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Original Japanese hard-subs only. As soon as English-subbed episodes are available, we will bring those to you.

— All editorials by Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

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EPISODE 52, FINAL. Asia broadcast 2/5. Yes, fans, this is unfortunately the end of the road for RAINY DAY’s second season. But we did get 52 episodes just like with Season 1 (it was 51 or 52 eps, I remember), and boy has it been a long ride.

And here’s another bit of interesting trivia for you—Episode 1 of this season premiered exactly one year ago almost to the day, Saturday, February 6, 2010  (remember how anxious we were?). So we, in effect, have had an entire year’s worth of RAINY DAY this go ’round, every single week (except for one that had to be skipped).

Thanks, JiHoon! Thanks, Mnet! 😀

Thanks, Terri, for filling in for me last week. *hugs* And now on with the show.

We pick up at ZEPP Osaka Hall where we left off last week, after “Don’t Stop” (which I LOVE and Terri can’t seem to stand, but whatever LOL) where Rain closes the song out as the Final Dancer In Fluorescent Orange, then takes the stage to catch his breath and hobnob for a moment with his ZEPPers. Baby Boy is dead tired (and of course he would be, putting on a concert tour, making it to umpteen photo shoots and umpteen interviews, AND filming a 20-episode drama all at the SAME time), but I think there was nowhere he would rather have been in that moment. A stage surrounded by fans is his pulse, his life blood, the thing that really makes his heart sing. He lives to see the pleasure on our upturned faces, and to catch the shouts that we throw him through the air. That’s not to say he loves acting and his other activities any less… he doesn’t. But immediate gratification is a powerful thing, and that’s what JiHoon gets with he’s with us in the flesh. Interaction. Reaction. Love in the air.

ROFL! Okay, there comes a point when self-camming gets too much of a workout—like when you amuse your own self by how well you can do nostril tricks. And ye old fish face. LMAO! I mean, what possesses the Man sometimes, I just don’t know. LOL! What a crack-up. Aaaaand… Asia is missing another big white teddy bear, as JiHoon has kidnapped yet another one to give to “His Girl.” (They’ve got to be on the endangered species list by now.) Awww… the fan is so cute, and she interacts with him so naturally. Good girl! Rain is hilarious. I really enjoyed this one. ♥

(Yeahhhh… let me just say this. For a “My Girl” in the U.S., there better NOT be a teddy bear in sight, yo. Best to drag one of those sexy sofas out like Usher, my Man, and do the thang. OR keep it up in the band, like you did for Legend of Rainism… because the sexy sofa just might unleash a stampede. Just sayin’.)

Wooooo-wooh!!! Haha! Give-it-up, give-it-up! Hip Song’s rocking hard tonight. Wah! And I love seeing the Women throwing Hip Song with the Men in the Crew. *high freakin’ five* And we hit a “Fresh Woman” note, which is oh so appropriate with the Women up there on stage.

Good grief, look at the density of that ZEPP crowd as our Mazinger superhero pauses for another sort of tête-à-tête with his “dates” for the night. Ahhhh… the “No Chocolate” conversation LOL! (he was kidding about the diabetes, please don’t freak the heck out) And boy does he continue to lay the the charm on thick. “I love you, I love you. I love you. I love you!” *heart symbol* “I love you.” Here, let me let this girl say something…

And some English! “—get married?”  “I’m sorry?”  “She said when are you going to get married?”  “Married?”  *kehhhhhh* (thinking)  “Right now.”  *heart symbol* ROFL!! LMAO Well that started up a whole world of trouble for him, didn’t it? Let’s move right along to the next song, JiHoon, which happens to be…

“Love Song” …in Japanese, with rolling abs. A deadly combination. Oh, my JESUS. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ah, looks like we’re bringing it on home with encore footage compiled to “Instead of Saying Goodbye” and the big balloon drop. And Japanese subtitles that seem to announce the end of Season 2.

I have really enjoyed this season to the fullest, and I hope you all have too.

Thanks, JiHoon, for keeping us so close to you in 2010. It’s truly been a pleasure, and we hope for more of the same in 2011. Here’s to a future RAINY DAY Season 3! Fighting!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

(video source: happyyyrain / courtesy of ratoka @YT / source site: rain-cloud)


EPISODE 51. Hello Lovely Clouds… Stephe has been super duper busy for the past few days, and it hasn’t slowed down for her yet. It will be a few more hours before she will be able to get back to her computer.  So, I thought I would help her out by posting this week’s Rainy Day episode.

I know her running commentary is always to die for, and I know I can’t possibly match her wit and grace.  But I wanted to try anyway, because she’s a little overwhelmed these days. So…here goes nuthin’…

Presenting Rain’s Rainy Day, Season 2, Episode 51: Asian Broadcast 1/29.

Awwww…the Zepping in Osaka continues as we’re treated to a soft and sexy performance of one of my favorite songs, September 12.  So sweet.  Just like Rain.  :-}  He put his hand over his heart at 52 seconds in and I was melting…exactly like he knew I would, darn him! Ha ha. I loved everything about this performance. So sincere, so special. So Rain.

Next we revisit Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School with the sweet Because I Know (or You Know). I LOVE it when he steps down off the main stage. Watch that crowd go WILD! Heh heh. But that ain’t all, folks. It’s like he suddenly decides: Heck, I need to get closer. So, he starts waving to and shaking hands with as many of his Clouds as he can…all the while performing the song flawlessly. Amazing.

And then the song ends and he’s ducking behind the scrim, where the now infamous “silhouetted costume change” takes place. *Chuckle* Just look at him. He banters with his Clouds as he slowly pulls off his shirt and then s-l-i-d-e-s those pants lower…and then even l-o-w-e-r. LOL. What a tease! Little did we know back then that Rain would top this moment with a “backstage-change-cam” at his Adieu Concert. Heavenly days ahead! :-}

After the final moments of the costume change, Part 2 begins with Sad Tango in high-military fashion. It’s a cool look for some of my favorite choreography. Unfortunately, much of the cool dancing is edited out, but that’s okay, because it isn’t long before we move right into a hothotHOT performance of Touch Ya.

Oh, oh, oh! Baby, you got my permission. To touch me, that is. Anytime. No need to sing about it. (Yeah, I said it. So there.) You know? When I saw this, I thought this was one of the hottest performances of this song I’d ever seen. And I think I was right…at least until I saw his performance of Touch Ya on his Adieu Concert stage. What do you ladies think?

Still, this has got to be a very close second. When he snatches those sunglasses off of his face, I’m a goner. Gah. And then I’m grinning from ear to ear with his: “All my FELLAS! Come ON! UH UH! All my FELLAS! HEY! HEY!” *Chuckle.* Go, Baby, GO! (By the way, can anyone tell me what he’s saying at the very end there? I can’t hear it clearly enough and it’s driving me friggin’ crazy…)

And finally, we have Don’t Stop, which is spectacular…well, except for the weird disembodied faces and hands thingy going on around Rain.  I know some of you will feel differently about that, and that’s cool.  To each his own.  But I gotta tell you, it doesn’t do much for me.  Why?  Well, mostly because this song is sexy as hell, and the lyrics, some of which I have provided in directly translated English below…

“Touch my body; my heart feeling like it’s going to explode
I can’t leave you anymore, so just
Watch me lose it; I’m at a loss for words at the way you move
I crumble at your touch, yeah.”

