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BY Stephe @ Cloud USA ^@@^

Name (Romanized): Jung Ji-Hoon

Birth name Hangul: 정지훈 Hanja: 鄭智薰
Also known as (with Romanizations): Rain (in the West) / 비 (Bi) Korea/ ピ (Pi)  Japan / 雨 (Yu) (Vu) China

Birth date: June 25, 1982
Height, Weight: 6′ 1″, 165 lbs
Blood Type: O

Birthplace: Seosan (city), Chungcheongdam-do (South Chungcheong Province), South Korea

(Article link: “Personalities by Blood Type” at Korea4Expats.com)

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Debut: April 24, 2002 on KM Show Music Tank (introduced), and April 28, 2002 on SBS Inkigayo (competed); 1st album (n001); 1st song released (“Bad Guy”/Nappeun Namja)
Hobby: Watching movies, listening to music, fashion
Specialty: Acting, dancing, singing, producing, designing, modeling, philanthropy

Ideal Woman: One who makes a first good impression, and who is stylish and charming
Nickname: Woody, Puppy
Motto: Endless effort, endless endeavor, endless modesty
Favorite Actors: Charlie Chaplin, Han Seok-Kyu
Favorite Singers: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher


High School: Anyang High School of Arts, Anyang, Gyeonggi

College: Kyung Hee University (Post Modern Music Major/Media)

Graduate School:
Kyung Hee University of Art Fusion Design. After completing two semesters there in Performing Arts, Rain transferred to DanKook University‘s Graduate School of Drama and Arts Affairs, in order to receive formal training in acting as he has in music. He’s currently studying as a Total Art Major. Finishing up with this Masters Degree has only been delayed because of his heavy concert and movie schedules over the past few years.


Rain’s office mailing address (management & business admin):

R.A.I.N. Company (effective 10/29/2019)

F6, 19, Apgujeong-ro 79-gil,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
06011 (Cheongdamdong)
Tel: +82 2 546 4379   |   Fax: +82 2 546 4375
E-mail: info@raincompany.co.kr


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His Biography: The Reimagining of Rain

  ~BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA


~BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA

“Before I made my debut, I was talking to my producer about which stage name to use. He said that I give an impression of sadness when I’m dancing. So, I decided on the character “Bi,” which means sadness, as sad as rain falling. That’s why I chose this name.” — Rain, in an interview with CNN’s Talk Asia, December 2005

I’m betting some of my good old US dollars that if you’ve managed to find your way to Cloud USA, you already know something about Rain. Otherwise, I doubt you would even know this site existed in the first place.

You probably at least know that he’s one of the hottest personalities surfing the crest of the new Korean Wave known as Hallyhu, and that his star is already shining brightly over Asia. Or you might know enough to call yourself a “Cloud,” which is what Rain likes to call his official fans. And if you are a Cloud, then you’ll know that “Rain” isn’t his real name. You’ll know that his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon, and that the name “Rain” came later, when he chose the Hangul character 비 “Bi” as his stage name. (The Hangul character “Bi” happens to translate into English as “Rain.”)

You’ll also know that Rain was born on June 25, 1982 and that his blood type is O. You’ll have heard that he grew up in Sinchon, a lower-class maze of streets in western Seoul, close to Hongik University, near an area called Hongdae. You’ll remember that he lived there with his mother, father, and his little sister, Hanna.

You’ll have read somewhere that his favorite color is white (and black—apparently he has two favorite colors). You’ll have noticed that he likes dogs. And you somehow will have learned that whenever he’s asked, he’ll say he wants a woman who is “pretty, sexy, kind and likes to cook.” (My. What a surprise.)

But wait just a minute. As nice as these facts are to know, what do they really tell you about Rain? What do they tell you about the boy who somehow managed to pull himself out of abject poverty to become one of the hottest Korean stars today? What do they tell you about the man who is already well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a “world star?”

The answer, my friends, is not nearly enough.

Every good writer knows that to get to the heart of a good story, you have to dig past the hard outer crust, dive into the gooey, messy center and swim around for a good, long while. No matter what you’re writing about, that’s not easily done, but it’s especially difficult when you’re writing about celebrities, because most of them play it so close to the vest, that it’s difficult to get a real glimpse of what matters the most to the fans that love them—the passion that drove them to do what it is they do and the dream that makes them keep on doing it.

But then, sometimes, we get lucky. Sometimes, we are asked to write about someone like Rain—a person who’s so generous with the details of his life and the possibilities of his dreams that all we have to do is dive in and start doing the backstroke. Which is exactly what I did.

Care to join me for a swim? The water’s fine. I promise.

Terri :-}



— BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA

“The young Ji-Hoon was a child in serious poverty. He once starved for five days because there was no food. He always wondered, why is the world so harsh to me? Imagine how it was for a child throughout high school and middle school thinking, why does the world make me suffer? Why has the world turned its back on me?”—Rain, in the MBC Special: Rain is Coming

When I think of this man called Rain, I think of much more than the professional singer, dancer, actor, model, and clothing designer he is today. I think of the boy who discovered how much he loved to dance when he was in sixth grade, during a talent show on a school trip. I think of the young man who, when he debuted in 2002, won every newcomer music award possible. I think of the man who became the first Korean to star in a Hollywood feature film.

I also imagine him scrounging up whatever food he could for his mother and sister, so that they wouldn’t starve. I see him drinking preciously-saved water in the middle of the night, in the dark, and discovering that the tea grounds he thought he was chewing up were really roach eggs. I envision him down on his knees begging his landlord not to evict him and his little sister into the frigid winter streets as his mother lay dying in the hospital. I watch him wonder if his father will ever come home from Brazil, send money, do something—anything—to help them make it through. I cringe at the heartache he clearly feels every time he tries to sing Can’t Get Used To, a song dedicated to his mother, who didn’t live to see him win the 2004 KBS Daesang Award—the award he promised to win just for her.

Rain doesn’t talk much about his early and happier childhood. There are several family pictures out there in cyberspace that clearly show a happy Jung family, one in which the children look well-fed and pleasantly content. Yet, despite all appearances, it was a happiness that proved to be short-lived. As the Korean economy began to slow, the family began to have serious money troubles. When his business finally folded, Rain’s father was forced to declare bankruptcy. It was then that the ragged seams of Ji-Hoon’s life really began to unravel.

He was a kid who dreamed of singing and dancing for a living. It would have been a big dream for a kid from even the most privileged of homes in Seoul, but it was gargantuan for someone as poverty stricken as Rain. Not usually one of the best of students anyway, Rain began to cut class to spend his days on the streets learning to dance. He hung out with older and tougher kids—kids who thought nothing of stealing the change out of his pockets, or the clothes off of his back. He didn’t care. All he cared about was that they could teach him how to dance.

