The World on RAIN… Their Words

Many people have many things to say about Rain.  Here is just a small sampling of why we believe, with the support of his fans, he will succeed here in the States.

Unique young men such as Jung Ji-Hoon simply do not grow on trees.  They are few and far between, and should be nurtured and celebrated when they are found.

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA


“I’m computer-illiterate. I don’t even want to use it. I’m not interested in how the world works. I read only one English newspaper every day, I like to read the sports and comics. My day-to-day life is very simple, so my music, family, and my children, have only been a huge part of my life for over 30 years. That’s it. What is the trot? I don’t know the famous national singer at all.

However, I know singer Rain.

His relentless practice and persistence is somewhere to the right of classic music. Becoming the best of all does not happen just by itself.”

— world famous conductor Chung MyungWhun, when asked about traditional Korean trot music and Korea’s most famous national singer, Daily Economy/News Nate, 4/29/2011 

“I first met Rain on the first day of rehearsals in Hollywood. He was very polite and friendly—and kind of shy at first. During our lunch break, he took all the dancers out to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Korea-town, so we could all get to know each other. My first impression is that he was so down-to-earth. I had never worked with a singer who cared so much about his dancers.

Rain was at every rehearsal. He missed a couple, but only because he had other work to do (Ie. press conferences, etc.) He worked harder than everyone. He had the best work ethic. He out-danced his dancers. Yes, he is a perfectionist. We would rehearse until late hours of the night, until he and the choreographers were satisfied…

…Rain has many sides to him. When he is at work, he is very serious and very seldom goofs around. When he is just hanging out with friends, he can be pretty silly and playful…He is sooooo humble. On stage, he is super confident and bold. Offstage, he can be quiet and reserved. He was NEVER a diva.

He had his own dressing room at every venue, but would rarely hang out in there. He would rather hang out with us (the dancers) in our group dressing room. He would eat with all the cast and crew before and after every show. He would take us out to restaurants, bowling, karaoke bars, etc. He was very generous. He never came off that he was too good to hang out with the dancers or any of his staff. He treated everyone as an equal…

…He is a brilliant artist and multi-talented. He can sing. He can dance. He can act. He is hardworking, very humble, and very dedicated to his career…He is a very strong singer. I was impressed by how well he sang live, in concert, especially considering he danced at the same time. That is really hard to do. He never lip-synced, unlike many pop-stars out there…

…I NEVER saw or heard of Rain gambling. I think that rumour is a load of #$%.

It was a true honour to work with Rain. I didn’t know who he was until I booked the tour. I got to know him as a person and not as a star.”

Canadian model, producer, and choreographer Menina Fortunato, lead dancer for the 2006-2007 Rain’s Coming World Tour, as told to Cloud USA during her Exclusive interview with us, January 2011

Q: How did you first discover Rain’s acting skills?

Park: During one of the movie award ceremonies, I saw him dancing with Lee Hyori. You could tell the kind of vitality he possesses. He doesn’t just dance well, but has a showmanship like that of Michael Jackson. You could easily imagine him in a movie. During the ceremony, I saw the looks and unwavering attention the actresses were giving him, and I thought, “He is a charismatic youth indeed!” But at that time, I thought, “When can we work together? I guess the possibility is not great…” So I let it go at that…

Q: How fated are you and Rain?

Park: During the sound dubbing for “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, Rain came to visit our production team. After work, we went for a drink together. We had drinks together again during the VIP movie premier. Sung Kang-ho and Chol Min-chi like him a lot, so I unconsciously trusted him too. At first when I was preparing to film a movie with a youthful theme, my mind was all filled with images of Rain. I didn’t have time to go think about other actors. It’s exactly the same case when I was filming “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.” The first person I thought of was Lee Young-ae.

Q: Now that you know Rain, what do you think of this person?

Park: Carefree, no vices, no hidden secrets, very down-to-earth. He’s exactly who he is when you see him normally. There’s no feeling of a dark, hidden side. His character is uniform inside-out. I want to let all these [things] show through the movie.

Q: How’s Rain as an actor?

Park: He can feel [a role] very well. In acting, it is very important to be able to grasp the moments. Because he is very smart, he understands what I tell him very quickly, and can express the things I want.

— acclaimed and award-winning director Park ChanWook (Old Boy, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, I’m A Cyborg But That’s Ok), Chosun Sports article and interview, November 19, 2006 

“He was one of the best when it came to passion and effort. He’d only sleep for two to three hours a day and spend the rest on his training. It’s because of such strong foundation that he’s able to stand where he is today.” — Hong Seung Sung, CEO, Cube Entertainment, April 2011

“Rain is a big star, but not arrogant. He’s always the one to break the ice at the scene of the drama shooting.” — Lee Na-Young, his Runaway co-star, July 2010

“Rain sunbaenim… whatever happens [with his career], he has tried very hard.  Even in the future, I will never forget his image.  Whenever I think of Rain, I’m reminded of how hard he has worked.  He is the greatest person.” — Son Dam-Bi, on Kim Jung-Eun’s Chocolate, July 2010

