Rain’s World Tour 2007 stop in Daegu, South Korea.

Hi there! For a while now, we’ve felt another Cloud USA Fan Cam concert coming on, and this is definitely a great one—the night it rained and rained in Daegu on October 27, 2007!

Rain is always amazing whenever he performs, no one can argue against that… but there have been times when the Man was in rare, rare form, and this was one of them. His body, mind, and voice were so on-point and totally in tune with each other that, at times, it seemed he had transcended the physical and was on complete autopilot. Liquid Rain. His charisma, stage presence, and rapport with the audience was a sight to behold.

Rain was a badass and he killed this show.

Our deepest thanks to YouTuber KW (kchws) for making this wonderful spot in Rain history available for viewing by Rain fans everywhere. If not for folks like you, fans on our side of the world would remain deprived of concerts like these. Our hats are off to you!

Part of the fun of fan cams is the audience participation and natural reaction to what’s happening on stage. Please enjoy this Fan Cam concert, everyone. 🙂

— Stephe @ Cloud USA

(All videos courtesy of KW / kchws @YT)

1. Rain’s world in Dague-Opening & It’s raining.

2. Rain’s world in Dague-Touch ya.

3. Rain’s world in Dague-Why of all things.

4. Rain’s world in Dague-Handshake.

5. Rain’s world in Dague-Erased face.

6. Rain’s world in Dague-Don’t stop.

7. Rain’s world in Dague-Me. (Na)

8. Rain’s world in Dague-Bad boy.

9. Rain’s world in Dague-11 days.

10. Rain’s world in Dague-I like you again.

11. Rain’s world in Dague-I do.

12. Rain’s world in Dague-In my bed.

13. Rain’s world in Dague-Run away from the sun.

14. Rain’s world in Dague-“I”. (Nan)

15. Rain’s world in Dague-Instead of goodbye. (MY favorite part of the show. I mean, what a genius, to throw us a curve ball like Instead of Saying Goodbye rock-and-rolled OUT. Wow! ♥ ^@@^)

16. Rain’s world in Dague-Is it good that I am famous.

17. Rain’s world in Dague-I’m coming.

18. Rain’s world in Dague-With U.

19. Rain’s world in Dague-Not a single day(part 2).

20. Rain’s world in Dague-Friends.

21. Rain’s world in Dague-Encore.

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