He battled for spots on underground dance teams, entered amateur competitions—literally fought to survive. “If you look at my face now,” Rain said, “you’ll see the bridge of my nose sticks out. That’s because I broke it many times fighting. I couldn’t buy food because I didn’t have any money. I just starved. I had no choice. I’ve slept on the streets, and I’ve been through a lot of hardship. But I wasn’t ever lonely—because I had my dancing.”1

In interview after interview, Rain speaks of the overwhelming obstacles of a life lived on the jagged edge. One harsh winter night, as his mother languished in a hospital bed they couldn’t afford, his family situation reached a crisis point. Their landlord met Ji-Hoon at the door and told him that their room had been rented out to someone else, and that they needed to get out—now. “…I did not shed tears easily, but I begged the landlord on my knees,” Rain said. “I begged him to consider my family’s situation…I was in despair. The room wasn’t warm either. My sister wrapped herself tightly in blankets and sat in the cold room. Everybody [in the street] looked so happy for the holiday season, with Christmas near. Why was only I suffering this? In the bathroom, I folded two towels into my mouth, and I cried silently. I was afraid to be heard by my sister. I felt too ashamed [to her], to myself as well. I cried really hard that time.”2

A caring Aunt finally took the children in, but it was a long time before Ji-Hoon forgave others for the harsh treatment he received at others’ hands. And he certainly has never forgotten it. “I have the han of being looked down upon by so many people. It made me even more determined to succeed. Actually, the moment the cameras start rolling, I can destroy something or smash a house and then just say that it was part of the shoot. Sometimes, I want to hit people I dislike, or confess my love to someone I care about. I could blame the world for doing this to me as an excuse to be destructive, but I hold it all in, and then when I’m shooting, I let it all go.”1



— BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA

“I just kept dancing for 3 to 4 hours. My whole body was covered in sweat that day. It was a really tough audition. But I felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. But even to this day, I still don’t know why he made me dance for 3 or 4 hours, when he didn’t need to.” — Rain, in Discovery Channel’s Hip Korea: Seoul Vibes: Jihoon Jung

Rain’s dream of becoming a professional dancer/singer must have seemed hopeless next to his daily struggle for survival. No one would have blamed him if he had given up. But he didn’t give up. Instead, he kept on practicing, kept auditioning, kept trying to find a way to break into the music business somewhere, somehow. Someday.

Finally, in the 8th grade, his first real break came in the guise of a boy band called Fanclub. He wasn’t their first or second choice as a member of the band. He wasn’t even their last choice. It was only by happenstance and as an afterthought that he was chosen at all, when one of the band’s producers noticed Rain dancing in a practice room with several of his friends and asked the other band members if he could join the group.

“At the beginning, Fanclub had 5 members,” said Fanclub member KHS, “Our goal was to compete with a five-member group called H.O.T. Every day, after practice, you could see in the company, in the practice room, Ji-Hoon always practicing, dancing alone. He was pale and tall, didn’t seem to be very good at dancing, but the manager saw him practicing very hard and sweating. So, the manager decided he should be in the group. He asked “Is it okay to let that person in? Let’s let him in… So, we said okay…”2

Not yet a professional dancer, Rain worked feverishly to catch up with the other boys. It wasn’t long, though, before he proved himself to be a leading force. “Out of all the members, he was the worst, in a way,” said Ho Sung Kim. “He couldn’t even rap. But then after three or four months, he started catching up with me. Gradually, over time, Ji-Hoon began surpassing me.”1

Fan Club made their debut in 1996. By the release of their second album, Rain had moved up to the lead position. But then, the company backing the promising new boy band went under. And Rain found himself standing in audition lines once again. He knew he still had a lot to learn as a dancer and a singer, but he had already come so far. He had already experienced so much failure that he just knew success had to be right around the corner. All he had to do was find the strength to somehow keep on going.

It wasn’t easy. Everywhere he went he faced rejection—and for every reason imaginable. He couldn’t dance. He couldn’t sing. He was too tall. He didn’t have double-eyelids. He was ugly. Another less stubborn person might have called it quits, but not Rain. Instead, Rain stood up straighter, walked taller, dug in his heels, and became even more determined to succeed.

“I remember going to auditions before my debut, and I was rejected twelve times,” Rain said. “I was told back then that the reason I was rejected was because my face was too ugly. I was even told to come back after cosmetic surgery! In fact, I was told after one audition that my singing and dancing was great, but that I didn’t make it because I didn’t have double eyelids. How do you think I felt at that time?”3

After a long series of failed auditions, Rain finally managed to finagle a meeting with Park Jin-Young, otherwise known as JYP. It was a lucky break for Rain, because JYP, a famous Korean pop singer in his own right and founder of JYP Entertainment, was actively scouting for new talent.

During that fateful audition, Rain danced for several hours, on a stomach that had been empty for four days. “He went to eighteen other companies before my company,” said JYP, about the first time he met Rain. “And when he came in, I was shocked by how desperate the kid looked. Usually kids come in like normal kids, but he came in like a tiger who was about to starve to death. So, he had this pride in him, but he was mad at the world. I knew I was going to pick him as soon as he walked in the door. The audition was about two hours long, I think. ‘Do this. Try this. Try that. Try this. Try that. How about that? Try this.’ It was two hours long, and then I said, ‘Okay. Maybe the company will contact you.’”1

When Rain finally heard from JYP Entertainment, it was only to learn that he had made it to the training phase. That meant that he had to show up at the academy and practice anyway, not really knowing if he would get a spot even as a back-up dancer, much less as a solo act. “Getting through the audition wasn’t the end of it,” Rain said. “There was a test every week. We practiced singing for three hours a day and danced for six hours a day. I think I spent nine hours a day practicing and practicing.”1

Still, it was the break Rain had waited for. He gave it everything he had.

JYP was relentless. He rarely gave Rain compliments, tested him at every turn, and threatened constantly to withdraw his support. For two years, Rain worked on his singing and dancing. He was even required to attend university classes, something he wasn’t all too keen about.4

Despite the turmoil going on in his personal life, Rain somehow managed to keep it together throughout the torturous training and in the face of scathing criticism. Then, tragedy struck.

One day Rain showed up at the dance studio with a grim look on his face. JYP noticed and asked him what was wrong. Rain wasn’t one to talk about his problems, but he finally confessed that his mother was desperately ill and that he didn’t know what to do.

