Dearest Ji-Hoon…

Well, we’ve come a long long way
And there’s no turning back
The road ahead is clear at last
We can search our whole life through
Never knowing what we’ll find
But we can make it if we try

‘Cause every cloud has a silver lining
Just believe that the sun will shine….

Just hold your head up high….

Dream on
We can find our destiny
Be anything we wanna be
If we dream on
Dream on…
— from the song “Dream On”, Dream Street, 2001

Your mother isn’t physically here with you, JiHoon-aah, but many of us are very proud of you in her stead.  Not because of how much fame you’ve gotten.  Not because of how much money you’ve made.  But because of how hard you’ve worked to carve out a niche for yourself in this world and take good care of your family.  Because of your work ethic and endless modesty.

Because being a good son really means something to you.

Please continue to dream.  Live life with your head in the clouds!  Every moment, every day, no matter how many successes you have, no matter how many disappointments bring you low.  Because only by dreaming will you continue to achieve.

We adore you.

— Stephe ^@@^ & Terri :-} and Your US Clouds

(image credit: The Cloud Appreciation Society)


7 Responses to “Dearest Ji-Hoon…”

  1. I understand what Rain is feeling,my mother passed away and i am still feeling her.My mother and I shared a strong bond.she would do anything for you,but she did not take crap from anyone.I feel you my angel warrior.My love is with you always.Bright Blessing’s.


  2. I can feel what he felt … I experience the same thing when my mother passed away … Until now I still feel lonely without my mother beside me .. it has been 3 years already but am still miss her a lot .. the same feeling like Ji Hoon felt … I borrow his words to express the feeling … what I feel is just the same to what he felt … Love you Ji Hoon na …


  3. Just saw and heard this video for the first time. Played it twice and can’t stop crying since I know how poor and hungry he, his mom and his little sister were before his mom died – there was no money to get her the care she needed. The words Rain sang and the tears he shed while singing this tribute to his mom just tore me up inside. I know each time I watch this I’ll cry along with him. Barbara


    • Hi, Barbara Ann. Thanks for your comment.

      Many of us can identify with exactly what you’ve said. And we hope that Ji-Hoon knows he isn’t truly alone.

      Take care.

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. I totally relate…..If anyone has ever lost a parent, as I have, you know.

    I have said before, that I love this about BI the most. I love how he LOVES and HONORS his Mom, even though she is no longer with him. As long as he uses that love as his inner compass, he will always make the best and right decisions for himself throughout his life’s journey.


  5. This is so moving I have tears in my eyes.


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