…have nothing to do with dancing men in black, or disembodied glowing faces and hands (although I gotta admit those hands were doing some really nice things right there…yes, they were…). Yeah, I KNOW the men dancing and creeping around in black are doing something incredibly difficult.  I KNOW it takes a lot of talent to be creeping and glowing and dancing all at the same time. It really does. I’m TOTALLY aware of that.  But it still sort of freaks me out anyway, okay? I can’t help it. I just can’t.

And yet, what does that really matter at the end of such a spectacular Rainy Day? Let me answer that question for you.  It doesn’t.  Not one bit.  Because frankly, Rain’s hot.  REALLY hot.  In fact, he’s hotter than a noon sun on an August afternoon in Georgia. And, like I said, that’s REALLY hot. So, after awhile, I forgot all about the creeping, glowing, disembodied faces and hands, because I was focusing on Rain. You see? Ha ha.  :-}

And with that, the episode ends until next week. At least we HOPE there’s an episode 52. There was an episode 52 last season. So, we’re being optimistic over here in Cloud USA land and praying like hell for one more Rainy Day.

Come on, MNet. Just one more. That’s all we ask.

Pretty, pretty please?

Terri :-}

(video credit: Mnet / video source: happyyyrain / courtesy of ratoka @YT)
Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:


EPISODE 50. Asia broadcast, 1/22. For RD Season 1, there were 52 episodes… so I’m suspecting that, unless we’re really lucky, we may be coming down to the wire, fans.  Stay tuned on that…

So let’s get started, shall we? *hitting play*

We’re at ZEPP Osaka (June 29 & 29)! Oh—check out that shy SungTak smile. Oh man. *fanning*

We haven’t seen The Man and The Men born of fire for a while, so it’s spectacular seeing it again, as the Osaka fans did, right before “Rainism” begins blaring through the Hall. And, as has been everywhere else up to this point, it is Standing Room Only. Can you feel my rainism? It’s right here… Yes, the Master of Exhale does his thing …until suddenly his hair captures the lights and completely takes over the show. Hey, ho, Rain, go…

So just put your hands on up. You know you wanna. Don’t leave me hanging here with only mine up in the air. 😛

Okay. You would think that I’ve never seen “It’s Raining” before, because I’m sitting here staring at the start of it in some sort of catatonia. The Men are just… gorgeous. Rain is joint-popping all over the place. And his hair is still performing like it’s getting a separate paycheck or something. (That’s got to be it. The hair, regardless of how he’s wearing it at any given time, is under its own separate contract as a J.Tune artist. And it should be paid, if you ask me.) ♥ Heavens.

You know, I have to say that, even though the ZEPP venues were small and intimate in comparison to say, Saitama and other arenas, and that was the whole point anyway, the big, spectacular ZEPP set graphics that were used for stage backdrop made those ZEPPs feel huge. At least to me. Wow.

Ooh. JiHoon is crooning “Handshake” now. Ooh. And then… “Konichiwaaa…” Let me throw some Japanese at everybody while I dry off and HAVE to shake my hair around, they like that a lot, yeah… Aren’t I dashing? Check the smile. Should I wipe my arm pit? No? But why not? I’m Rain! ROFL The Master of Exhale is also the Master of Charm, and he knows it. Don’t you just want smack him upside the head? LOL

Check out how he begins “Escaping the Sun.” No fanfare. No graphics. Whiskey voice. In the dark and with very little movement—hardly any at all. But it is just enough to make your mouth go O. How does he do that? I’ve no idea.

I just want him to keep it up.

(credit: Mnet / video source: river_084 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 49. Asia broadcast 1/15.  Caking alert!  CAKING ALERT!  (And Baby Boy’s cold is in full effect, poor thing.)

OH MY HEAVENS. We start with “Love Song”… in Japanese. *gasp* ♥ Do you all realize just how difficult it has to be to NOT get so caught up in the moment and the choreography that you lapse back into your native language in front of thousands of fans? Not to mention remembering the Japanese lyrics to begin with? JiHoon, we don’t call you The Man for nothing, honey.

And then came what is undoubtedly the most adorable performance of the entire ZEPP show… “To You.”  ♥  But it is the victim of post-production editing and lies on the cutting room floor as we speak. We don’t get to see any of it.  Stephe is a Sad Bunny. 😦

Next up to the plate: the part of the show dedicated to Rain’s journey from debut year to Biggest Badass Star—and how he did it “My Way”—on the JumboTron. And…  Put your hands up, c’mon! Let’s bust “Instead of Saying Goodbye” out on the party train!  Here come the balloons and the Crew… and tight friend, former Koyote rapper, and 2005 Korean Grammy Artist of the Year  BbaekGa, who just takes over the dang song, to JiHoon’s delight.  ROFL!

Nega Naui Gyeochil Tteona Dareun Saramegero Gandamyeon… (Gamyeon Gamyeon Niga Tteonandamyeon!)

This is just made of awesome. This has turned Stephe’s frown completely upside down. 😀

Yo. Let’s dance. BbaekGa throws down, which pretty much brings Rain and me to our knees. You know, there was a time when Rain thought that he would never see his friend move again, much less dance.  There was a time when he fought to come to terms with possibly going to BbaekGa’s funeral and having to bury him.  I truly didn’t know if BbaekGa would make it.  And here, a mere five months almost to the day that BbaekGa went under the knife with that HUGE tumor in his head, the man is turning flips and rapping with Rain on a ZEPP stage.  My God.  I had to stop here for a moment, have a little cry, and swallow the lump in my throat.

This “Instead of Saying Goodbye” staging has got to be one of the best things I’ve seen all year, y’all. I just… don’t know what else to say. T_T ♥

Time to cheer up, because here comes the cake.  Haha.  Hahahaha!

Oh, it’s a full-out party, complete with official Rain Fan Club birthday cake, a traditional birthday song, and everyone in ZEPP Fukuoka Hall bouncing.  Of course, JiHoon is styling and profiling all over the place.  LMAO! What a clown. ♥ *wiggle, cough, wiggle, cough*  *okay cut the music* ROFL

A quick thanks, quick pictures, let’s pose, okay got it— Hey! Who threw the first punch?  Doesn’t seem to matter because all of sudden it’s On Like Donkey Kong and Rain ends up holding the worst end of the stick, gang-caked.  The unrecognizable remains of said cake get a nice send-off, passed along front-row fans. BbaekGa: Yeah, let me get some nice shots of this fool with a pastry on his head with my brand new Nikon D7000… *pause for product placement*

Did I think the caking would be so bad that it would turn the stage floor slick as an ice skating rink?  Nope!

Was Rain’s birthday caking well worth the wait?  Yes!

This was a 4-heart episode. fans.  Unheard of.

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 48.  Asia broadcast 1/8/2011.