“He had the motivation. He was really desperate. But I didn’t know,” JYP said. “I didn’t know until that day Rain came to me and say ‘Hyung.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ ‘Can you help me?’ I knew something was terribly wrong with him. I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘My mom’s sick.’ I’m like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me before now? Hop in the car!’ So, I personally drove the car to his house. And then this small house had a cold floor, no heating. And his mom was lying on the cold floor. And she had diabetes. Like I wanted to like kill Rain for not telling me this. So, I put her in my car and I drove her to the biggest hospital in Korea. But I found out it was already too little, too late.”1

It was a terrible time for Rain. Here he was about to make his dream come true, and the person he most wanted to witness it was dying. Despite JYP’s efforts and Rain’s quiet desperation, his mother passed away. She would never know of her son’s success.

“The last thing I did for my mother was I bought one of those—those instant three-minute seaweed soup packs.” Rain said. “She really enjoyed it though. But that was all we had when I was in high school. I regret that to this very day and feel guilty about it. And mother…I was always—after all this time—to talk about it…it’s difficult to reopen old wounds. But when she couldn’t get treatment because we couldn’t afford it, that suffering, for all of us, is unspeakable. It really is. I’m telling you. Nobody helps and nobody wants to know.”5

Her untimely death made Rain even more determined to achieve his dream.



— BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA

“Fine, if your [the world’s] back is turned, then I’ll show you. I’ll go down fighting. That’s why I’m here today. There are just two reasons I work so hard: to never be hungry again, and for my mother—a promise I made to my mother.” — Rain, in the MBC Special: Rain is Coming

Even after he had achieved a modicum of success, even after he had debuted with JYP as a back-up dancer and then as a solo act, Rain’s stardom didn’t come easy. After several years of training, Ji-Hoon’s first album noo1 under his new stage name “Bi,” and his first single, Nappeun Namja (“Bad Guy”) were finally released.

Bad Guy was a promising song, and Rain’s hope was that it would provide him with a strong foundation on which he could begin to build a solid career. His hope vanished though, when a month after the song’s release, the 2002 FIFA World Cup came to Korea.

Rain was forced to a decision point as football fever burned like wildfire across the entire nation and interest in Bad Guy faded. Should he forget about the first album and pin all his hopes on a second album release? Or should he release a follow-up single from the first album and pray that people would start listening to his music? He finally made the decision to release a second track. The second single, Instead of Saying Goodbye, shot to the top of the charts in less than a month.

Finally, Rain could feel the wheel of fortune spinning in his favor, as people began to sit up and take notice. “With the follow-up track, I hit number one in two weeks,” Rain said. “That track supported me so well at the time. I think it was so successful because I didn’t fall back and decided to give it one more go. But if I’d given up like a spineless fool, I don’t think I would be here today.”5

Rain’s star was on the rise. He knew it was only a matter of time before that star would either fade into the black backdrop of the universe or begin to glimmer with the possibilities. He also knew that making his star shine was his job alone. He dove into the spotlight with abandon, entering one music contest after another. He found himself winning again and again—and again.

In 2002, he won the KBS Award: Best New Artist. He also won the M.NET Male Artist Award, the Korean MTV New Male Artist Award, the MBC Top10 Artist Award, and the SBS New Male Performer of the Year Award. In 2003 he did more of the same. In 2004, he finally won the KBS Daesang Award, the award he had promised his mother he would win in her honor. In 2005, he danced away with the coveted MTV Asia Grand Slam, securing top honors in all the Asian countries that broadcast MTV Asia. To date, he has won over 30 awards for his body of work.

Korean television producers and directors were also watching and eagerly waiting to cash in on the rising star. During his debut Rain was cast in several televisions series. In 2002, he worked on a situational comedy entitled Orange. Then, in 2003, he landed the lead in a television drama entitled Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School. Film industry professionals were extremely impressed by Rain’s work in Sangdoo and looked forward to casting him in even more ambitious projects.

In spite of his busy schedule, he also somehow managed to find the time to keep working on his music. His second album entitled How To Avoid The Sun, was released in October 2003, under the English translation of his name.  For the first time, “Bi” became “Rain.” His third, It’s Raining, followed a year later, in October 2004. His fourth, Rain’s World, was released in October 2006.

In 2004, he starred in a Korean drama entitled “Full House,” a sixteen-episode series based on a popular manhwa (comic book). Full House went on to become one of the highest-rated Korean dramas of all time, with ratings of over 40% at its peak, and over 30% for every single episode. Rain’s performance in Full House also won him the Best Actor Award at the KBS Acting Awards.

“Rumors of a romance with his adorable co-star Hae Kyo Song fueled the popularity of the series as it played across Asia, Europe, and even the US. The series was so popular that in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, half the entire primetime television audience tuned in to watch. The series was played out against the backdrop of a new Hip Seoul, attractive and enticing—a natural habitat for the eye candy characters and their upscale, urban lives. The series resonated with audiences who found the combo of a fashionable lifestyle, a hip, modern Seoul, and good old-fashioned Asian values irresistable.”1

Rain_Harpers Bazaar

On an impressive shelf full of awards, Rain also began to arrange an impressive list of firsts. He was the first Korean to become both an actor and a singer. He was the first Korean to embark on an East-Asia tour. He was the first Asian performing artist ever to be invited to the 2005 American MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, as well as to the 2005 MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Mexico. In 2007, he was the first Korean to perform at the Tokyo Dome, Japan’s largest auditorium, a venue he filled with over 30,000 adoring fans.

Rain has also changed the face of male Korean beauty everywhere, even outside of Asia. At the beginning of his career, it wasn’t unusual for someone to tell him he had talent, but that he was just too ugly to be a performer. Still, he was the first Korean male to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. And in 2007, People Magazine named him one of the world’s most beautiful people. More importantly, his beauty caught the eye of film directors across the globe.



— BY Terri :-} @ Cloud USA

“All the talents I learned from Jin Young hyung have been stored within my body. I combined his talents and mine and I made my music different from his. So, instead of saying me and Jin Young hyung are competitors, it’s more appropriate to say that we are like partners now. Jin Young hyung always says the same thing too.”  — Rain, in Shin Hae Chul’s Special Edition Interview

Impressed with his work in Full House, Korean director Kim Kyu Tae cast Rain as the lead in another television melodrama entitled A Love to Kill. Only this time he would be playing Bok-gu, a darker, tragic hero obsessed with seeking revenge against his brother’s ex-lover.  Penned by writer Lee Kyung-hee (who also wrote Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School), A Love to Kill gave Rain the opportunity to show the film world his dynamic dramatic range.

In 2006, Park Chan-Wook cast him as the lead in the romantic comedy/surrealist film I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK. Although Cyborg wasn’t a box office success, the film won the Alfred Bauer Award at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and was selected as the opening film for the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Rain was also nominated for and won Best New Actor at the 43rd Baeksang Awards for his role in Cyborg.