“We planned this really sensational martial arts film with Rain in every kind of fight known to man.  The day that he did his first scene, the Wachowski Brothers called me and they said, ‘This guy is unbelievable.  He’s a natural.'” —  Joel Silver, producer, NINJA ASSASSIN

“I just didn’t realize what a huge star he was.  But you would never know from working with him because he’s so incredibly down to earth, giving, and hard-working.” — Naomie Harris, co-star, NINJA ASSASSIN

“He’s young, 26 years old, and he’s very athletic.  I mean he’s a great athlete, you know.  And he dances well, he moves well, and eh… so I think he’s going to beat me.” — Master Sho Kosugi, villain, NINJA ASSASSIN (with a smile)

“It’s shocking. It’s amazing. He looks incredible. I mean, it’s just extraordinary. I had to do a shower scene with him in the movie, and he takes his clothes off and the first day, I just couldn’t keep it together, I was just, like, I just burst out laughing because I was just like, it’s amazing.  It’s like it’s not real. And then James had to tell me, to yeah, I had to get my act together a bit, and keep it together. But it’s hard working with a body like that.”

— Naomie Harris, co-star, NINJA ASSASSIN, on a deleted scene from the movie (more on Naomie’s interview HERE)

“Actually, it is not. As we’re filming Runaway, I can see the reason why Rain is called as a world star. I’ve learned quite a lot from him [on how to balance things successfully].” — Lee Jung-Jin, cast member, Do Man Ja (Runaway), when asked if juggling a drama, a movie, and a TV show at the same time is too much

“… He’s so talented and he works so hard… He’s like the hardest working man in show business…” — John Goodman, star, SPEED RACER

“… Such a strong work ethic.” — Susan Sarandon, star, SPEED RACER

“He likes to be challenged.  A lot of people are busy and don’t necessarily want to perfect or work on their craft as much as they should.  I think that’s what sets him apart and makes him really special.” — Jamie King, choreographer, Rain’s Coming World Tour artistic director

“We were all just dazzled.  It was incredible to be in the presence of someone who clearly was so talented and had dedicated themselves so completely to their art.  It really was, like, I’m in the presence of a master.” — Stephen Colbert, humorist, Discovery Channel‘s Hip Korea Seoul Vibes documentary

“He works incredibly hard.  I’ve, actually… I’ve never known anyone to work so hard.  But coupled with the fact that he works so hard, the thing that’s wonderful about Rain is that he never complains.” — Naomie Harris, co-star, NINJA ASSASSIN

“He’s an incredible human being… his discipline and his effort and his tenacity come out in the film…” — James McTeigue, director, NINJA ASSASSIN

“I personally respect Rain-hyung. When I think about my time as a trainee, I remember how even when Rain-hyung didn’t have schedules he would always come to the company and practice.  When I think about that, I wonder… if we ever become as successful like Rain-hyung, could we could show the same kind of dedication?… and that’s how much I truly respect him.” — Chansung, 2PM, during a YOZM interview in July 2010

“I think Rain-hyung is amazing for making a path that we can follow as juniors. All the members respect and admire Rain-hyung.” — Taecyeon, 2PM, during a YOZM interview in July 2010

4 Responses to “The World on RAIN… Their Words”

  1. @stephe
    thank so much ofr this note i love everything u say u very speak out of it and it very make me crying !!! 😥 coz, it so ture but ture !!!

    i agree with your heart of about rain this so so so ture !!!
    he have give the world of spirit beyoung this world thaat have bron to have life grow and know better that i ever see such muti- talen as in acting ability !!!
    ahoe imspiration as GOLBE who nor afriad to share worl of life who is so confident with his hardworking and jetsetter as well.
    and yes no doub rain is not age at all who can act soo good his abilty work along his scrip that make waner bro keep encourage rain in 2 film SPEECH RACER & NINJA ASSASSIN that was very EXPLODED!!!
    yes rain differenly a hardworker like an workeralcholic that every thing he sumit at the end alway SUCSSUFUL INDEED!!
    i mean everything he does and share.

    It was incredible to be in the presence of someone who clearly was so talented and had dedicated themselves so completely to their art. It really was, like, I’m in the presence of a master.”
    that is EXACTLY SO TURE !!!
    and to me i ahve to prouds to part of his rain world and clouds 9 we all become supporting adireation and firend all coz, these one human being give us such varius ENTERTAINMENT & BIG HEART belove under rain jung ji hoon right!!!


  2. Thanks, river. And thanks, Laura. 🙂

    We feel the exact same way, which is why Cloud USA exists today.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. Thank you guys so much for making this page. It truly warms my heart to see other people take notice, and appreciate all the hard work he puts forth. And like Riverwood said, that’s why as a fan I’m devoted to supporting his success further as much as i can.


  4. Oh wow! Thank you for this compilation. You ladies has once again did great!

    Rain’s in a class of his own. Those qualities of his are the reason why his fans across the globe are totally devoted to supporting his success further. Rain himself said that he has only conquered the peak in the middle of the mountain and will continue to strive to reach the peak. His Clouds across the world strongly believe he will achieve it.


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