahead. We’re trying to take this opportunity to become active in Japan.


Hello, everyone, it’s so good to see you.
Thank you for coming here.

I have no particular reason for starting my concert in Japan first. I didn’t intend to do so – I just drifted into it. Actually, I’d had a year to prepare for my concert in Japan, and, well, one thing led to another and preparation for the concert came to start earlier than elsewhere.

I have many of my fans who are older than I.
The oldest fan among them is turning 80. And I’m very grateful for all of your hospitality as I’ve visited Japan.

Some times your memories seem to flash back to your girlhood when you see my concert. Hope you de-stress yourself with my concert.

Ninja Assassin is a wonderful action film where there’s so much to take in. I know that the release of this movie will be delayed in Japan.

Part 2

The amount of fat in my body is 100% just now.
(They asked him to show his six pack)

I was hard working enough to have decided never to exercise soon after filming wrapped at that time. I only ate no salty chicken breast and so on for the shoot, so I felt as if the smell of chicken stunk up my body.

Ninja Assassin is very exciting. Please don’t forget to buy the ticket and watch the movie.

2 :14
MBLAQ are very cute and talented singers. Hope you love them a lot. They’ll be active as singers here for 6 months or a year as soon as the release of their album in Japan.


EPISODE 7.  Asia broadcast 3/20.  And oh, Clouds, this is a TREAT because it takes us behind the scenes at the J.Tune Camp Japan official fan site opening show (12/6/2009).  Rain is backstage, and on stage rehearsing each song, stopping when something is wrong or doesn’t feel right, until everything is exactly the way he wants it to be.  And footage from the actual show is nicely interspersed with the behind-the-scenes stuff.  I like the way he politely greeted people in Japanese first.  (For a look at the true opening of the show, just go over to our Rain Extras page.  It’s the very first video.)

Clouds across the Internet have exclaimed how lucky Japanese fans are.  We certainly agree with that. — Stephe ^@@^

(Courtesy of ratoka.  Japanese subtitles.  Brief English translation by rain bird.)

Good afternoon. I’ll appreciate your help and encouragement.

I’m trying to rehearse for checking the sound and my first appearance on stage.

I’ll sing ‘It’s Raining’ as I first come on stage.

I seem to be in no good voice. What do you think of this?

Let’s start again from the beginning.


Could you turn the sound up?

The acoustics are good for me.

Let me sing the next song.

I can’t go on like this because I have to dance from the start.

You can do what you like.

We can try it again.

I’d like to thank you all.


EPISODE 6.  Asia broadcast 3/13.  Ninja Assassin promotions overseas.  He really looks happy, doesn’t he?  Enjoy, Clouds.  Japanese subs only—English subtitles and/or translations to come.  Courtesy of knchero2007. ^@@^


EPISODE 5.  Asia broadcast 3/6.  More Ninja Assassin promotions.  Rain and the NA SUV give new meaning to that old phrase about being “beside yourself.”  ^@@^

(courtesy of knchero2007)


EPISODE 4.  Asia broadcast 2/27.  Ninja Assassin promotional jaunts across America. How neat is that—finding your own signature from an earlier trip (the Madison Square Garden concert?) on a celebrity wall?  Enjoy. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of knchero2007 / brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


Rain : This has wrapped up the interviews in Washington DC.

It’s Asian community TV station that I’m going to next time.

So far, I’ve been the main TV stations in Washington DC.

It’s time to be interviewed in Asian community TV station.

Anyway, I’m happy to see the work being completed to my satisfaction.

It feels like Ninja Assassin will succeed.


Q : This is Washington DC airport, How do you feel now?

Rain : As I’m leaving Washington DC, I recall that It was too hard to promote here (being afraid someone would overheard a part of their conversation)

Where I’m going is just New York.

In fact, I knew from the get-go that things would come to this, and felt the world is too narrow from the start as you know (with a tongue-in-check remark)


Rain : Hello, everyone.

Here is New York.

I’m here to promote Ninja Assassin, and I’m very happy.

Do you happen to remember the promise I made with you 4 years ago?

As promised my huge poster has finally been hung up on the billboard in New York’s Time Square, and I feel so good and happy.

I hope my posters will keep being hung up here with my success.

I’ve traveled from Washington DC to New York, and it is the second NA promotion to be progressed in USA.

I’ve heard that the press and people here have greater expectations of the movie than ever.

05: 43

Q : You’ve been interviewed from more than 300 media, traveling 6 cities in USA. How do you like your promotion here so far?

Rain : Starting with Washington DC, New York will be followed by Toronto, Miami, LA, and San Francisco.

I think I’ll be able to do it well and enjoy promoting here.


Q : What’s the best memory that you’ve had throughout your promotion?

Rain : When I was asked how it felt to become most the first to star in the hollywood movie as an Asian actor, I answered, ” I’m so happy and hope to act in many different fields such as comedy, romance and so on including action, in my next movies.”