In 2007, Rain also won the number one spot on TIME Magazine’s online user poll list of “The 100 Most Influential People who Shape the World.” Popular American comedian Stephen Colbert, of The Colbert Report, came in at number two. Colbert couldn’t believe that someone, especially someone he’d never even heard of, had beaten him out of the top spot. Colbert fans everywhere are still chuckling over his comedic “Dance-Off” with Rain—which Rain won easily, of course.  Some people, particularly in Asia, didn’t realize until afterwards that Colbert’s “feud” with Rain was only good-natured fun.

“He had came on the show and did his dance, like BANG. Knocked it out,” Colbert said. “We were all just dazzled. It was incredible to be in the presence of someone who clearly was so talented and had dedicated themselves so completely to their art. It really was like, ‘Oh, I’m in the presence of a master.’”1

Soon, even Hollywood directors were coming to call. In 2008, Rain secured a supporting role in Speed Racer, a live action film adaptation of the 1960s Japanese anime series of the same name. The film was written and directed by the Wachowskis (The Matrix Series and V for Vendetta). The Wachowskis were so pleased with Rain’s work that they created another film as a vehicle especially for him, entitled Ninja Assassin. With Ninja Assassin‘s release in November 2009, Rain also became the first Korean to star as a lead in a major Hollywood film.

Rain continued to push himself even beyond the music and the film industries. His fashion company, SixToFive (the numbers represent his birth date, 6/25, as well as his idea of having an extra sense, six instead of only five), gave Rain another outlet with which to express his ever-present creativity and with which to release his boundless energy. The company’s fashion line line, conceived and designed by Rain, was launched on December 23, 2008. The launch was followed with a fashion show/launch party and a mini-concert. He served as one of the company’s models throughout its course and up until its closure in mid-2010.

In 2007, Rain finally found himself at a music crossroads. For seven years he had trained with JYP and had released four Korean albums and a number of cross-language albums and singles under JYP’s tutelage. The problem was Rain was becoming too big even for JYP to handle. “He needed a system totally for him, “JYP said. “And if I had to do that, I would have had to use more than half of my [JYP Entertainment’s] system just for him.”1

The professional relationship with JYP Entertainment wasn’t working anymore. The obvious solution was for Rain to step out and set up his own company, one that could focus solely on him and his career. On October 6, 2008, Rain’s new company, J.Tune Entertainment, released Rain’s fifth album, entitled Rainism.

Rainism was incredibly important to Rain. Not only was it his first project as an independent music producer, but it was also the first work he would present to the world as a man and not a boy. The first single from the album, “Love Story,” instantly became another hit, but its title song, “Rainism,” caused problems when Korea’s Commission of Youth Protection declared not only the song Rainism, but also the entire album “inappropriate for people under 19 years old.” Apparently, the now incredibly sexy man called Rain and his “magic stick” were a little too hot for some people to handle.

Happily though, Rain’s fans embraced his transformation into a more sultry and more mature performer enthusiastically. Even JYP was somewhat relieved. “I was worried that he [Rain] could never look sexy,” JYP said, “because usually sexy people have a little bit of a bad, naughty side to them. But this kid was too good, too genuine. That was—well, now, of course, I don’t have to worry about that.”1

Rain’s album sales began to soar and suddenly he was on his way. Nothing could stop him—not the censors, not a flop film, not cancelled concerts—not even frivolous international lawsuits. No, nothing could stand in the path of this perfect storm called Rain.

To this day, Clouds of all ages line up to buy his music, watch his films, rush to airports to see his arrivals and departures, and flock to his concerts. In 2006, Rain performed his sold-out Rainy Day concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, and in January 2010, in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung National Stadium, Rain entertained over 30,000 fans during the final performance of his Legend of Rainism tour. Having finished its American debut and long, multi-country theater run overseas, Ninja Assassin continues to sell to consumers and to be broadcast by cable, satellite, and local networks across the globe, and Clouds everywhere are waiting anxiously to support Rain’s next new projects.

What is it about Rain that makes his fans flock to his side whenever and wherever he appears? What compels them to build fansites in a myriad of different languages in countries all over the world? What causes them to buy his albums, put up his posters, watch his DVDs, wear his fashion?

Is it his sex appeal? Is it his gorgeous, husky voice? Is it his triumph over the extreme challenges of his youth? Or is it the fact that he has achieved more in his twenties than most people could hope to achieve in an entire lifetime?


For most of us, it’s a lot simpler than all of that. For most of us, there’s something basic about Rain that speaks to us, something beyond his drive, his talent, and even his charisma. It’s something that many of us don’t experience nearly enough in their own lives, even with their own friends and families. It’s something called honesty.

Rain once said, “If you are truthful, most people will like you. It is important to be able to say, honestly, if there is something that you cannot do. Just like it is important to acknowledge the things that you do do well, so that you can ask people to enjoy them with you. That’s my approach, and I think this is why my fans like me.”6

You’re right, Rain. Your sincerity is one of the things we like the most about you. A lot. It’s refreshing. It’s cleansing. It’s so very—well, it’s so very Rain.

So, in the spirit of sincerity, your USA Clouds would like you to know something. As far as we’re concerned, you’ve already achieved your dream.

In our eyes, Rain, you are already a world star.




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SBS Star Human Drama, December 19, 2003


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  1. Merci beaucoup, pour tout ces détails, sur le parcours de Rain, très touchant. J’ai été très ému. C’est un artiste hors paire. Autant sur son talent que sur sa personnalité. Magnifique personne. Et que je trouve très beau, même depuis tout jeune. De plus, un grand fan, du roi de la pop, MJ 💖
    Bi Rain ❤️


  2. Dear Terri THANKS for your informing about CLOUD USA. I have been in and out of hospitals or nursing homes. Glad ALL IS good with you, Stephe and the CLOUDUSA family. Thanks again F


  3. Nicely written! It’s great to see that so many people feel the same – as for your final comment, you expressed exactly what I feel 🙂 I wish I knew about him earlier, but still, I hope that his career will continue for some more time. Even though he should start thinking seriously about having a family, and as we know what kind of person he is, it would mean limiting his work to a minimum. But he deserves to have a family indeed 🙂

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    • Hi, karinina. Nice to meet you! 🙂 I totally agree with what you’re saying here. I think that his career will indeed continue for a long time still, he so loves what he does, but I will be just as happy when there are some little Rains running around with their Dad and Mom. 😀

      Stephe ^@@^




    • Ferbaby45,

      We haven’t gone anywhere. We’re still here.