So, two weeks ago, on Christmas Day, we returned to Rain’s adventures in ZEPP Land, particularly in Fukuoka, Japan on his birthday (June 25).  And we knew, based on that, that a good hard caking was coming… just not when.  Will it Bi this week, I wonder?  Well let’s find out!

We start the episode with Rain fan-camming the Fukuoka fans.  Now ain’t that a pip—a mercilessly fan-cammed mega-star actually fan-camming the usual fan-cammers.  Heh.  Never fails to make me grin, him all up in their grills.  And of course he manages a bit of cute self-camming to boot.  (Awww… booboo’s got a cold!  Bless him.  LOL)

Awww.  Here comes “his woman.”  You are… beautiful lady… What a silly, fun couple.  So cute. ♥  (I think JiHoon must have the monopoly on Big White Teddy Bears in Asia.  Just sayin’. *grin*)

(Okay, we’re going into video #2 right now and “My Girl” just ended, so I’m predicting we’re NOT going to get a caking this week.  Rats. :/ )

Watch Rain and the fans play 20 Questions.  See how they hang onto his words and make him feel right at home in Japan with every exchange.  Good for them!  I think that’s why he loves going there so much—it’s human to gravitate towards places that, regardless of turmoil around you, make you feel warm and loved.  I’ve seen a lot of footage for a lot of years, and I’ve never seen the Japanese people or media treat JiHoon with anything but warmth.  No disdain, derision, ludicrous expectations, ambushes, weird-ass journalism, or funky attitudes as if he owed them something from the moment he stepped off the plane.  What’s that old saying… you  catch more flies with honey, Honey.  Only dimwits use vinegar.


There is talk of other ZEPP venues, and Saitama, as Rain engages the crowd one on one—er, one on… several thousand.  (go ahead and sneeze again if you have to, dude, LOL)  The interpreter is really good, and keeps the conversation seamless.  I think that would make a huge difference in Rain’s comfort level during his U.S. shows—a great interpreter who’s really attuned to him, so that speaking English in front of English-speakers is more relaxing.  (I speak Spanish medium-well, but in front of Hispanics, such a thing raises my blood pressure because it simply isn’t native to me.)  The one thing I want for Rain on stage here is for him to feel truly comfortable with us, which is difficult because face it, we Americans are known to be harsh.  I for one would have NO problem with him switching from English to Korean as he so desired.  Do your thing, JiHoon.  Bring it on. 🙂

Well doggone, I’ve talked y’all into a coma.  And there is no heavy-duty Rain caking yet.  *sigh* Stop teasing us, RAINY DAY! 🙂

(credit: Mnet / source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 47.  Asia broadcast, Christmas Day, 12/25.

We continue ZEPPing in Fukuoka, on 6/25, exactly six months ago.  Does this mean we’ll get to see Rain glazed/icing’d up worse than a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts fresh from the oven, for his birthday?  We’re about to find out!

As usual, starting out, Rain is playing the crowd like a fiddle.  LOL!  *shaking my head* He is ridiculously good at that, as we all know.  And the crowd, from this rearward point of view, is incredibly thick and dense.  That is a lot of ZEPPers, folks.  Good lord—he practically steps down into the audience to converse with them.  Can you even imagine something like that?  O_O  (Well actually, some of you have experienced it in person… at LoR Las Vegas, where he walked up the dang aisle!)

He’s very talkative.  Wonderfully talkative.  And I can’t help but hope that, when he comes here during his tour, he shares time with us like that.  And he doesn’t have to do it in English!  We would love English, don’t get me wrong… but that’s not important nor are we obsessed with such a thing.  Pull a ZEPP, JiHoon—chatter away at your leisure and use an interpreter that you trust.  Or mix it up. What a lovely time we would have together. ♥

Ah, and now the jacket comes off.  “I love youuuu…”  They love you too, dear.  Let us “innocently” flip the hair a bit more (am I going to have to talk to you again about that, huh, dude?), and grab our ‘RayBans.’  The show must go on!

It’s time to Escape the Sun.  I have to say that those fans were darned well behaved when he came down in front of them a second time.  That is some incredible restraint from a pinkie-length away, if that.  Um!

“Let me, let me, let me touch ya!” (and we all collectively shout, Okay! When?“Break it down.  Break it down!” *Stephe bounces in her office chair and gives it a workout*Let’s jump!  Haha.”

OMG, it’s Don’t Stop.  Why does that song and its choreography put me in a frenzy every time?  Wae?  Wae-wae?? ♥ ♥  Poor baby boy.  He’s so tired.  And yet he has the stamina and intestinal fortitude to push right through.  That is what makes him stand out from all the rest.  That’s what makes him Rain.

They’re making us wait on the birthday cake fiasco, y’all.  But you know it’s coming.  Ain’t no doubt.

Santockki! Wild rabbit!  Yeah! 😀

(source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 46.  Asia broadcast 12/18.  Back to the ZEPP Tour, on our Man’s birthday!

Remember, when RAINY DAY left ZEPP some weeks ago, we had just finished up at Tokyo Hall.  Now, Rain’s on a bit of a tour of the streets of Fukuoka, Japan.  I’m not sure where he is when he turns down that alleyway, but if I know him, it’s where you can get something to eat. LOL

At ZEPP Fukuoka Hall on June 25th (his birthday), after getting ZEPP-suited up, Rain, Gori, and another Crewman — looks like SooBong from the side? — stretch their long, fine limbs before the performance, a necessary step that always results in them being absolutely fluid on stage.  You agree?  And then the entire Crew gather around their leader for a pre-show pep talk.  And they’re off to the stage.  Go get ’em, Men.  (and Women!)

The Fukuoka fans come to life as the Man and the Men are born of fire in the opener and launch into “Rainism.”  Oh, my!  I will never get tired of watching this song performed.  I’ll still be watching our Magic Feet and his Magic Stick when I’m about 90 and confined to a HoverRound.  Seriously.

Hair alert!  JiHoon hair alert at minute :51!  Enjoy it!  [ Stephe: Why do you continue to torture us in this manner?  Wae—wae?  You know what slinging your hair like that does to us, you sadist! Rain: But Stephe—it’s in the choreography.  It can’t be helped.  I don’t know what else to do!  That was what we learned in L.A. and I’m just doing what I was told. Hongshi: Eh, ‘Hoon… um, that’s the part you changed up and added in, remember?  You said it would give you more mileage.  Yeah, that’s what you said. Rain (giving Honshi the Evil Eye): Traitor! 😛 ]

(Just an aside… I hope it’s the video skipping, or the episode skipping, and not the actual music during the performance.  Hmm.)

Wow, he’s throwing around a LOT of Japanese.  And that crowd is no joke (huge and packed in there like sardines).  As expected, “It’s Raining” and “Handshake” are in Tha House.  Listen to that voice. ♥

Until next week, Rain clouds!  Will we get to see some cake in the face or cake on the head?  Heheh.

