Classic Meets Pop in Germany: Rain and Jan Vogler at the 2011 Dresden Music Festival.

Welcome, fans, to another Cloud USA fan cam event, and one of the most amazing and unique concerts of Rain’s career (in our book, anyway)… his joint show at this year’s Dresden Music Festival, where he and renowned cellist Jan Vogler successfully combined the two worlds of classic music and KPop. We’ve been KPop fans for a couple of years now, but we were Classical Babes long before that, and so this collaboration was a not-to-be-believed treat for us indeed.

The concert was truly a success—all you had to do was pick up any paper in Germany or Asia (and even some places here) to read the accolades. The concert-goers were in awe… KPop fans were introduced to the soothing strains of the cello, and classical music fans in Europe now know the hypnotic force that is Rain. Ahhh… to have been there in person. But here is the next best thing—a semi-ringside seat, provided by Julili, personal blogger and YAM Magazine writer. Thanks so much, Julili, for sharing your marvelous fan cams with Rain fans everywhere. The full view of the stage and the JumboTron, and the sound quality make them right-on.

» You can revisit Julili’s articles on Rain and Vogler HERE. Please sit back with your favorite beverage, relax, and enjoy this ride, everyone. 🙂

— Stephe @ Cloud USA

(All performance videos and the Dresden photo call credited to: Julyssa@YAM Magazine / julilichan @YouTube)

(Vogler’s Bach Cello suite No. 1 credited to: remarkablexuxu @YouTube)

(Conversation videos credited to: GermanClouds @YouTube)

[110519] Rain & Vogler – photocall in Dresden (before the show).

rain & vogler – dresden music festival – bach’s five suites.

[110519] Rain & Vogler – Concert in Dresden: Rainism + It’s Raining.

[110519] Rain & Vogler – Concert in Dresden: Ways To Avoid the Sun.

[110519] Rain & Vogler – Concert in Dresden: Introduction movie (them meeting).

Bi / Rain 19th May 2011 in Dresden / Germany – Semperoper – talk.

Bi Rain in Dresden 19th May 2011 talk 2.

[110519] Rain & Vogler – Concert in Dresden: Hip Song.

[110519] Rain & Vogler – Concert in Dresden: Love Song.

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