      I don’t know where you’ve been looking for postings, but Stephe posts something new about Rain here at least once a week.

      Not here on this page itself, but here on the blog.

      Terri :-}


  5. This person is a real inspiration for those young people who have lost their way of life. .I literally spend more than 3-4 hrs seeing his works which really inspired me a lot..I am a fan from bangladesh and don’t know whether he has other fans from my country but I am and will always follow and support such a beautiful hearted person..all the best Rain..

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  6. Why do I like reading about K stars? They’re such an inspiration. I can’t see how their resilience can be faked. Rain, Big Bang…. the setbacks & hardships they endured to come up Tops. Even Kim Tae Hee, her beauty and shape is the result of discipline and exercise! No couch potatoes there! People like Rain is such an inspiration to our kids, I hope they look beyond the dance and fame, to learn that discipline and sharpening one’s skills, is THE WAY to go。

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  7. Terri, Thank for that incredible article. I had only heard some of the history of RAIN not all of it. I would like to share with you and the other Clouds a letter I wrote to him after discovering his music. It was never send because did not know to send it . Hope all of you understand and appreciate it.

    To: Jung Ji-Hoon (with respect) aka RAIN

    I am not sure if you read your fans’ letters. This will be a first for me. I became a fan at the age of 64. I was just blown away by your talent and incredible personality.
    I discovered your HIP SONG video while looking for something to motivate me in my recovery from double knee replacement. It helped with my physical therapy, and I could not get enough of your music. I have just recently discovered your movies and dramas.
    You are one of the few rare talents that happen every so often. One of those once in a life time occurrence. I am so glad you happen in my lifetime.
    I was captivated that by what I saw, as the ever present curiosity, wanting to experience everything.
    Your constant striving to prove yourself worthy of your fans’ love is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It comes through in your interviews, acting and interaction with your fans. I look forward to all of your upcoming projects and albums.
    I am not a social media diva, but I will try to post my support and grandmotherly love, when and wherever I can.
    I am sorry, that, I may never be able to attend your concerts. But all my hopes and prayers for continue success will be with you always. To paraphrase a line from one of your songs: “Never stop, never give up, this is just the beginning”.

    Respectfully Yours, with grandmotherly love
    올리비아 퍼킨스
    Olivia L. Perkins
    Richmond VA

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    • Hi, Olivia. Thanks so much for sharing your personal letter to Rain here. I really appreciated reading it and I can identify a lot. I discovered Rain in the latter half of my 40s, and I’m 55 now, and his story and work ethic and the emotion he pours into his songs and performances and love for his fans motivates me and keeps me going even through my health issues. “Never stop, never give up, this is just the beginning.” Indeed. 🙂

      So glad to have met you, Olivia. Here’s to more years together supporting Rain together.

      Stephe ^@@^


  8. Thank you so much for this biography of Rain it is well written and it really touches my heart . We all adore Rain and I want to commend you and your team for being there for him . More power to each one of you. God bless you all .

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    • Hi, Dottie.

      Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you liked the biography. I’m going to work on a Part 4 as soon as I have some spare time. It needs an update badly now. So much has happened since 2010 when it was written.

      Terri :-}


      • I will be looking forward to your new article about Rain. By the way is his office address still the same with what is written above. I have a gift for to be send out but I do not know where to send it. I hope you can help me with that . Thank you so much for writing good articles about The Total Entertainer named Bi / Rain. More power to your team . Please keep in touch.


  9. For me Rain has this certain enigma and sadness on him that you can not just fathom. As I watched him perform , the more that I got to like him , it as if you are drawn to him even more , as if you can not just get enough of him . There is that so much passion to perform and make his fans happy. I had the chance to watched his 3 performances in Seoul and Guangzhou and I can say the more I watched him the more that I want to discover more of him. I am a fan wayback Full House days it was the first Koreanovela that I got to watch here in the Philippines though my curiosity for him got stronger when I watch him on My Lovely Girl and saw him mature and more good looking nowadays and with the aid of social media the more I got to know and love this young fellow who happens to be of the same age of my eldest son who just like him has so much passion for music . I watched all his tv series and movies . And when I saw him crying when he received his award and dedicated it to his mom I felt that he has that longing for his mom and in that moment I decide to pray for him everyday just like a mom who will consistently pray for her children. So whenever I pray for my children I will also pray for Rain that everything will go well with him. I know he would still be around for a long time as an artist because he always give his more than 100% on everything that he do. I just hope that one day he would be able to have a great family of his own with the woman that he truly loves whether it Kim Tae Hee or someone else . Just like a mom who prays for his son to be happy I will do it for Rain every single day until he finds the true source of joy and contentment.

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  10. RAIN is a person that my family enjoys listening to and watching. He has overcame alot and he has many that loves him. RAIN, do know that your mom was proud of you the day you was born, and she still is. She watches over you everyday and sends you her love. All of your fans everywhere loves you. We all hope you peace and happiness.

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  11. I saw his talent in acting after watching Full House and I started watching his movies and dramas in internet eg – Ninja assassian , My Lovable Girl , fugative plan B . I am big fan of him now. My two sons aged 10 and 8 are also great are his fans. They tell me mom , he is the most handsome Korean . I think he has a great personality .

    I wish i get to see him one day .

    a fan from Sri Lanka,

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  12. […] music of Korean mega-entertainer Rain (Bi, 비) has been a true favorite of mine for quite a while. In fact, I remember the first time I heard that […]


  13. RAIN is really amazing. i just keep watching and listening to his songs though am an indian.RAIN you are like a miracle to me. i have watched your drama’s . you are the one reason that keeps wanting me to visit korea. continue to be MIRACLE. Saranghaeyo………

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  14. I’m a fan from the Philippines. I just finish watching his latest drama My Lovable Girl which open the way for me to search more about Rain and this biography really brought tears to my eyes and crushed my heart. I can’t believe that behind all these tremendous success he is experiencing now was a sad and frightful past. He gave me a lesson of a lifetime: Never give up on what you really want! He is an inspiration. May God continue to bless him in all his future endeavors.
    Thank you Cloud USA for these heart-warming biography of the one and only Rain.
    I hope and pray to meet him one day. I am now a certified fan! #Cloud

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  15. Most of what I know about Rain — and now it is quite a lot — I’ve learned from the CloudUSA blog posts. I thank you for that. Question: How old was Rain’s mother when she passed away?

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  16. Hi there, im crisfe from philippines and jung ji hoon aka rain is my only fav korean actor since i first known him as justin in full house which aired in philippine tv last 2004, i had already read some of his biography online but this particular one really catches my heart and a teary eyes as well. Im so amazed that in the back of his fame, lies a very tragic past and he surpass it all by not giving up, he realy serve as an inspiration to everybody whole world in being humble and down to earth. Rain can show more and i believe there are more a blessings in line with him…i love you rain.