(source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 45.  Asia broadcast 12/11.  Continuation of The Man and the Men at the XVI Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

Next up under the Asiad arch… a modified version of “Hip Song.”  Hair alert!  Hair fetish alert, everybody!  JiHoon’s lovely locks are in motion and keeping a beat, just for us, of course. 🙂

And then it’s time for “Friends”… and WOW.  Check out that crowd as the camera pans.  We knew there were a lot of people, but sheesh.  (Okay, well good grief, what is it that I tend to say almost every week, folks?  You know where I’m going with this.  Sure you do.  “My heavens.  Rain’s ‘wardrobe’ is fitting quite nicely, if I do say so myself…” I should just record those two sentences, have it put on an endless loop, and just hit “play” every Saturday.  Yeah.  Anyhooo.)

The kids are the cutest things (although the boy on Rain’s left and our right looked pretty catatonic the whole time), the native Korean dress and representative symbols are spectacular, and JiHoon done good.  S.Korea has quite an act to follow when it hosts the Asiad next, in 2014.  Rain, get ready.  You know your countrymen are going to make darned sure you’re involved.  That’s a given.

Aaaand… after Rain comes off and is rushed backstage, and after an interview back lit by the gorgeous lights of Guangzhou, we run back to Fugitive footage.

Oh, woah… it’s the Fugitive: Plan B press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Sogon-Dong, Seoul, where our World Clouds banner for Rain was on display!  Ahhh, our Badass Star in black.  And just like that, all of those hundreds of still photos we saw of the press con come to life.

(NaYoung’s dress is a lot shorter than I remember!  Girl, you better hang on to it tight!)

LOL! The highlight of the episode is upon us.  At around minute 1:40, looks like Henney, who is posing with Rain and NaYoung, tells Rain to get lost, take a hike.  Hit the road, Jack, so I can have her to myself for a bit. Rain’s expression as he heads back to his seat is priceless.  ROFL!  Locking horns over a female never goes out of style.

Noted Japanese actor Takenaka Naoto (Hiroki-sama, Kieko’s Yakuza father) arrives late and is ushered to the stage, which he spryly leaps upon like a ninja. Heheh.  And after numerous questions, photos ops, and one last “Fighting!”, we’re out of there.  (Sounds like, around the 5:30-odd minute mark, Rain is greeting some folks in Japanese on the way out.)

Enjoy this week’s episode, everyone!

(source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 44.  Asia broadcast, 12/4.

The Asian Games closing ceremony?  My heavens!  That was fast!  O_O

And so Rain arrives in Guangzhou, China via Guangzhou Airport, and takes us for a very brief ride in the streets.  Then we are whisked on to Guangdong Olympic Stadium and down into the cavernous bowels of the place on the way to the rehearsal stage, where his Men are waiting.  And there is the now famous Closing Ceremony ID tag hanging safely around his talented neck.

(RAINY DAY sneaks in a little interview time where he was dazzling in black.  This footage ended up on YTN and SBS entertainment news not long after that.)

As the Man and the Men ascend the red-carpeted practice stage, you can’t help marveling at how HUGE Guangdong Stadium is.  How many people did it take to erect that Asiad arch?  *gaping* Looks like hats are the order of the day, seeing as though Rain and SungTak are both bareheaded, someone has on a ball cap, someone else is wearing a beanie, Hongshi and another guy are sporting paper boy caps, and long-haired Gori is wearing a bowler (sorry, I just can’t see everyone’s faces clearly, so I know I’m missing someone)—  Oops, JiHoon has to pause in his instructions to say hello to fans who would not be deterred. 🙂

Okay, JiHoon dear, those turquoise trousers are like a neon beacon in the night.  No matter where you’re standing, BOOM, a person’s eye can’t fail to catch you.  Did you do that on purpose, pray tell?  Cool sneaks, by the way. 🙂

Hahaha.  Every time our man gets off the stage and then gets back on it, the onlookers have mini-fits.  Seems to be a lot of people there… I wonder what it took to be able to get in there and watch that rehearsal?  Surely a person couldn’t have just walked in, right?  Maybe some people sitting in the actual stadium were athletes.  Lucky ducks. *jealous*

During the “Rainism” run-through and mic-checks, rather than dance, they just marked the steps.  That’s right Men, don’t hurt ’em just yet.  Save it for the actual show. 😉 

Aaaaand… it’s showtime!  Ah-ha.  Is that SooBong and KyuSang flanking Rain as they wait for their cues?  Rain looks a little nervous, and he should be.  Then the rain graphics begin, and our Man confidently ascends the red stairs like the King of K-Pop that he is.  Wow, check that performance.  Every move is sharp and ON POINT.  Hey, ho, Rain, go.

All in all, this was an enjoyable episode.  Just a bit of a surprise, seeing as the closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games was only a few days ago!  I can’t imagine where we’ll be next week — I’ve been totally thrown off my game. 😀

(credit: Mnet / source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 43.  [SPOILERS] Asia broadcast, 11/27.  Let’s continue running and running!

So, we pick up from last week, where JiWoo and JinYi have fled the police/Yakuza standoff at Kieko’s daddy’s compound, and they split up in the back streets of Japan, with Detective DoSoo hot after JiWoo, and the Yakuza henchmen on JinYi’s heels.  Good grief — Rain, NaYoung, and JungJin had to go up and run back down the killer steps up that hill several times.  No wonder JungJin was clutching at his right leg.  Sheesh—

(*GASP* Okay, pause the video for a moment.  Just… pause it.  And marvel at the size of Rain’s foot close up as he shows us how hard all the running has been on it.  It’s really… huge, that foot.  And you can see at a glance how well he takes care of those handsome five-toed tootsies of his.  Woahhh… You know what they say, cold hands… warm heart, large feet… lar — *shaking my head, slapping myself back into reality* Ughn. Sorry.  Back to the episode.)

Ahhh, so now it’s time for the lemme dive over this here car like the stuntman I am caper, where he put the Fear of God into Director Kwak by pretending to have hurt himself.  “Oh — he really scared me!” JiHoon the Jokester.  LOL!  Kwak should have clocked him one upside his head for that.

It’s cool, briefly going through the stunts from that day, and watching Rain and JungJin running off weight.  Director Kwak took them to their limits (and still is, as filming for the ending episodes is still going on at the time of this post — well, actually, Rain should be settling back in at home in S.Korea after the 16th Asiad in China, but you know what I mean) and these two Korean powerhouses met his expectations every time.  What a team.

LOL!  Poor tired baby, spread-eagled on the pavement.

We knew that where the filming went, fans gathered en masse.  Well, now you can truly see that in this footage.  They were everywhere.  (My, but JiHoon’s pants were fitting well that day… oh who am I kidding, his pants fit well every day.)

Okay, here’s the setup for JiWoo to leap from a van onto a flatbed truck for one of his and DoSoo’s knockdown, drag out fights.  Nice leap, Rain.  Though not surprising, what with your 87Eleven stunt training and all of those times you’ve come leaping up out of a concert stage trap door, airborne. 😉  I see Mr. Double hovering there beside the van too… so I’m thinking that the actual leap from the car to the flatbed was too dangerous for Director Kwak’s comfort.

