TRANSLATIONS: Full Length Shows


[Eng trans] KBS Cool FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio (May 2010)
Korean → Chinese: EunHye@cloud-taiwan
Chinese → English: huhuhuhu
[minute markers for Rain’s dialogue]: Stephe @CloudUSA

The original translators’ side comments are in (parentheses). Mine are always in [brackets].  We thought the minute markers would help you all follow along easier.  Korean speakers—please let us know if I’ve miss-marked, so that I can make a correction.  I did my best.  Thanks!

Eunhyuk: Our Leeteuk usually greets different guests with different styles. When he is really happy to see the guest, or if the guest has a high status, he will say “오! 안녕하세요!” Last time when Leeteuk met him, he also greeted him excitedly “와! 안녕하세요!” . The guest who made Leeteuk stand up and greet him does not require any descriptive words. Just “오! 비다!” is enough. Welcome Rain to our program.

[PART 1 BEGINS HERE — Stephe ^@@^]

Rain: Hello everybody.
Leeteuk: Welcome to our show. Finally we see you again!

Rain: It’s been 2 years right? Really pleased to see you.
Leeteuk: Yes, really pleased to see you. Please say hello to our audience!

[0:16] Rain: I am very happy to be here again with you all after such a long time. The atmosphere is really good with the presence of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. Very good, Very happy to see you all.

Leeteuk: Of course we have to create a good atmosphere because Rain is here. We even wear new clothes today!
Rain: I just want to say that greeting is very important. For myself, if I see a girl I like I will definitely say hello to her.

Leeteuk: An audience wants to ask Rain the question: Who do you think looks more handsome, Leeteuk or Eunhyuk?
[1:33] Rain: Ah, this question is really… May be I could reply this way: you two have different charisma! Eunhyuk is very handsome when he dances, whereas Leeteuk standing in the front as the leader is also very handsome. It’s different charisma.

Leeteuk: So who is more handsome then?
Rain: Of course I am the most handsome – sorry!

Leeteuk: Actually, there are so many young idols coming up, Eunhyuk and I are being called “uncle” occasionally.
[2:14] Rain: Oh, I will totally reject that, no matter what! I’m brother, not uncle. I really hate being called “uncle.”

Leeteuk: Right, right, we don’t like it either.
Rain: No compromise on this point. Must correct it immediately if someone calls me “uncle”

Eunhyuk: I know that Rain seldom attends variety programs or radio programs, but this time you seem to have done a lot of these programs because of this special album.
[2:58] Rain: It’s actually more or less the same. I also attended a lot of these programs when Rainism was released. People have such wrong conception probably because of the recent tragedy which caused all the programs to be pushed together. The number of shows I attended was about the same as before.

Leeteuk: The name of the album is “Back to the Basic”, meaning to return to “first heart”, right? You are now beyond just being liked by the public – with the title “World Star” in front of your name, do you feel any pressure?
[3:40] Rain: How should I say it? Although I feel the pressure with such title as World Star, I also realize my responsibility to work even harder, in order to make up to the name. I feel stronger then before that I have tried my best. Regarding the style of “Back to the Basic”, it has been in my mind since 2007 – Korean style ballad!

Eunhyuk: Actually before the special album was released, MBLAQ have been telling us that it’s fantastic, and will absolutely be a hit.
Leeteuk: Right, right, they have been complimenting this special album to us constantly.

[4:40] Rain: Our MBLAQ kids like me very much, so they are not very objective. Same for me, I like them, love them too much so I am not objective either. Therefore I will ask other people’s opinion.

Leeteuk: What’s your view about drinking the day before the first release?
Rain: Actually I am against drinking the day before the first release. I had such experience so I’m absolutely against it.

Leeteuk: It has been 2 years since you come back. There are many rookies now, especially the young idols. Other than Li Hyori, it seems all are young idols. To say the truth…
[6:50] Rain: Please add Li Hyori on the list! We also want to be called idols. Li Hyori and Rain are idols as well.


Leeteuk: Then can you memorize all the idol groups?
Rain: Of course.

Leeteuk: HHM only used 2.5 seconds to recite the names of all the 9 members of Girls Generation.
Eunhyuk: You try it too.
[0:12] Rain: Let’s not try this. I only know the name of the groups. Of course I know all the members of Super Junior because you have been out there for a while, and of course I know all the members of MBLAQ, but for the others I only just know the name of the groups.