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    • Hi, crisfe. 🙂 Nice to meet you! Rain’s past broke our hearts too, and we’re so impressed by how he has remade his life and used his talents. We should all support him well…

      Terri worked very hard on his bio, so your comments will make her happy. Thanks so much.^^

      Stephe ^@@^


  17. everytime I read his bio I feel like I was gonna cry, I mean it’s not the first time I read it but the feeling of hurt in my heart, the thought of how amazing and brave he was then, wow… I think no words can express it!
    but one thing is I’m sure, I will 4ever love rain and always be his cloud:)
    stay healthy rain…
    I love you…….
    thanks again Terri 4 Ur hard work, stay healthy 🙂

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    • Well, I don’t come over here much at all anymore, so this is the first time in a long, long time that I am reading many of these comments. Thank you for them.

      It was my pleasure, Yamnonec27. I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it. And I’m always working to keep healthy. ♥

      Terri :-}


  18. Hi,
    I am from NorthEast lndia, one of the greatest fans of Rain.
    After watching “full house”, l fell in love with Rain. I didn’t know his story. Today, l read his life story and l love him more. Who said Rain is ugly? The person who said must be regretting now, for sure. He is one of the most handsome man in the world and l am so happy that his hard work paid off. I wish him the happiness throughout his life. May God bless him with all the hapiness and long life. He is really an inspiration! Love you, Rain.

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    • he is so kind , but his past was not kind to him i wish that he may recover his past , i feel so say when i turn out to his past , i am so emotional , but i observe one point that he always hids his tears with his smile , he is great , i luv u jung ji -hoon


      • Hi i discovered Rain when i started watching k dramas he acted in.
        I became his fan immediately. After reading his biography i admire him even more. He is so inspirational! God bless you Rain. May Rain succeed in what ever he endeavours to do . Showers of blessings to family too


  19. Everything I read about my Rain Drop is very true. The lady who is
    s 57 and ready retire, girl I hear you, because I’m 69 & will be 70 on June 24th God willing. I Am not in the best of health but I can tell everyone that my new doctor feel good and better is Mr Jung Ji Hoon. His music is always on in my home and I have all of his DVD’ s and I mean ALL. I pray for him each and everyday. Rain is GOD’s gift to the World. Thank you Lord. I wish that I could meet him and be a real grandma and hug and kiss that face. I Love him , I should say We LOVE HIM. Love G-MA


  20. Rain is an inspiration. As much as I want to see him successful in Hollywood, but is seasonal. Like Ghandhi, Geisha, Slump dog Millionaire, Karate kid, they are one time thing. I wish the producers, writers would be less bias in Hollywood. Rain is an actor/singer/dancer in his own right, and I wish he can be cast as a main role in any type of movie in Hollywood. Or perhaps when you finish a book on Rain’s biography, I hope Hollywood would do a movie on it. On the other hand, if it never happens, Rain is living his dream and is already a world star… I think he is very happy and have good friends around him and he deserves where he is or perhaps more.

    I just came across Rain 2 weeks ago, when I accidentally saw his drama. I looked into his work and performance and became impressed with his achievements, and immediately rank him my #1 idol, my ex #1 idol is now #2. I am not being fickle, I am mesmerized that he humbly gives to children charities in the past and present. And perhaps God put him here for a special reason. And because he understood hunger , lost of death; literally, he became an angel for the children. And inspire other to do their best, with endless modesty and endurance. (I like that!!! He reminds me not to give up.)

    Rain is very kind,humble and with a sense of humor, he also takes every opportunity to participate in variety shows in other country like China beside Korea. He is becoming a household name all over Asia. Very proud of him for being such a strong person that we all adore and lean on. I have the utmost respect for him, because he thrives. I am 57, and about to retire. But he still inspire me at all level, especially when I am down. He is electrifying!!!!

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    • Hi, Teri,

      I totally agree with you. Rain’s story is a fascinating one and would make a great biographical movie.

      The idea of me writing Rain’s biography in book is a wonderful one. I don’t know that I have time to do that, but we’ll see. Never say never, right?

      Terri :-}


  21. Rain you are a grandmother’s dream come true. You make me so proud , you are my LOVE because you are true to yourself. I pray that you will always be HAPPY. Love G-MA

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  22. He`s an angel whose wings had
    been broken
    several times.

    He endured all the pain
    to fulfill the promise he made
    to his mom…….

    As a child he bore a sweet & angelic face….

    And he touched our hearts
    with his beautiful smile.

    Yes ,RAIN is really
    an angel from

    He made us very,
    very ,very happy…

    He gave color to our lives…

    But most of all,…
    He become a
    symbol of true

    God made a beautiful
    way& used RAIN to
    bring good friends

    My dear Angel,
    thank you for

    You may not be
    aware of it ,

    But you made a
    difference to our

    The smile in your
    face& the tears that
    your cry is ours too.


    And that`s because …….

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  23. i just love rain soooo much!!

    teary eyed while reading his story…
    im his cloud here in the philippines..


  24. hi. I am from Sri lanka…..you are an amazing performer.. u dance incredibly and love your acting as well..i watched few of your dramas few times.. and i like your personality… and the way you see life.. i tried to watch at least one of your shows per day… you must know you have fans from Sri lanka.. all the best… your smile is so powerful and keeps me happy when i am sad..much love..

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  25. i’m 1of ur fans 4rm nigeria in Africal i do watch ur film and u re my best actor.i’m also an actress. ur story realy touch me Rain dat i dnt even knw how 2 express it. i luv u rain& all my families luv u so much especialy mu mum


  26. Que dire ……
    Waouh Super article , je savais déjà beaucop de chose , mais là bravo pour ce travail fantastique !
    Et oui J’aime Rain pour tous ses talents ( et aussi ses défaut )
    L’honnêteté , la rigueur , le Courage ……..
    Encore merci pour cette article et le travail que vous nous donnez , pour l’amour de Notre Rain


  27. Great article!
    I knew everything on here tho 😉 and I feel like there’s more to add to this article but I guess that because its kind of old. Anywayss.. I LOVE RAIN! I’m a total cloud lol and I really wish I could become someone as successful as him so that I’ll be able to meet him one day! But I remember the first time I found out about Jung Ji Hoon was when I saw him in I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK and since then I’ve loved his singing and dancing and just everything! So.. you can say I’ve always been a cloud & I’ll always be 🙂 BTW to my fellow clouds I have a page on instagram and I post a lot of pictures of Rain so follow me! @yokpopkdramas. And sarangaee Oppa <33


    • Hi, Malak.