Q : you seem to be physically up to this promotion, don’t you?

Rain : Due to jet lag, I’m exhausted, but I’m so happy.


Q : How do you feel about your huge NA poster here?

Rain : I’m amazed that I’ve finally made it in New York’s Time Square which is the heart of the world after all that chaos. I’m hopeful of my success with my good work.


Q : I know NA ever topped a survey of the film most moviegoers would like to see by a leading website.

Rain : I also wonder what will happen after its release.

08 :05

Q : How do you feel ahead off the worldwide release?

Rain : I believe that 4 years’ efforts will finally be rewarded.

If all goes well, I hope I’ll do my best as a messenger to promote Korea.


Q : It is said that NA’ll be released in time for the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday feats in USA.

Rain : They are anticipating a pleasant respite and I wish many of them would see the movie.


Q : What’s your New Year’s Wish?

Rain : I hope there’ll be good things, and plan to come back with my better drama or movie or album.

Also, I’ll leave for Hong Kong and Las Vegas after this promotion.

It’s just the start of my activities.

Taking this for my big moment, I’ll be Rain who’ll work harder as a singer and actor, and hope you’ll support and love me a lot.

(credit to mayuron @ rain-cloud / Brief translation by rain bird)


EPISODE 3.  Asia broadcast 2/20.  Lotte commercial shoot, and Ninja Assassin in America.  (Courtesy of maruborarain0625)


EPISODE 2.  Asia broadcast 2/13.  My goodness, but he is gorgeous.  We’re thinking this Lotte project shoot occurred sometime between the summer 2009 Six To Five store book signings and the very beginning of the Legend of Rainism tour at the end of August.  Why?  Look at his haircut.  Back in the summer, Rain was still sporting his original “Rainism” video style. THIS has “Saitama Super Arena” written all over it.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of maruborarain0625.  English subtitles to come.  Thanks for the tip, RainListings!)


EPISODE 1.  Asia broadcast 2/6.  The videos are still so hot (off the presses), they burned my fingers when I touched them.  Haha.  There hasn’t been time for them to be English-subtitled yet, and in future I’ll probably hold off and bring you the subbed episodes, but I just couldn’t resist at least bringing you the first episode when it hit.  The intro has been updated, and right off the bat there is behind-the-scenes Legend of Rainism and Lotte Duty Free commercial filming.  AND there is a new RAINY DAY logo and theme song.  So… who cares about there not being English subs right now?  Heck, I don’t.  As soon as I find a subbed version of this, you’ll be the first to know. Enjoy, Clouds!   — Stephe ^@@^

(Rainy Day Season 2.  Chapter 1, part 1.  Lotte Duty Free photo shoot.  Credit and huge thanks to: knchero2007 @ YouTube)

(Chapter 1, part 2.  Lotte Duty Free photo shoot.  OMG, Lotte, what’s with the guns? O_O)



If you’ve been over on our (former) RAINY DAYS page, then you know that at the end of Season 1 of this terrific Japanese program, Rain mentioned that Season 2 would be released in 2010.  And, seeing as Season 1 left off at the end of 2008 (with Rain’s MKMF return to Korea performance after wrapping the filming of Ninja Assassin in Berlin), that can only mean Season 2 might give us backstage goodies concerning the Six To Five store openings, the Ninja Assassin premieres, the Legend of Rainism world tour, and other great stuff that happened in 2009.

Well, the news has come down from on high that the new season begins broadcast next Saturday, February 6.  Hoorah!  The sooner it is aired there, the sooner we might get our hands on it here in the States.

Here is a quick preview, with Rain wishing everyone health and happiness and telling us all to look forward to Rainy Day Season 2.  This shows a lot of what I’ve been anticipating, so you know I’m stoked.  — ^@@^

(credit: rainsnow // scorpiolabibi @ youtube)


2 Responses to “RAINY DAY ~ Season 2 pg 1”

  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone knew where i would be able to watch all the Rainy Days episodes? I cannot find the episodes starting at #1 anywhere online. Thanks for your help


    • Hi, Laura.

      Season 1 epis used to be plentiful, before YouTube and a bunch of other video sites scrubbed them from the face of the earth (pulling the copyright card, and all that stuff). And some people got scared and pulled their own while that was going on. I personally have never seen episodes 1-10, and had begun thinking they were imaginary or something because they just couldn’t be found even when all the others could.

      But one thing about Rain videos… even when people are forced to take them down, we’ve noticed that if you wait long enough, they’re usually re-uploaded again on the sly. We’re on the lookout for anything to do with this show. Rest assured that we’ll clang the bell when something pans out.

      Sorry to say only Season 2 is available now, and even some of those have been removed too. We try to keep our RAINY DAYS page populated, but man, is it rough.

      Stephe ^@@^


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