Leeteuk: HHM did it in 5 seconds. So if you exceed 7 seconds then you are an “uncle.” [ahdusshi ^@@^]
Rain: Spare me please.

Leeteuk: More than 7 seconds and you are Uncle. Get ready, start.
[0:52] Rain: Oh, Tae yeon, Soo young, Yuri, ah. Seohyun.

Leeteuk: Jungjihoon is Uncle! (laughed)
Rain: I am not good memorizing names. I did my best to say these few.

Leeteuk: Something we wanted to tell you much earlier on. Before you debuted as a solo singer, we were your hard core fans already when you were with Fan Club.
[1:29] Rain: Really?

Leeteuk: I was about Junior 6 at that time.
Rain: Oh, really? [ah… jinchinaeyo?]

Leeteuk: Yes, my friend and I learned all the dances and we even performed.
[1:40] Rain: So we only have a 3 year age difference?

Leeteuk: Of course not. Eunhyun: May be 4.
Rain: 4? Then we are friends (the two MC laughed heartily). The 20s can be called friends [chingu]. Then the 30 to 39 they are friends.

Leeteuk: Then we could talk to you in semi formal language.
Rain: Of course.
(*note: Since Uncle Jung claims they are friends, the MC has to ask for his permission to use semi formal style of talking).

Leeteuk: Then you can’t be friends with the 39 years old?
Rain: No way, no way, the age difference is too big.

Leeteuk: So I can say elsewhere “My friend Rain”?
Rain: Of course, why not?

Leeteuk: Then after Rain and I become friends, and then 2 years later when Rain becomes 30 years old, we are not friends?
Rain: No, no, we are friends! We are classmates, friends.

Leeteuk: We mentioned MBLAQ just now. Any difficulty during the training period?
[2:27] Rain: Sure. We all have our desires right. For me, MBLAQ is a group of outstanding kids. I often applaud them, and I am grateful to them. Of course there are moments they make me very angry, but I really love them.  Moreover, I am not the boss, I am just a senior or a leader. I hope to look after them all the time.

Eunhyun: Like a real brother?
Rain: It seems I am really a brother to them.

Leeteuk: There are 5 members in MBLAQ. Do you love them all the same, or there is someone you are particularly fond of?
Rain: My fondness and anger is the same to all of them. There are moments of dislike, not real dislike, but situations like when they cannot fulfill what I want them to do. They are very outstanding but sometimes when they cannot meet my requirements I will get angry.

Leeteuk: MBALQ members have been our regular guests. They are very hardworking and serious.
Rain: I said it before, didn’t I, that the reason for choosing these kids is because of their hard work.

Leeteuk: Our audience today not only ask a lot of questions, they also raised a lot of their own problems. So today let’s ask Rain to be our consultant.
Rain: Oh, that’s great. I’m a good consultant.

We will take questions now while we listen to Rain’s new song “Love Song.”


Leeteuk: You compose the music and the lyrics of “Love Song” yourself. Trying to hold back a woman who wants to leave – says this is your own experience, right?
Rain: Yes, it’s my experience. Can’t do without the experience!

Leeteuk: When was that experience?
Rain: Er, about this… May be it’s recent, may be it’s a few years ago.

Leeteuk: So the woman changed her mind? How did you do it successfully?
Rain: There are ways! Use your heart, your looks. If you really want it you will succeed.

Leeteuk: So she changed her mind? So it means you are still meeting each other?
Rain: Of course. Oh, there will be reports about this soon (laughed). Although it may seem strange to say so, but if you meet a girl you like, whom you want to date, then firstly you should hold her.

Leeteuk: Hold her before anything else?
Rain: Sure. Hold her, then meet with her and start dating. Let’s stop here.

Leeteuk: World Star Bi today, just today, will be your consultant, to solve all your problems.
[4:27] Rain: This should be the moment to add some sound effect (sound effect came out).

Eunhyun: (the first question) I sing and dance really well in a karaoke room, but as soon as I’m on stage I get nervous and panic. What should I do? Please teach me how to overcome my stage fright.
[5:00] Rain: It depends on individual situation, but I would suggest starting with a small room to practice, and then gather your experience on stage. In my own case I got more than 1 year’s experience participating in national dance competitions, which were held in amusement parks previously. If you could attend more dancing competitions, you will have more chances to stand in front of the audience, to gain experience and to overcome your fright.

