Legend of Rainism Tour: Let Him Touch Ya

Welcome to our Legend of Rainism Tour page. Enjoy this incredible testament to Rain’s creativity and talent.

To all the YouTubers who shared their precious videos… WE THANK YOU!

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, August 2009

Opening, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of dukedik2)

Nan, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of biWithYou0625)

Only You & Handshake, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of biWithYou0625)


Seoul, October 2009

OPENING, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of ratoka)

Not a Single Day & Familiar Face, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of ratoka)

Because of You, TV broadcast.  The OTHER BEST BoY EV-VAH.  TRUST ME.  (courtesy of dukedik2)

Ways to Avoid the Sun & This Is Love, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of ratoka)

Nan & Solo Dance, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of ratoka)


Rainism & Ending, TV broadcast.  (courtesy of ratoka)


Las Vegas, December 2009.  Merry Christmas!

OPENING.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

I’m Coming, Dont’ Stop, Na.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

It’s Raining.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

Because of you.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

Ways To Avoid the Sun, fan cam.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

This Is Love, My Girl, I Do.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

Only You, fan cam.  (courtesy of nakiatala)

Rainism, fan cam.  (courtesy of princessbobolol101)

With You, Encore.  (courtesy of herelies)


Taiwan, January 2010

Opening, fan cam.  (courtesy of lung0626)

Because of You, fan cam.  (courtesy of lung0626)

Belt tease, before Solo Dance.  (courtesy of linkie18)

Rainism.  (courtesy of spcia)



Legend of Rainism Yoyogi, April 2010, the FINAL LoR show, has its own page HERE.  Enjoy!

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