And so the first fight of the century ensues on the flatbed, with a slip up or two, in all that oppressive summer heat.  Poor Rain AND JungJin.  They both get a heart for this.  ♥ ♥  Ahhhh!  Relief!  We’re back inside an air-conditioned building for some filming.  But oh crap — there’s Yakuza daddy, and JiWoo had better get to running.  (Okay, the production guy on the left, in the green shirt, isn’t helping one bit when it comes to Rain keeping a straight face.  Gee, thanks, dude! LOL)

And after the second fight of the century in the warehouse (ouch!), running in Beijing, and pausing to take production stills, we’re out of there for this episode.  Great work, JiHoon!  Enjoy him, fans.

10-11-27 Rainy Day Ep 43 _ Making The Fugitive Plan.  (source : team jihoon625 season2 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


Episode 42.  [SPOILERS!]  Asia broadcast, 11/20.

Right in the midst of ZEPPing… we change direction and run and run like a fugitive!  Rain was filming Runaway/Fugitive and doing the Rain Love Tour at the same time in Japan, remember?

Now, I was very happy spending quality time with ZEPP Tokyo, y’all know that, what with all the babbling and going on I’ve been doing these past weeks.  But I tell you, when MBLAQ’s “Running & Running” replaced “Hip Song” as the episode’s sub-opening theme, I jumped up and screamed.  I can’t get enough of JiWoo as it is, and here I’ve got some more of him.  And the congregation said AMEN!  Heheheh.

So, we start off behind the scenes on the Fugitive: Plan B set, as the scene shown in episodes 3 and 4 (at Kieko’s Yakuza boss daddy’s compound) is being put together.  The standoff between the Korean cops and the bad guys over JiWoo and JinYi is imminent.  This is also the scene where JiWoo’s “Lady first…!” move becomes infamous.  LOL!

You can tell that Director Kwak is in his element here, as things get underway.  So cool.

Oops!  JungJin busts his butt on the ground off camera while the standoff is still being filmed across the hedges.  ROFL!

Next stop: Saitama Super Arena, where (fictional) famous Japanese singer Kieko has a huge concert, and where the boyfriend she dearly loves — JiWoo — and her crime lord father are in her presence together for the first time.  Kieko is oblivious and doesn’t know what JiWoo does or what dear daddy does either.  But the two men recognize each other instantly and things are not good.  Ha!

But I digress… let me get back on track.

We get to see Rain and the stunt men stage the big fight where JiWoo smacks down the mafia minions during the concert.  Woahhh… ♥  JiHoon looks so good.  Awwww… he takes a moment to greet the fans who are there as extras.  ♥ ♥  (Is this going to be another three-heart episode?  We’ll see!)

Poor baby wore himself out battling all those henchmen, but got to take a breather and watch the scene playback, thank goodness.  Then it’s time for another take, and gee, his pants are fitting really nicely… *shaking my head to get back on track again*

Wha — oh, no!  Not a groin pull…!  Youch!  I got one of those in the dojo once while learning a roundhouse kick.  OMG.  I did not move for the remainder of the class.  Even my sensei (teacher) took pity on me.  But then again, with the way Rain was pounding his hip with a fist… could have been just a bad muscle spasm.  I don’t know how much editing was involved here, but if he got back up that quickly, a groin pull is highly unlikely unless you’re Superman.  Or Batman.  *wink*

Yeah, he seems to be favoring the outside of his hip and leg, and in true JiHoon fashion, works right on through the pain.  Like I said.  Superman. 🙂

And that’s a wrap, folks!  Later, Kieko’s scenes will be added through the magic of editing (including Kieko and JiWoo’s tender onstage hug) and Director Kwak will call it a day.

Awesome episode!  Please enjoy it.  What oh what will JiHoon and RAINY DAY have in store for us next week?

(source: rainsnow / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 41.  Asia broadcast 11/13.

Rain continues taking an onstage break after the sound guy finishes his mic fixes (last week) and engages the audience.  Saitama Super Arena is mentioned, and several other things, and everyone seems to like the way the conversation is going.  They especially like it when he launches into one of the Japanese fans’ personal favorites, “Free Way” from 2006, his second Japanese single release (“Feel So Right” was on the B-side, and a few months later, both songs were included on the Japanese album Eternal Rain.  Mmm-yum!)

That is one of the things that’s so endearing about JiHoon… his thoughtfulness when it comes to whatever audience he is facing.  He remembers the things that have had the most impact on them, and incorporates those bits and pieces into his performances.  What a guy. ♥

(And by the way, I find it absolutely wonderful that he used the same background track that the Japanese fans fell in love with those years ago, rather than going back and cleaning it up by correcting his “r”s.  He also didn’t adjust his live singing — that “r” was an “l”, and I loved that.  ♥ ♥  Just another way of saying, Hey, I’ll always identify with you.  I’ll always be the Bi you knew.)

Okay, so now this is where Stephe freaks out because what’s the next song?  Huh?  The one she didn’t expect in a million years back during our ZEPP fan cam days — “You”, from the Vol. 5 Rainism album.  HOLY COW!  It’s still so exciting.  *hold on a sec, I need a minute*  *lord*  *okay I’m back* As we understand it, the S. Korean censors banned this song with a quickness, and even though we in the U.S. and folks in Japan and other places across Asia and the world wouldn’t be shocked over it in the least, we can see why they would be.  Hide that ass ’cause you’re driving me crazy… Hehehe, love this song!  And the dancers giving him lap dances is SO appropriate.  *giggling like a madwoman* » The lyrics are HERE, on our Lyrics Page 4 (don’t get You confused with Only You).

And now it’s time for the Japanese version of Love Song (WOW) in his New York gold-studded Bling.  When he ends the song with “I love you” in Japanese (aishteiru), the crowd simply adores it.  And then, in what has become known as the most adorable ZEPP performance ever, Rain sings “To You” from Vol. 3 It’s Raining. ♥ ♥ ♥ » For a full version of this song during ZEPP, just go to the first video on my personal favorite things page.

Yes, my friends… this was definitely a three-heart episode.  I am overcome.

(credit: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 40.  Asia broadcast, 11/6.

Remember, when we left off last week, it was with that absolutely darling rendition of “My Girl.”  That was stuck in my mind, so at first, when Rain’s montage interlude played… I couldn’t guess what was coming next.  But then suddenly “Hip Song” started up, and the Man and the Men appeared from behind the staging, all superheroed up.

Mazinga Z! Haha!  (or if you live in the U.S… Tranzor Z!)

And just like that, Rain’s living like Superman.  Woohooo! I think the coolest thing of all is that we actually have Women behind the Man in this Hip Song line up, and the ladies are throwing it down as well as the guys.  Awwwww, yeah. 🙂

Then it’s time for “With You” (from the I’m a Cyborg movie), and gettin’ fresh with “Fresh Woman.”  Driving me crazy… crazy…  You, you, you, you— Oh, what have we here?  JiHoon urging a Man to show out a bit more after that dancer throws a difficult side-flip.  But dude is like, naw, that’s okay, I ain’t pushing my luck.  LOL!