Leeteuk: I want to be a singer, is it ok just having the vocal and dance skills? Or is Luck more important?
[6:09] Rain: I think it’s 90% luck plus 10% self hard work. But behind the 10% hard work is 200% effort. The 90% luck has its own time spot. This is to say, even if you are constantly downhill, if you keep on with your hard work and do not give up, you will reach the top of the mountain one day. Each person will have 3 chances in his life, but the chance may come when you are 10, or may be 40, or 60, nobody knows.

Life is like a marathon. For people who are in our generation, our marathon up to now is only about 5 km. So everyone will receive his own success, and before that moment comes, if you don’t give up and keep on running, I believe you will cross your final marathon line one day. It is most important to have this “never give up” mindset.


Leeteuk: If Rain had not grasped the first opportunity at his Fan Club time, I think there will not be the Rain now.
[0:16] Rain: Right. There won’t be the present Rain. Like I said, it’s all fate.. During my Fan Club time, I debuted together with Shinwa and Fin.K.L. and we became sandwich. Our boss also ran away. We each pursued our own course. Some members have become bosses of big companies.

Leeteuk: Any plan for reunion?
Rain: No, although it’s hard to say for the future, but there aren’t any plans at the moment. Actually I don’t care too much, as long as I live well. (laugh)

Leeteuk: You enter Hollywood with outstanding English ability. I also wish I could have such good English, but English is really difficult.
Rain: Actually I’m not good either. I still have a lot of shortcomings. I feel that regardless of which language, the most important thing is to get used to it.  When I learn English, I do not treat it as study, I treat it as a habit. As an example, when a child starts to talk, he does not treat it as learning right? He is simply just imitating his parents’ talking. So I think taking it as a habit is very important.

Leeteuk: Yes, yes. I now remember JYP once said “not eating with the right hand, but working hard in order to be able to eat with the left hand.”
[1:56] Rain: That’s right! When we eat, we use our right hand instinctively, and not because we are thinking that we have to use our right hand to eat. So whether we eat with right or left hand, it’s a habit, an instinctive habit. I believe learning is the same.

Eunhyuk: I dream to be a singer, but I’m not sure about my abilities. I hope Rain can help to give some assessment. Let me call this audience [radio listener] now. (The call went through, the girl sang a bit).

Audience: Hello?
Rain: Hello, you have nice voice!

Leeteuk: How old are you? Audience: 21.
Rain: Oh, friends??

Audience: Oh, Oppa [older brother to a female]!
[2:53] Rain: No, not Oppa, should be friends, friends.

Audience: Really?
Rain: Of course, we are friends, like what I’ve just said, 20s are friends.

Rain: So what should we do? Should we listen to her singing?
Leeteuk: Since your dream is to become a singer, please sing a song and Rain will give his comment afterwards.

[Wow. Singing for Rain and Super Junior, and the rest of Seoul.  That took guts. –Stephe ^@@^]

Rain: Wow. You sing very well. I personally think you have the qualification to be a singer. Although I may not be qualified to critique, basically I think you voice is good. You lack some skills but these can be taught by experts. So personally I think you have potential.

Leeteuk: From my standard…
Rain: Have to see her appearance right?

Leeteuk: Right, look is important. As Rain says, 90% is luck. (laughed)
Eunhyuk: If you are lucky, may be you will even have the chance to sign up into Rain’s agency. Oh, can you swim?

Audience: I can’t swim.
Leeteuk: Can’t swim? That’s OK, just let Rain hold you will do.

[4:50] Rain: We are just joking. To be serious, you have the potential. You are only 21, so there are lots of challenges ahead. Maybe you could attend more auditions, and don’t give up even if you failed. You will succeed.

Leeteuk: What’s your view about her being a solo singer or a group?
Rain: We have to see her dancing first. Also have to find out where is her charisma. We have to consider every aspect, her singing, dancing before we could decide. In any case, with regards to her singing, her voice is quite good. I believe you will improve as you continue to learn.

Leeteuk: This is very reasonable and practical advice. So how do you feel?
Audience: Thanks.

Leeteuk: Please work hard. Hopefully we could perform on the stage together one day.
Rain: Nobody knows about this, right? May be 10 years later we will ask for your autograph!

Leeteuk: This audience has some problems about love. Boyfriend [namja chingu…? ] has to join military service. Should I grab him, or let him go?
[6:31] Rain: The most important thing is do you really like him? If you do, of course you should grab him. But it seems that you want to separate because he’s about to join military service right?

