Rain on LIFE… His Words

“When the people I know are proud of me. When people are praying for me. And when people remember my name after I’ve died. Yeah.”

— Rain, on life

(from TIME Magazine’s 10 Questions For Rain interview, 2008, his definition of being successful)

by Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA



“This is a dream come true.  But first, I’d like to thank my fans for everything.

I went through a lot of difficulties and had to challenge myself while I was filming the movie [Ninja Assassin].  When my name was called at the awards ceremony, I cried my heart out inside because I felt as if I was being rewarded for all the hard work I put into it.

To be honest, I did not expect to win.  I didn’t even imagine that I’d win. I thought being invited to the MTV Movie Awards was quite meaningful enough even if I didn’t win.  I feel like I’m dreaming right now, and I’m very happy to have won the award.

The other nominees are top Hollywood actors, and I think I won this award because of my fans’ votes.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m going to stop putting myself through hardships now that I’ve received an award that I’ve always dreamed of.  I probably won’t have another wish for the next ten years.  Instead of bearing things with clenched teeth, I’m going to let my teeth relax and try to enjoy my work.  I’d like to rest for now.  I’m overwhelmed with happiness.”

At Incheon Airport in Korea, June 8th, when asked how he felt about being the first Korean to ever win an MTV Movie Award in the U.S.


“There’s something I’ve got to say. Sometimes when I’m driving around, other cars speed ahead of me or make me slow down. Right now, it’s like that. There’s a little bit of traffic here, but before you know it, this car will be speeding along again.” — September 25, 2011, at his final RAIN The Best Show Korea tour stop in Seoul, in an attempt to comfort his fans about his impending military enlistment on October 11.

“As a Korean man, I believe that it is only natural to be dutiful to my country and enlist into military service…I will go within the next year.”  — May 2010


Endless effort, endless endeavor, endless modesty.


“My final goal is to be a good father.  I want to live happily with my family.”  — when asked what his lifetime goal is, on Cool FM Radio, 4/28/2010

“…I think winning the battle between cultures and minds is worth much more than winning a physical battle involving guns and knives.  It’s Game Over when you win over minds.”

“I won’t concern myself too much with success or failure.  I will simply do my best.  I will always stay humble.” — from documentary The 7 Rainmakers

“I hear there will be many famous people.  I’m most excited about the [US] Secretary of State.”  —on his way to Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People red carpet


“Instead of being really handsome, it is better to have a face with character.”  —speaking about himself to Korean teens, during his Rainy Day Tour in Thailand

“No, no… please call me Ji-Hoon.”  —during an interview in his Six to Five brand showroom, preferring to not be called CEO nor Mr. Jung

“I just made clothes I would like to wear myself, not to be able to say I am the CEO…”

“I’m just the one who helps with the work.”  —concerning his role in the brand he built and designed


“I strongly believe that if you are afraid of failure, you will never taste success. As much as I go through failure, I think it’s just one step closer to my dream. It was like when I walked into Warner Brothers and watched the final version of Ninja Assassin for the first time. I went through hard times but I finally made it. I couldn’t believe I was there with my fellow actors and the staff, watching the film.” —at his Global fan meeting (on his birthday), June 2009

“There are times when I really feel lonely and don’t have the will to do anything. Whenever that happens, I look up negative articles about me. They give me a boost and I am up and ready for the day.”    —using the tabloids to his advantage, 2009 Global fan meet

“Really—the thought of wanting to quit came hundreds, thousands, millions of times.  [My boss] never gave me compliments.  He would always point out my weaknesses and say things that were emotionally scarring… but now that I look back, he never set a table full of food for me to eat.  Instead of giving me something to eat, he gave me a fishing rod and taught me how to catch and cook my own fish.  So when things get rough… you can’t quit or give up.  If you do, that’s it.  Nothing will come after that.”  —to Korean teens in Thailand, during his Rainy Day Tour


“School violence should be eliminated.  I didn’t want to go to school back then [because of the violence].  I didn’t understand why I had to exist in such a place.  I had the wrong idea—if you bully me, I’ll bully you too.

Students should help and protect each other.” —concerning school years spent in anger



7 Responses to “Rain on LIFE… His Words”

  1. There is a question that keeps bothering me whether I ask about or not!!!
    You know, Rain is a great man and it’s definitely true. But about his behavior in military. Why a person like him who said “As a Korean man, I believe that it is only natural to be dutiful to my country and enlist into military service” did that? I read a few comments that said “If he was better at military and had behavior, he would be more popular”. What did he do during his military that ruined his image like this? What exactly a humble man and a workaholic could’ve done to ruin his image like this?!!! Is it true that he’s not that popular now?!
    I love him and I want him to be more successful but I don’t know if his own country doesn’t really care about him or reverse….


    • I think he left base without permission or something like that. But I think like all artists if you don’t produce something new the public will move on. Fickle fans are easily distracted by someone new. Rain hasn’t put out any new music in about 2 years. He’s been touring out of country and he did that drama in China. He’s been working hard but he hasn’t been on the charts lately. Hopefully 2017 will bring us some new music


  2. My dream man.Now I am sure.I will never give up.I will swim upstream like the salmon.And I do pray for you every night.My Angel Warrior,Bright Blessing’s.


  3. ^^ كلام جميل وتفكير اروع ^___^ شكرا” كلود


  4. Bi U Are So Awesome!! Reading all this some a 2nd time makes me wish I lived in S.Korean we’d be such cool friends, we have a lot of the same beliefs and u made me cry,It is lonley at the top,but u have a great head on ur shoulders and very true values,So I’ll not fear for U Bi that special women U will find and Ur life of fulfillment will be everlasting because God has made U a special man and all my(our)prayers for U will come true,So please steadfast my beautiful brother!! With MUCH LOVE!!! Jules:)


  5. waht can i say he born to acomplish humble to fuifil with a full trat and he is very the most insiration with touch of passionate among ton milion fans and of suporter and love and criously of his sucess. who have challange his hardwworking with the promiese of his ineed of dication with full of quacacation.
    and me i see rain with life of BLESS with alway suceed any filed and industry of his full mark with a best sesantional idol, singer,actor,model,producer, yet designer. and who is endless modesty that everbody have such a heart for and rain too.


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