Youch… there are few things as horrific on the ears as mic feedback.  Whoa, clear that up please, sound guys.  Testing, testing.  I mean a man can’t have a nice conversation with his ZEPPers if they’ve been deafened.  (LOL JiHoon keeps counting into the mic in Japanese and doing other clever things, what a ham LOL)

Ah, an emergency sound fix while our Superhero keeps the fans entertained.  And he has to sling that hair around, and keep slinging that hair around because he knows we like it.  Well no, Stephe, you see I was just sweating an awful lot and— Yeah, yeah, save it, JiHoon.  You KNOW WE LIKE IT.  Well… yeah. 😛

And oh noooo!  Just before we’re so rudely cut off, I could swear he was about to »insist on being given some takoyaki (octopus ball), the way he did later at ZEPP Osaka.  Doggone it, RAINY DAY, oh no you didn’t stop us right there? *eye-roll*  *neck-roll*  *triple-pout* What are you trying to do, start a mutiny?

Until next week, Rain Clouds! 😀

(source: hanuru625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 39.  Asia broadcast 10/30.

We continue straight from last week, with Rain camming the fans and having some fun.  “Konichiwah… haha!”  He sweetly makes note of where some of them are from, and then starts to self-cam because, quite frankly, the JiHoon hair needs fixing and it has a reputation to uphold.  LOL

(This one fan is simply out of control and won’t stop jumping no matter how many times the camera comes around… which tickles the crap out of Rain and everybody else… LMAO  Did he ask why did she stop at one point, or did he ask her to come up, and bring her up on stage?  Haha!)

Awwww… and it’s “My Girl” time.  How wonderful.  Any waves of jealousy I might harbor are washed away by the utter CUTENESS of Rain and “his girl” of the night.  *giggle, smile, giggle* And she looks like she’s about to pass out.  Of course.  “I love you,” he says.  They make a heart together. 😀 Awww.

Darn it, my eyes are all weepy!  One thing about JiHoon… he really knows how to get ya right there, in the ♥.

So then… Scene change!  He helps “his girl” off stage, and then smoothly transitions into “Love Is.”  Listen to that voice.  (yeah, all you haters, lip-syncing my @ss, ain’t none here, a’ight?)

Okay, you all, tell the truth: would you be able to bear having Rain sitting right there singing in your face without dropping to the floor or embarrassing yourself?  Would you?  (I plead The Fifth, on the grounds that  I might incriminate myself.  ROFL)

*scream* In my bed!  In my BED!  OMG!  I mean the next song is “In My Bed.”  *scream*  *die* (I still can’t believe that pretend heifer did that to him, replaced his character in her bed with somebody else.  Dang, honey, you done lost your mind, he’s RAIN)

Well, fans, we’ve made it through another one.  Wow.  I can’t wait until next week.  No jive.  What a great season.

(source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 38.  Asia broadcast 10/23.  Continuation from last week, ZEPPing through Tokyo Hall.  And the congregation said AMEN! 😀

Oh, oh, oh!  Let’s get started on stage with “Sad Tango” commando style, red-lighted and super sexy.  And, true to the original music video, right before the second pass, the Men do a modified death roll and kip-up to their feet, as if defying gravity.  Oh, my stars, I was waiting for that! ♥

(there I go with the “hearts” again… *sigh*  *groan*)

Check out how JiHoon’s hair is indeed in its own starring role, slinging and flashing under the lights as he throws himself into movement.  “Let me show you… let me tell you, how much I miss you… *singing in Korean,Korean, Korean* guurrrlll—”  Keep watching, ladies, keep watching to the end… LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

(and Stephe is down)

Whoa—okay, I’m back now.  And it’s the World-famous Artist stepping it up with “Touch Ya.”  Check out that “gun.”  All of him, in fact.  Rain continues to be pop-elastic in everything he does here.  Can you just imagine seeing that in person?  He seems to be delighting in the audience quite a lot, and they respond in kind.  Very cool.  “All the ladies, can ya—”  Oops!  Did you catch a cramp?  LOL!

Ah, black-lit neon “Don’t Stop” is up next.  Always a favorite, and the dancers for this one get a wow.  Not only that… rewind it and watch as Rain comes back onto the stage after the song—was HE the final neon dancer in ORANGE?  By looking at the butt, and that smug look on his face, I’d say yeah.  Why, you sneaky little devil, you! 😀

And then it’s time to “date” with the audience.  Awww. 🙂

What an enjoyable episode.  Have fun, all.  Next week, looks like we’ll be Rain-camming and “My Girl”-ing.  *fist-pump*


EPISODE 37.  Asia broadcast 10/16.

We continue ZEPPing on stage in Tokyo.  We’re right there with the audience, watching the Rain come down.  Oh-em-gee!  This is Da Bomb-bastic. ♥

(I’ve really got to stop throwing all these heart symbols around… wow)

With the help of a Japanese translator, Ji-Hoon charms the audience, holds them in the palm of his hand like so… and their response is heartwarming.  Of course, he throws some Japanese in there himself every now and then, a wonderful gesture that fans across Asia always appreciate.  Watch… he’ll speak and the subtitles just disappear. 😀  For those of you who have the ear for it, you can simply hear the change in his speech.  Very cool.

And then, it’s time for “Escaping The Sun”, ZEPP style.  Oh, that sexy, husky voice.  Even as tired as he was during those days, Rain would still just belt stuff out, pull back a little when necessary, and then let it loose again.  *shaking my head in wonder*

Switching over, it’s time for a soft, moonlit “September 12th” with light sticks and glow wands moving in unison.  And “You Know” from SangDoo, one of the most soothing themes Rain ever wrapped his voice around.  I’ve only seen the video, never watched HIM sing it LIVE in this manner, so right now I’m a bit emo.  How can I not be?  How can this moment not touch me?  OMG.

Oh, okay, Ji-Hoon, now that you have me sufficiently teared up, you hit me with what we’ve saucily dubbed The Silhouette Tease, ey?  LOL!  Well all right, then!  Bring it on! 😀  (You really should be spanked.  You know that, don’t you?)

I can hardly wait for next Saturday.  Enjoy, Rain Clouds!

(credit: Mnet / source: teamjihoon625 season 2, hanuru625 @vimeo / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 36.  Asia broadcast 10/9.

And… we’re ZEPPing!  It’s D-Day!  ZEPP Tokyo Hall is the place to be.

We start off backstage with everyone dressed and ready, with a few minor touches going on.  Cutie Kyu-Sang (I think the Japanese fans would say kawaii), smokin’ Sung-Tak, hot Hongshi, gorgeous Gori, beautiful SooBong, and the rest of the Men and Women behind the Man are good to go.  Rain, in what I lovingly call his Love Tour zoot suit sends everyone off with a last word of encouragement and then heads for the stage himself.

The fans can’t stop themselves from individually yelling for him as they wait with bated breath.  You know the suspense had to have been killing them.

And then… the JumboTron goes wild, the fans go berserk, Rain and Crew are born of fire, and we are actually TREATED TO THE CONCERT.  Oh-em-gee!

Our Magic Feet sweeps his hand through the audience during Rainism… he is wonderfully pop-elastic during It’s Raining… he is seductively charismatic during Handshake… and he totally had me in a full-nelson during this episode.  I wasn’t moving, until it was over.