Leeteuk: From a boy’s point of view, because he’s not sure if the girl will wait for him for 2 years, many people separate during this period.
Rain: Once you really love the other person you have to grab him/her tight.

[PART 5 STARTS AROUND HERE, in the middle of conversation]

Leeteuk: So when Rain has to join military service, and you have a girl friend then, will you ask her to wait for you?
Rain: Of course we have to get married first, otherwise what could I do if she runs away, and we can’t see each other!

Leeteuk: Another audience asked: her boyfriend doesn’t really show his love, is there any way to make him show it?
Rain: You have to show it to your boyfriend first! Show it personally, and the girl should show it first!

Leeteuk: But from a boy’s side if the girl does that too much, won’t he think “what happens to you”?
Rain: I like it very much (kekeke). Why do you dislike that? You don’t like that? Why are you looking at me like this? (laugh)

Eunhyuk: (Another audience) I also want to be friends with Bi Obba. How does the age limit work?
[1:12] Rain: 10s are elder brothers, 20s are friends, 30s …ohhu, are elder sisters [noona].

Eunhyuk: There are many questions today. Let’s listen to a song first.
Leeteuk: Before we do that, let’s ask if Rain has any problem now? May be we could be your consultant.

[1:37] Rain: About this.. my recent blues.. actually there’s a lot. But most recently I don’t seem to have any big problems. I’m just thinking about my future, and I feel some pressure here. What kind of music should I show to you all? How’s the drama going? And what kind of movie should I choose in future etc. etc. A lot of problems in these areas.

Leeteuk: So it’s all about Rain’s future. If I could give you some advice, then: our Rain has come back to the musical stage and has shown fantastic performance. SJ [Super Junior] is also about to come back, therefore we hope you will step behind and rest temporarily.
Rain: No way. I can’t rest. How can you push me out? You say you understand me very well. I don’t want to compete with the idols. I just want that I could continue to walk on, by myself, deeper and deeper.

Leeteuk: I also do not like full confrontation. I just like superficial confrontation.
Rain: Even superficial confrontation is not ok. I choose backyard confrontation. Let’s confront without people around. (laughed)

Leeteuk: Now we will listen to Rain’s…
[2:55] Rain: Can’t we not play songs? I just want to talk. What’s the use in playing the song?

Leeteuk: But our program should have music as well, and not just talking
Rain: (reluctantly) OK, we listen to the song then.
Leeteuk: Let’s finish listening to “Hip Song” quickly and then come back and continue.


Leeteuk: (an audience) Rain, although I’m the 30s, I hate being called “elder sister”. If you only like the 10s, 20s, then I will get angry.
Rain: Oh, I.. I… I. Can I tell the truth? For me, 10 years younger or 10 years older are all OK.

Leeteuk: That’s a wide range. Rain: Am I right? Leeteuk: yes, yes, yes.
Rain: This is what I think: what’s the problem with age?

Eunhyuk: Then do you think nationality is an issue?
Rain: Nationality…. is not that important (MC laughing). The reason I say that is after I have been overseas, I discover that our Asian girls are really pretty, our oriental girls…

[PART SIX STARTS while Rain is still answering]

Leeteuk: We think that Asian girls are very delicate and pretty.
Rain: I have seen a lot of foreign movie stars who rely totally on make up and lighting. Anyway, Korean girls are pretty…

Leeteuk: This audience says that he’s very clever, studies well, sings well too. He is now puzzling if he should go out to work or if he should become a singer. His parents object to him becoming a singer because of his study. What should I do? Rain, can you train me like you train MBLAQ?
Eunhyuk: So this could be a boy? Should we call him now?
[1:02] Rain: Must we call him? I don’t really want to call. If he studies well, why become a singer? If you study well…

Leeteuk: Hi, please introduce yourself.
[1:33] Audience: (disguised voice) Hi, this is A from Seoul youngching district. (Actually he is G.O. of MBLAQ).

Rain: But why you change you voice like that?
Audience: Because I’m worried that my parents will recognize my voice when they hear it.

Leeteuk: Looks like your parents are strongly against you. How old are you?
Audience: 19.
Leeteuk: So you should be in senior high, and should be concentrating on your university exam, right?

Rain: You said you sing quite well?
Audience: Yes.
Rain: You should study hard.

Leeteuk: Which singer do you like?
Audience: Rain.
[2:28] Rain: In that case I should meet you. When are you free?