      Thanks for reading this biography. Yes, the biography is older. It was written in 2010, and it is certainly time for an update. The problem is I haven’t got the time to do that right now.

      Way back in 2010, very few mainstream fans here in the U.S. knew about Rain, so this work was to introduce him to new English-speaking audiences who had just discovered him and wanted to know more about him. We didn’t even know at the time if Cloud USA would be received well, or if anyone would even care about what Rain was doing anyway. Thankfully, the Cloud USA community worked out far better than we had hoped, and has even gotten him some more good attention in Hollywood and beyond as a “grassroots” organization.

      But you’re right. This biography needs to be updated badly. And that idea is always in the back of my mind. Hopefully, someday, I’ll have the time to add a Part 4.

      Terri :-}


  28. […] […]


  29. […] Credits: cloudusa.wordpress.com […]


  30. Rain I was watching Boys Over Flowers that’s where I met KHJ. I decided to look up information on Kim. When I watch him dancing to Rainism I thought that was him singing that song. My son said mother that is not KHJ singing that song. Because I was wondering who was singing in the background of this song I was in love with that voice. So my son showed me the Rainism video when you were fighting the vampires. I was still trying figure out who was singing in the background of this song. Then one day I decided to look you up. And that’s when I found out that it was you in the background. Rain you have a nice voice and I love it. Your movies and drama’s, wow that’s all I can say. I am a fan 4life. I watched a video where you were talking about yourself, I was heartbroken about your life. When you got to the part about your mother, and the song you sung for her that brought me to tears. I know that feeling I have been dealing with it everyday of my life. I can’t remember her face without looking at a picture. I was about 5 or 6 when she died. And I live with this everyday. Rain what I’m saying to you is don’t ever forget her. She is with you in your heart. I went down the wrong path, I fought hard to come back, I had to find somewhere to put the pain. I had to take it one day at a time. I’m just taking the time to let you know your not alone. Now as far as you coming to the USA I welcome you with open arms. and I would love to meet you one day.


  31. it is so add. I can not stop thinking about him. He is allways there. When i work or do any other thing, he i allways on my mind. What could that be? I wonder…


  32. Thank you! Thank you for posting these things about him. I barely know everything about him but not this specific so, I really thank you guys. I can’t help crying while reading the whole story I was really touched by his story, his determination, his passions, inspirations, dedications, and of course his honesty. He’s truly an inspiration for me and I never doubted that. Rain you are truly my idol! You have reached your goals. Goodluck CloudUSA! Let us support Rain always!


    • You’re very welcome, Miriam. 🙂 Terri really put her heart into this Bio, and she will be touched by your kind words.

      Thanks for being here with us, supporting Rain!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Aw, Miriam. Thank you for your kind words. I’m really glad people are still reading the bio. Although, I need to add an update to it. After all, it has been several years since I wrote it and a lot has happened in Rain’s life since then.

      Wow. Has it been that long???

      Terri :-}


  33. Jung Ji Hoon has accomplished a lot in his short life, overcome some pitfalls, made a name for himself and his family and have yet to show Cloud that he is a man of valor, honor and street smarts when released from military service. Happy and a hardy Birthday wish from one of his many fans who wish him long life, love and a lot of laughter in life.!!


  34. Terri you did an excellent job on this I’m not surprised through. And this is why I’ll stick with only cloudUSA. Thanks for your hard work. 💖☔


    • Thank you, Lotus. I’m delighted that people are still finding it and appreciating it.

      At some point, I’d like to update it just a little bit, but I’m not sure how I would do it. So, I keep waiting and seeing. Someday though…


  35. I’m. Great admirer of Rain his talent is incredible but I’m. Bigger admirer of Ji Hoon Oppa the man what he has overcome not many would. And the fact that he is such a kind person after all that shows how special he is…


  36. No wonder his motto is endless modesty. Coming from that kind of background, and to fight his way up, without any free help… Past experience does shape a man… If he is from a silver spoon family, the attitude will be different… He wont be RAIN that we know.. Now, as he will always remember where he was from, he will remain humble forever…

    His concern for his sister is touching also, knowing that she could only depend on him to protect her, since his mother had passed away… In a way, his care for the 2 important persons/ women in his life, made him determined to give it all.. Sadly during the battling years, he can save only his sister not his mother… (What actually happen to RAIN dad?)

    His statement that nobody cares or nobody ask is quite true when you are nobody… That is the reality of life. As he is now, already Mr Somebody, it is a joy to know that he involves in a lot of humanitarian works that involves children… To be kid and hungry, is something that Rain can relate to…

    I love Rain with military image. He portray a less wild version of Rain. Somebody with smart style. Somebody that look mature, cool, tough and reliable enough.. (the sex appeal is already there) Somebody that can be a good protector… I wont be surprise if RAIN will be acting as super spy for Korea in a future because that is the image that struck me when i see him in his military attire… he will made a great 007 for South Korea. He seem mature and smart… but still can give a lady her fun… (After all RAIN did secure himself to be excellent in everything the army ask him to do..)

    We are yet to know his new image after his out from military services…

    Send Rain my kisses to him, and tell him just be bad boy on stage, but remain good elsewhere.

    Thanks Terri. U too, please take care.

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  37. u r the best jjang debak i lv my jihun oppa fr ever<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


  38. ❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤

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  39. Disappointed by this bio—BUT– only because it was so short. Am I being greedy? I like the way you put it all together and I want more. I would buy the book. So get cracking on that and use the same style you did with this bio. Guess you are amazing also. Thanks for putting this together, you go girl.

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    • Aw. Well, thank you kindly, Kathy.

      But gosh! It took me a pretty long time to do all of the research just to write this bio. But I will add more to it someday.

      Right now, though, I’m working on another top secret Cloud USA project for you all behind the scenes. Hopefully, you will like that one too. :-}

      Terri :-}


  40. Wow! I had no idea. well written. Just when i think i can fall more in love with him. He truly is a real life hero to all, i think. I just cant believe someone called him ugly!! I bet all thoses people who didn’t beleve in him before are kicking themselves. Its amazing he seems like such a happy and thankfull person!! I love and respect him even more reading this. Great job to the writer too, it must have been hard work getting all this


    • Well, thanks, Stephanie, for your comment. I’m glad you liked the bio. I’m glad people are still finding their way over here after all this time.

      It did take me quite a bit of time to gather up all of the details and figure out how to tell his story in a way that was more than sharing a list of details.

      I just hope I did him justice. That’s all.

      I think I need to add an update. It has been two years since I wrote this thing and a lot of good things have happened since then in Rain’s world. I’ll think about that for a bit.

