For Mama (엄마, eomma) Clouds ~ page 1

— Stephe  @ Cloud USA ^@@^

Make no mistake—the FIRST thing any woman notices about Rain is his incredible sex appeal. (Can I get an amen, ladies?)  And it has been that way for years.  The man practically smolders whether he’s dancing or just standing still, and his husky, soulful voice will set you on fire.  Yum.  (Somebody grab a water hose!  Just because some of us are mothers, or even grandmothers, doesn’t mean we’re dead.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be “old” until I’m 90.)

But then there is this other thing that gets you as well, way down deep in your heart—the fact that’s he’s working so hard to show his late mother that he can be a good son and make up for their rocky past, though she can never ease his burden by physically telling him well done.

How many times have we seen this look on our own kids’ faces—single, unwavering focus even to the point of sheer exhaustion?  (If you have stubborn, driven children in your lives… quite a few times, then, I imagine.)

I remember this expression on numerous occasions as my own son carved his way through his harsh teen years, as he discovered his numerous talents and perfected them, as he fought the anger and self-esteem issues that came along with being practically fatherless.  Our single-parent home was too poor to afford any sort of lessons or professional training, but that didn’t stop him.  The dangers and bad choices he made along the way didn’t stop him, either.  He practiced, sang, danced, acted, skated, and tumbled his way to the top of whatever mountain lay before him.  In bad times, he reinvented himself, landed on his feet like a cat, and came out a survivor.  He lived for his passions, at all costs.

Somehow our relationship made it through that fire, and today he is a dedicated young man with abilities and an occupation that can serve him for life, and an amazing rapport with children (I still see that expression on his face sometimes, after one of his six-day work weeks).  It makes me shudder to think of him having to live all of it without me, the way Rain does, without his mom.  A good father is a valuable thing, but a mother’s (or a grandmother’s) arms simply cannot be replaced.  Am I right?

I have come to realize that:

Behind every cloud, there’s a silver lining.

Behind every mother, there’s a child with limitless potential, untapped.

It’s when the unquenchable love of something turns on a light behind that child’s eyes, or when untold tragedy starts a fire underneath him or her, that we see their potential unleashed.  It is amazing what a human being on a mission can do. ^@@^

Rain has proven that, hasn’t he?

Welcome to our pages for ummah (mama) and halmoni (grandmama) Clouds.  Daughters, sisters, and aunts are welcome too, of course.  We are all connected, right?  🙂  Rain fans unite!

— Stephe  @ Cloud USA ^@@^

4 Responses to “For Mama (엄마, eomma) Clouds ~ page 1”

  1. Thank you for providing this page for someone like me. Some fans may know me from Twitter…I am a 54 year old ‘eomma’ from the U.S. who has only learned of kpop and Ji-Hoon in the past year. I live for music and must say I am absolutely blown away by his talent. But more than that, as a divorced & disabled mom who alone raised three wonderful sons since 6, 3, 1, now 32, 30, 28, I believe, without a doubt, that Ji-Hoon’s mother is smiling down from the heavens and beaming with pride for ALL that this exceptional young man, her son, has humbly become and successfully accomplished. I’ve only picked up bits and pieces of his story through interviews, documentaries, and sites like this, but I believe that, as stated above, even through his life’s tragedies, Ji-Hoon, at a young age, made a conscious decision to always make his mom proud! Well done young man, well done. Praying for his safe military service and selfishly looking forward to his return to performing. Sending him a hug from an American mom…..Eomma Ms. Kimmy


  2. Thank you for this. I’m not a mother. I’m a daughter and a sister.

    I would like you to know that, though you don’t know me and you don’t know what my current situation is or why I’m even saying this, but it’s nice to know that you care. Sincerely, I mean it.

    My mother is my best friend and without her I do not know how I would have allowed situations to have molded me, whether purposefully or by accident.

    I find strength in Rain. He is my inspiration for many things. Thank you also for the video of him singing to and for his mother on the page below this one (on the sidebar).

    People like me pull strength from people like you. What good is what we have and feel inside of us if NO ONE believes in us. And how would we know if no one told us. Even indirectly.


    • Hi, Daphne.

      I feel the same way about my mother as you do yours. The exact same way. She never let me get away with anything, and she had no problems telling me when I was headed the wrong way, but my mom nurtured me and my brothers with a tough love that astounds me to this day. She always believed in me, was never ashamed to call me her daughter, never called me a derogatory name even when I deserved it, taught me respect, and filled me with enough love to pass on to my own son yet still be spilling over with it.

      I had HUGE issues, and I don’t know how I would have turned out if not for her.

      Rain is one of my inspirations too, when it comes to making my own personal goals and dreams happen. If he can do what he’s done under those circumstances, why the heck can’t I? I just hope he realizes how proud his mother would be right now. How proud she probably is… wherever she is.

      I cannot put into words the gladness I feel that you have your mom.

      Thank you seems so inadequate, but the kindness in your words to me… leave me speechless.

      Stephe ^@@^


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