Audience: I’m free tomorrow.
Rain: First of all, we can’t evaluate since you disguised your voice.

Leeteuk: So, do you want to sing, can you do that?
Audience: Sure, I can sing just like that.
Rain: Can I tell the truth? I smell something, something like an artist… [Rain is so freaking SMART! Hahahahaha! –Stephe ^@@^]

The so called audience then sang “Love Song” with a disguised voice…

Rain: Why, this is G.O’s voice.
Leeteuk: You mean G.O. from MBLAQ?
Audience: Wow, I like G.O. too.  [ROFL! ^@@^]

Leeteuk: Whom do you like better, Rain or G.O.?
Audience: Rain brother.

Rain: You must be one of the MBLAQ members. Now, tell me honestly, who are you?
[4:10] G.O: I’m G.O.

Rain: First of all, I feel strange with a disguised voice, and then I could always feel the tone of G.O. Our G.O. talks very well. Although I like all the 5 members of MBLAQ, I have to admit G.O. talks best.

Rain: G.O. Did you practice well?
G.O.: Yes, I practiced well.

Rain: Anyway, I want to tell everyone here again, MBLAQ will release their new album on 25 May.
Eunhyuk: G.O., just now Rain said that when he’s with MBLAQ, you are like friends. What’s the real situation like?
[5:45] G.O: We didn’t think of him as a friend even for just 1 second, because he is a very strict boss. Even when we eat, we eat silently…

Leeteuk: So he’s lying just now!
G.O.: Yes. Well… may be it has something to do with the cost? We dare not order expensive food, we order below 6000 won…

[6:25] Rain: Ya, this really is…. Sorry! I didn’t give such instruction. I say it again, I’m not the boss, I’m your friend!
G.O.: Actually since our debut we have all been busy, so we haven’t had a meal with Rain brother for a long time. I hope we could find some time to get together, and let’s go for a drink, as we are grown ups now. Drinking can make us closer to each other!

[PART 7 STARTS while G.O is still speaking]

Rain: When MBLAQ finishes the promotion of the album. I’ll keep my promise.
G.O.: Thank you very much. But Rain brother has severe amnesia (laughed). Tomorrow you will forget everything you said today!

Leeteuk: Let’s do it this way, G.O. I will ask Rain to sign on the CD, with a note that he will buy us drinks some day. So you should remember to get in touch with us!
[0:56] Rain: G.O, where are you now?

G.O.: I’m in the dormitory, exercising.
Rain: Why are you in the dormitory? You don’t have any schedule? Wait for me there, I’ll buy good food for you. Who else is there? When will all five of you be there?

G.O.: It’s almost midnight now.
Rain: Then I’ll see you around midnight.

Leeteuk: Today there are really a lot of questions because of Rain. We could only ask the last question now. You have been to Jang Dong Guan’s wedding party. Don’t you feel the same urge seeing that? When do you want to get married?
[2:34] Rain: First of all, they are very pretty [handsome couple?], and I have in my mind “I should get married soon”. Even if I get married, I will continue to show the best of me in front of everybody as an actor, as a singer. So I hope I could meet the girl I like soon, and quickly start a family with only daughters.

Leeteuk: A family with only daughters?
Rain: People’s concepts are changing recently. I only want to have daughters. To say the truth, sons are quite useless, although I’m a son myself. Nowadays daughters take better care of their parents. It seems to me that my sister takes better care of my father. Of course it will be nice whether it’s a son or a daughter, but personally I prefer daughter! [Well, he’s got a point! LOL ^@@^]

Leeteuk: We still have a lot of topics but time…. Thank you very much to our friend Rain for coming here today. Bye.

(Videos source: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

3 Responses to “TRANSLATIONS: Full Length Shows”

  1. I enjoyed this very much and love the fact that JiHoon is always so open about everything. Although I have to say I was intrigued with his answer on nationality I must say we all are attracted to our own tastes, at least he didn’t say anything stupid like that jacka** John Mayer. But I do so wish a sister would ROCK his WORLD.


  2. he prefers daughters lol

    and it was so cute how quickly he guessed it was G.O. on the phone, he must have spent a lot of time with MBlaq


  3. OMG G.O. is in big trouble with Rain!!! I hope is not really him. Seems to me G.O. put him in the spot. Rain mentioned he is restless about his future. I am so worried too. Hope his service time goes smoothly. But to think that RAin is in his best moment and now he have to drop everything and go to military service is just wrong. Is just so harsh.


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