I can only hope (with a paralyzing amount of desperation) that the next several weeks of RAINY DAY continue in this vein and take me through the ZEPP concert hall experience.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve already seen every ZEPP fan cam known to man.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve digested enough ZEPP entertainment  news footage to choke a full grown horse, and that I know all the costuming, all the songs, and all of the staging before even watching this.

This is Ji-Hoon’s point of view.  This is RAINY DAY’s point of view.  And you get no closer than that.


EPISODE 35.  Asia broadcast 10/2.

We temporarily back up to where Rain and his luscious MCM backpack arrived at Narita Airport for the start of the Japan/ZEPP tour, and he paused in one of the lobbies for a MASSIVE photo op, much to the delight of the Japanese fans.

Ah.  And then we continue to compare Rain’s final backstage notes and detailed instructions with the actual changes the production staff and dancers incorporated into the show, as the ZEPP Tokyo final dress rehearsal continues.

We have “Sad Tango” (the music video/commando version), “Touch Ya” and “Don’t Stop.”  Rain and crew are sort of in the middle here, doing a little more than just marking the steps yet not going full out (and as I said before, I don’t blame them… who wants to launder all of that costuming yet again, if you don’t have to?).

That neon black-lit “Don’t Stop” staging just gets me every time.  Doesn’t matter how many times I see it, or how many times the dancers change it up.  It’s so cool.  Not to mention those hands going all over a limber neon body—which in itself always reminds me of Rain’s LoR solo dance right after “Nan” and a certain naughty red glove… but I digress— 😀

And let me mention here how much pleasure I get from Rain’s live mics during these rehearsals.  He is creatively spontaneous and in the moment, like, every minute, and we have the amazing privilege of witnessing that.  It’s just so epic.  How many other fan bases around the world can say the same?  Very few, I reckon.  Thanks, Ji-Hoon, for bringing us so intimately into your world.

Okay, so before I cause the violins to start playing… 😛

In continuing… must check the self cam/audience cam for use during “My Girl.”  Aww.  Can you imagine being cammed in the face by Rain, when it’s been the other way around for so long, him being cammed by us?  LOL!

Fans, I tell you, I for one am really glad for all of this “backstage” footage, because a lot of people simply don’t realize how much blood, sweat, and tears go into putting a concert together.  We see the show on stage and it looks miraculously perfect, but we don’t see all the hard-ass work and the LONG hours put in before that perfection.  Terri and I have both been involved in rehearsals many times, and they are no picnic at all.  They ain’t glamorous and they never seem to end.

So thanks to Rain and his entire crew for everything they do.

(credit: Mnet / hanuru625 / TeamJihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 34.  Asia broadcast 9/25.

We are on the threshold of the Rain Loves ZEPP Tour, and a final dress rehearsal is the order of the day.

That “born of fire” staging, right before “Rainism”, is really something to look at, I tell you.  We begin the episode by comparing the specific backstage instructions Rain gave last week with the most recent changes made in the show.

For the most part, everything seems to go well though there are a few stops and starts.  Rain and Crew carefully mark steps instead of going full out, and I don’t blame them.  Those stage lights are hot enough, and who wants to go through the trouble of having sweat and grime laundered out of all that costuming yet again?

One of the nicest visuals is when, during the dress-staging of “Escaping The Sun”, Rain stands in the conical rays of the laser above his head as if being showered by light from the cosmos.  As if he has been transported to Earth for a special visit with those he cares for most.  Very, very fitting.

Did I mention stage lights are extremely HOT?  Thank goodness he stayed hydrated.  (And we did get a little bit of “September 12” and “You Know” with that magnificent voice full out… gosh, how beautiful.)

A really special treat for me was the dress-commando staging of “Sad Tango” (the original MV version rather than the Latin dance version).  Er, please note, any Hater-ade drinkers out there, that Rain doesn’t just use live mics in ALL of his performances, but even throughout rehearsals.  He does not lip-sync, so get it straight.  Thanks so much.

It’s the world-famous artist… let me, let me, let me touch ya… like this… like this…

And let’s bring it on home with final dress for “Don’t Stop”.

My prediction for next week?  ZEPPing in full and hopefully some great backstage goodies in the process.

Happy Saturday, fans.  Enjoy this episode! 🙂

(credit: Mnet / hanuru625 @vimeo / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


EPISODE 33.  Asia broadcast 9/18.

ZEPP rehearsal is finished, and now is the time to finalize notes backstage.  Rain reminds me of brokerage E.F. Hutton back in the 80s—when he talks, everyone listens.  Haha.

Ahh… and now it’s time to hit the streets of Japan for some good grub during the day.  What’s in Rain’s bowl looks a little too good, apparently, as my stomach is suddenly growling.  After a tummy-filling experience, the streets are busy but calm.  You know it’s got to be NICE for Ji-Hoon to simply stand there soaking in the scene and not cause a riot or have to run for his life.  Good for him!

Next up is behind the scenes of Rain’s Han Love interview on Japanese TV.  (You remember, when I was all over that Ji-Woo shirt and hair he was sporting, as if he was on his way to or coming from the Runaway set.  » You can revisit that interview and translation HERE.)

Goodness gracious, the man can pose, can’t he? Mmm…!  And his broad shoulders look even broader in that dress shirt.  We all saw those beautiful stills in the white suit that came out in the Japanese magazines… now we get to see Rain footage in that suit.  Sooo fine.

Looks like next week we might actually get into a ZEPP Hall concert itself, but we’ll have to wait and see.

GREAT episode, Ji-Hoon!  Enjoy, all. 🙂

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


Rain : Please be sure to move only after lights are turned off.  Whatever may happen, each of you should get a marker coated with phosphor and stick it on your own body.  Dot-shaped markers should be on your own bodies on the first-floor stage, while on the second-floor stage, you can stick larger ones that you won’t mind showing them to others on your bodies.  On arriving at the concert hall tomorrow, please check each other’s dot-shaped markers.

Rain : My statement will go ahead during the bridge where I have to change my clothes in the performance.

Please play the music now.

Rain : Thanks for your hard work.

Baekga : I think this restaurant has been particularly popular with entertainers.

Guide : I’ve ordered some more Kimchi.

Baekga : Oh, very well…

Rain : Koreans go to this restaurant often, right?

Guide : That’s right.

Rain : What’s this?

Guide : Vinegar…That is garlic..Please give us another Kimchi.

Rain : It’s delicious.

Rain : Please stop and eat. (to the camera man)


PD : So here we go…

Reporter : I just want to say congratulations on your Zepp Tour in Japan’s cities, from Sapporo to Fukuoka. What is different about the Zepp Tour?

Rain : I previously performed on stage in Budokan, Toyodom, YoYogi, etc on a large scale, while this time, I wanted to have a concert which amuses the audience in several smaller concert halls where I can communicate with them. After this thought, I’ve come to start this concert tour.

R : You seem to be interested even in small towns such as Sapporo, Fukuoka, etc.

Rain : I actually have a lot of interest in every single city in Japan.  My fans have always flown to the place of the performance to meet me so far, but I try to visit them this time.

