IN CONCERT: Legend of Rainism Yoyogi

April 17 & 18, 2010: National Yoyogi Stadium in Greater Tokyo, Japan

Here we go, everyone—Cloud USA’s first Fan Cam Concert!

And what we have for you here is the true final stop on the Legend of Rainism tour—LoR Yoyogi, where Rain delights the fans by always speaking in Japanese though he sings in Korean.  This wouldn’t be possible without a wonderful Rain fan at YouTube named yuirain.  We thank you, so much, for your bravery in the face of really tight security and for sharing your precious videos with other Rain fans around the world, yuirain.  They are such a treat! ^_^

Let’s start at the end, shall we? And a very special ending it was, seeing as Back To The Basic’s “Hip Song” had never been performed at an LoR encore show and never would be again. This officially brought the Rainism Era to a close and gave the new B2TB Era full Reign.  Enjoy this very special Fan Cam event, Clouds.

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

Hip Song. “What’s up, baby!”  Rain danced so hard, he might have needed a chiropractor when it was over! (courtesy of yuirain)


Sad Tango. But not the Spanish version that we’re used to—the original video version, on stage! Watch the dancers fall forward like in the original wave, death-roll, and then kip up to their feet without their hands.  OMG!

The Japanese fans are screaming and excited because Sad Tango was Rain’s very first Japanese single release back in the day.  (courtesy of yuirain)


Love Is, and My Girl. (courtesy of yuirain)


Not A Single Day. (courtesy of yuirain)


Familiar Face. (courtesy of yuirain)


Escaping The Sun. (courtesy of yuirain)


I Do. “What? Say my name! Say my name!” (courtesy of yuirain)


Trampoline interlude, and I’m Coming. (courtesy of yuirain)


“Me”/Na. (courtesy of yuirain)


Don’t Stop. He was exhausted here, but he pushed right through it like a PRO! (courtesy of yuirain)


Handshake. (courtesy of yuirain)


Solo Dance, 11 Days, and I Like You Again. So which would you rather wrap around, Rain’s leg or Rain’s chest? (courtesy of yuirain)


Love Story. (courtesy of yuirain)


Rainism. (courtesy of yuirain)


Friends. (courtesy of yuirain)


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