From Ji-Hoon to Raizo, and beyond: His Way ~ page 1

Terri and I were talking over the phone today about a recent interview where Rain said his greatest enemy is laziness.  And that he constantly fights against it, which is why he works so terribly hard.

Now, we’ve known some lazy people in our lives—trust me.  We know lazy when we see it, as I’m sure most of you do.  And what human being doesn’t have a lazy spell here and there, realistically?  But my goodness—how that particular word and Rain end up in the same sentence boggles my mind.  Anyone with a “rap sheet” like his brings up many descriptive words (dedicated? energetic? obsessed? possessed? workaholic?) but not that one, no sir.  Just looking at his discography, filmography, and achievements makes me want to sleep for a week.  Compiling and researching the lists made me want to veg out for a month. (And I haven’t even gotten into the charity work and commercial endorsements yet.  Whew!)

Whatever you say, Rain. 🙂

Welcome, Clouds, to Rain’s journey, his way.  Stay tuned for updates as more items roll in.

Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA


(2007, before Raizo)


(2008, during Raizo)

Rainism: 7th Korea Film Awards, 2008 (credit: CoolPixS500)


(2010, after Raizo)


(2011, after Fugitive JiWoo)


(2012, as R.O.K. Air Force captain TaeHoon in movie R2B: Return to Base)


(Summer 2012, in real life, shortly before reaching the rank of Corporal during his mandatory service in the R.O.K. Army)

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