      Terri :-}


  41. I have read about his life story but this gives me more insight into the man that Rain is.I was taught that honesty was important.Some people don’t agree with this I’ve noticed.Saranghae,Rain.My Angel Warrior,Bright Blessing’s.


  42. im touched and inspired and i thank u for that Rain..h0pe to seE u in pers0n.-)thanks terri.




  44. i was right when i chose to him as my inspiration..i salute his sincerity and the love he has for his family :)))


  45. Congratulation Terri for this amazing biography!!!

    Sure, it will be a reference for many clouds in the future, to make the fan made of Rain^^
    Thank you for sharing this elegant and a terrific work with us!!<3


  46. Just read this amazing biography for the first time. I have only been a fan of Rain for a short time and as I started to search online for videos and etc. I join the rest of you as one of the first things that grabbed me was his sincerity in the interviews and the hardworking ethics he has and then came the fact of his acting, singing and dancing abilities which are beyond extraordinary what a beautiful rags to riches storyand he is so deserving of it all. I am certain he will conquer the rest of the world he has not yet had exposure in with the help of his fans.
    Rain should write a book maybe he has already started a few chapters but the story is not yet complete as lots is still to come and I am sure this will also happen in due time.
    Terri great work!


    • Tonicny,

      Thank you, kindly.

      It is extremely gratifying to know that people are still out there reading the bio and discovering Rain. I tried to write something that would be somewhat timeless. I imagine that I will update it someday, but I was sort of waiting for Rain to make a bigger splash here in the U.S.A. before I did that.

      So. Here’s hoping that many, many more U.S. fans find their way here to Cloud USA–and to Rain. :-}

      Terri :-}


      • Terri I was so touched by the way this biography is written. Has this been shared on the web recently or is it just for this fansite . Can it be shared so that it can be circulated. I hope Rain himself has read this biography and has given you praises for how well this is written.


        • Tonicny,

          Yes, you may share the biography wherever you wish. Please do make sure Cloud USA is given the proper credits for the post, and me proper credit for the writing, though. That’s my only requirement.

          Thank you. :-}

          Terri :-}


      • Terri, has this very touching biography been shared on the web recently if not it should or is it only for this fansite. It gives a real clear picture of who Rain is and how it all started for him. I hope Rain himself has read this biography and given you praises for it. looking forward to reading the next chapters you will write.


        • TonicNY,

          We remind people of it occasionally, in our Open Thread, but it has been awhile.

          I will try to do that this weekend, when I’m off work.

          Terri :-}


    • hey what a great way to praise Rain’s work honestly i feel the same for Rain i usually run out of words to appreciate his work He deserves every success he has earned so far and your absolutely rite that He still has long way to go…i see so many girlz fallen for him i greatly hope that he find someone sincere and close to his heart soon i have come to know about his work after ninja assassin otherwise believe me the surrounding i live in its kinda impossible to fall in love with someone from korea but may be its my blood that attracts me toward all these asian countries as my birth mother was from Indonesia….anyways Rain you rock now and forever…..


  47. I am so much in love with you Bi Rain. Im looking at your picture everyday. I wish I can see you personally && hug you very tight 🙂 SARANGHAE OPPA! Candy Kisses! ❤


  48. I want to write him, but I’m confused about what address to write him


    • Hi there, mzdomme. If you want to send him something at his administrative office (letters, cards, and gifts), send it here:

      Bi Rain / Jung JiHoon
      Rainy Entertainment, Inc.

      1st floor, 121-28 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si
      Zip code 135-955
      Seoul, South Korea

      If you want to send him a card or letter in the military, send it here:

      PFC Jung JiHoon (Rain)

      External Relations Team

      Defense Agency for Public Information Services

      Duteopbawi-ro 54-99, Yongsan-gu, zip code 140-833

      Seoul, South Korea

      He gets things sent to either of these addresses. They are both reliable. I hope this helps.
      Stephe ^@@^


  49. knowing all this already but reading it like this all put together just made me cry tears of sadness and happiness .. it just makes me so happy so see how much we all Love him so much and that we all see eye to eye on the topic of RAIN ❤


  50. You all do a great job in keeping the rest of us informed about Rain. All the best to you all


  51. Always love Rain


  52. thank you so much for this wonderful biography about Rain..i had read news and article about his life from other site,but yours are different,it gives us fans, a deep inside look of Rain.actually i was crying while reading this article,i couldnt help it.his life story is so amazing. i adore Rain .i am big fan of him not only because of his dancing,singing and acting skills.but because of he is a loving,hardworking person and his perseverance is so great.and i think he deserves respect for that.thank you so much for this article.i will be a cloud forever.

    charies from philippines..

    Liked by 1 person

  53. So amazing! I heard the name Rain long time ago but never pay attention to it until this time when I saw his DVD Fugitive: Plan B. I watched the series and got curious about him. I started searching and reading about him and watching his videos. I found myself fell in-love with him especially with the Love Song MV. He’s so good! I can’t stop playing the music in my mind. Though I am late, still thankful that I was never too late to watch him and to know him even on these simple thing. Thanks to all the Cloud people who gives an effort for us to be able to know more about RAIN. You’re simply the best and we will wait for your comeback from the Military. I am pretty much sure people in the Military is going crazy having Rain on their battalion and on their Camp. Congratulations Rain and God bless you more!


    • Mayette,

      Welcome aboard! We’re delighted that you discovered Rain and that you are here with us to keep us company while he is gone. I hope Cloud USA makes your wait a little easier. We’ll try anyway.

      I agree that the recruits around him are going to really enjoy having him around. I think they will learn a lot from him that will make them better men. He is going to do everyone proud. :-}

      Terri :-}


  54. Terri – Bravo! This is a terrific article. You’ve written something wonderful and you’ve given your readers a real inside look at the artist Rain. I think it should be part of an official biography for Jung Ji-Hoon. With pictures and a little more detail it could become a book.

    I was especially moved by the early JYP period. On the one hand I want to kill Park for working Ji-Hoon so hard and not seeing how desperate his situation was. On the other hand I realize Ji-hoon was being careful, I’m sure he was afraid that if he showed any weakness he’d be out.

    I’m glad you turned on the comments or I’d be very sore right now! It would be nice to give a greater highlight to this essay on this site. I’ve been coming here for a few months looking for more information about Rain and I only just found this.

    I hope he has read this. It’s really a loving tribute. Thanks for sharing.


  55. Jihoon has overcome alot and came far in life. He still has alot to show us and hisself.


  56. And I just realized that comments weren’t enabled on this page. After a year. Incredibly observant, I am.

    Terri :-}


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