Yoo Hee-Yeul’s Sketchbook (2010)

Hello, Clouds!  Welcome to our first TV Broadcast Concert!

It’s been a while since Rain was a guest on Sketchbook (I remember his appearance during the Rainism era, but not since…)  Of course, he and the Crew look good enough to eat here, and I really mean that.  Enjoy these performances from this May 21 broadcast, fans.  We feel that this is Rain’s best performance this year to date, and he’s got a whole six months left to prove us wrong.

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

Hip Song. Woahhh! (all courtesy of ratoka @YT)

Michael Jackson tribute and It’s Raining.  Very special!  Extremely smexy!  How does Ji-Hoon move like that?

Conversing. About the ice-bling making Mr. Yoo feel like an umpire, Rain’s MTV Movie Award nomination, and Tom Cruise, to name a few things. Was Rain’s handkerchief only supposed to be a decoration or something? LOL

Love Song. Without his usual background track. With live piano accompaniment and singers.  And the sexiest dancers in South Korea.  Oh-em-gee.

2 Responses to “Yoo Hee-Yeul’s Sketchbook (2010)”

  1. I’m sorry I was not able to enjoy!! Please I need a url to be able to access! Thx


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