R : But you are supposed to have a concert in Saitama Super Arena after Zepp tour.

Rain : It’s going to be done on a large scale, the way in which it goes ahead splendidly as usual, compared to Zepp Tour which can accommodate up to around 2000~3000.

Rain : I appreciate Japanese fans welcoming me so, although I’ve sometimes found some time to pay the fans a visit while staying in the U.S.A.  [I cannot figure out the structure or meaning of this sentence.  Sorry.  But I am curious… ^@@^]

And there’s no difference between being a solo performer and being in a group.

Rain : ‘Love Song’ is a song about a man, who wants to stop his girl friend from leaving him, and it did actually happen to me as well.  I’ve written both the words and the music of ‘Love Song’, whose motive comes from my personal experience.  The main theme of its music video is also that a man misses his girl friend and wants to stop her from leaving him.

R : What does ‘Love Song’ mean to you?

Rain : This song is based on a real life but is not reserved just for the love.  In addition to a love story, it tells the story of a social issue as well.  My intention is just to make a good song by bringing back memories of the happy days of the good old times.

R : What is your favorite song in the album?

Rain : I spent a lot of time on ‘Love Song’, therefore, I think I like this most.

R : How was your album recorded?

Rain : The recording of the album was done in 3 different languages, Korean, English, and Japanese from the beginning stage. Japanese pronunciation was very difficult because I had not been studying Japanese steadily.

R : Please tell me more about your album’s title?

Rain : It means, “Let us [go] back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind and with humility,” while [also] trying to tell my fans [frank confessions].  So, unlike my previous concerts where I performed in big halls which have accommodations for 20000~30000, I try to directly visit my fans to offer them to see a great show and have a great time, in which we can communicate with each other in small halls for 2000~3000.

Rain : Thanks for giving me your love, although I haven’t stayed in Japan for a long time…  This concert tour has been arranged as a part of a service for my fans, which is for those of you who have supported and loved me a lot, while taking time from my schedule.  I wish you could just be happy by this concert tour, and I’ll visit you often in the future.

R: I think Japanese fans are looking forward to the concert tour…


EPISODE 32.  Asia broadcast 9/11.

Continuation from last week, preparing for ZEPP Tokyo… and we pick up as “Don’t Stop” is being rehearsed.  How utterly cool is that, visually…?  It has always been one of my favorite stages, the floating-neon-on-black number.  Wow.  (Try not to ogle the skin-tight fluorescent body suits, if that’s possible. 😉 )

Then we go on to “My Girl/My Woman”… right before Rain becomes a fan cammer himself and practices getting the shot.  After all, turnabout is fair play, y’all.  Heh.

It’s all about detail, detail, detail.  And obviously someone was taking really good notes as Rain spelled everything out because, for the most part, the ZEPP Hall shows did go off without a lot of major snags.  The self-cam portion was a great idea and one that will endear fans to him forever.

A teddy bear serenade, for a lucky female!  Awww…!  And briefly on to “Love Is.”

This week’s episode ends as Rain gets deeply “In My Bed.”  Gah, heart breaker!  Enjoy, everyone. 🙂

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Do you know what I mean?  Let’s rehearse the music and light parts once again.

You should move to vanish behind the dark back stage after standing here.  Lastly, can you repeat the part once again?  I’ll go on to the next part after this.

Please vanish behind the stage after the song.  I’ll try to do the part once again.

Please wait a moment! It was too fast.  Once again.

Yong Duk hyung! You have much time left, so although you move after the light goes out, you won’t be late… You have to be ready to move.

Director! I’m afraid you missed the timing a little.

Please disappear into the darkness!

Just a minute!

There’ll be dancers’ performance as if I get things done, followed by ‘My Girl’ event for fans in 3 seconds.

Director: 12 minute-long music at most is ready.

Rain: This special event will last.  Actually, there are many things to do.

While the sound of piano music plays in the background, I’ll take off my jacket and mask, etc. and tell the audience “I’ll invite a fan onstage with me.”  We’ll never miss the timing in this section.

Please stop it and play ‘My Girl’ music once again.

If the music is interrupted by a sudden problem, please start again from the beginning.  I’ll stand this way at the center of the stage.


EPISODE 31.  Asia broadcast September 4.  The continuation of ZEPP rehearsals in Japan.

We start off with perfecting the end of “Escaping The Sun” and beginning “September 11th”, and Rain’s soul voice is what you call ON POINT.  Oh, yes.  And then we move on to the beautiful “You Know,” from SangDoo! Let’s Go To School.

Watching Rain in creative mode is like watching myself in fiction writer-mode, drawing out a chapter on paper—starting a paragraph, seeing how it feels, stopping when the flow goes awry, adjusting something, and then starting again.  Feeling oh so good when what you just did works well.  Carrying on with the story and riding that awesome flow until you get to another break.  Because that’s what Rain is doing on stage as well—putting together a visual story for the fans to follow.  Very, very cool.

Ahhhh…!  And now what we’ve fondly dubbed the Silhouette Tease.  ♥ ♥  *giggle* Any comments I might make here would be hugely inappropriate for a public place, so I’ll simply let you enjoy it.

Enter the Men, and on with the music video version (as opposed to the Spanish Flamenco version) of “Sad Tango”.  (Omo, omo…! Why is it that we never get tired of these songs or the dances?  So wonderful.)  And before you know it, it’s time for the Man and the Men to “Touch Ya.”  Ji-Hoon cleverly incorporates his notes into the beginning choreography.  Heheh.  Oh! Oh! Oh!

Lastly, Rain leaves the stage as the Men begin work on “Don’t Stop”, and there ends this week’s episode.

Very enjoyable!  Have fun, fans.

(credit: river_084 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translations by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Pls proceed the way the beat sounds come soon after the ending part is [fading].

Pls do that again from the last part.

Pls do that again with the lights this time.

Is there any chorus (the main vocal) here?

Well, pls try to play music.

Pls repeat its chorus part two times.

Director, how’re you going to change my clothes?

First of all, pls let the curtain down.

In this section, let me speak Korean.

(Director): Ji Hoon (Rain), pls stand back a little.

(Rain advises his stylists to be sure to dress well tomorrow, saying “the two’s visual styles are terrible [in silhouette…? ^@@^], so I think they should borrow female dancers’ clothes)  Since this curtain is of fishnet material, the audience can see all of my figure, so I’ll take off my top only.  My mike and tee shall be given to my stylists before I change my clothes, at the same time, my ear mike should be activated by a staff.  Then, I’ll speak Korean in these words, “I’m afraid I’ll change my clothes right here since that’s too much of a hassle. (after a while) See you in a few minutes (after taking off his top).”

At this point Japanese interpretation of these words are needed.

I’ll change my clothes, How do I look? Is it interesting? Not bad?

(Staff : You look fine!)

The lights are needed right here.

“Everyone, I’m afraid I’ll change my clothes because my clothes are thoroughly soaked with sweat, but I think I should stop taking off my clothes before I go any further. See you in a few minutes.”

The order of ‘Touch Ya’ song should be changed.  That way, this song should be last in this procedure.

Fans’ seats will be here?

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