Soaking Wet: Fan Introductions

Hello, and welcome!

Introduce yourself.  Where are you on the map?  When did you first encounter Rain, and how long has it been Raining in your life?  Have you been to any concerts?  Had any encounters?  What’s your favorite song, drama, or movie?

What makes you admire this man named Jung JiHoon?

Give us a taste of what Rain means to you.  Say as much, or as little, as you wish.

And again, welcome!

— Stephe, co-founder ^@@^


» Stephe’s Fan Introduction: Standing in the Rain since… 2005

» Terri’s Fan Introduction: Standing in the Rain since… 2009

87 Responses to “Soaking Wet: Fan Introductions”

  1. *Posted on behalf of Dete Aliah, from my CloudUSA email box. Thanks so much for sharing this, Dete! 😀

    — Stephe ^@@^


    My name is Dete Aliah from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I am fan of Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Rain.

    I had watching his drama movie “Full House” in 2005 when it was screened in our television and the drama was so popular in Indonesia. Many people loved them both. Full House could never been defeated by any other Korean movies that were screen and still screening in Indonesia, even until today. People still remember this drama very well and many are missing the drama. Therefore, one of the TV station again re-run the drama and people still enthusiastic to watch Full House.

    When I watched it in 2005, I just like the movie and like Rain and Song Hye Kyo, they really matched to each other, without further curiosity to know them better. But when I watched again a month ago, I loved them both and I watched the movie again and again. I surfed to the internet to find who is Rain and Song Hye Kyo. From those links, I got to know him and I am impressed with him, with his background and his struggle. I then found the link of CloudUSA and I surf the link and I got personal information on Him very well. Thank you Stephe for your great job that already bring Rain close to us so we knew his struggle with life, his struggle to achieve his dream and what is he now. Thank you for your great effort and hard work, I think not only me, but many people appreciate your work a lot, and am sure, Rain also feels the same.

    Rain is such of a man that inspiring me a lot. Whenever I am demotivated, Rain is always flying in my mind as if he says to me “common, wake up Nuna … you can do !!! If I can win the game of my life, you can also defeat the hardship you are facing and you can also win the game. Work hard Nuna and don’t give up … we can !!! Fighting !!!!” and I again standing to face the world.

    I am salute with him, in the young age he already struggle to survive, alone !!! … to feed his mom and younger sister. It won’t be easy at all. I was weeping when I read his story, when he has to pass the days without food and helpless when the mother was sick. How hard his life was. If only I knew him, I will certainly help him. I was in South Korea a year before his mother passed away. If only I knew him at that time, obviously I will run to him, hug him and support him. But it is only “IF”. Salute to him, he was able to manage everything himself with his limitation and he won !!!!!!! He is really a great fighter, who can defeat the hardship of life with the smile in his face. His is a truly knight … knight of life !!!! I really admire him and love him because of that. He is a good role model of the young generation in the world, especially to those who is facing the bitter life like he experienced in the past. What I like and love from him is his humble personality and philosophy of life. He is still young but he knew well how to perceive life and deal with it. He is able to make a good friend with life, no matter how hard the life is … he always success to win it. A very hard man to find in this world. only 1 in 1000 men …. Hopefully he could find a good partner/wife who could make him happy and give him beautiful/handsome children and a good life. I always pray for the good life for him, because he deserves for it after the bitter chapter he passed through in his youth-hood….

    I am sorry Stephe for this long email, I just want to share to you how proud I am with Rain. And again thank you for your hard work to bring him close to us, to be part of us.

    Wish you a good day and may God bless you.

    Dete Aliah
    Jakarta, Indonesia


    • Dete, it is delightful to meet you.

      Terri :-}


      • Hi Terri,

        I am sorry I just reply you now. I am still familiarizing myself with this blog and am sorry if I am “late” in responding your message. It is delightful also to meet you. Thanks for posting my email in this lovely blog. I am really honored ….

        You and Stephe are really wonderful and amazing … you make things happen and you have built “a new rain society” through this blog … I love to be part of the society …. well done sis …

        Thank you for updating us with so many info about Rain … I love him so much and will love him always ….

        Have a blessed Sunday to all of you ….


  2. Cloud USA, please excuse me for just now adding my “RAIN LOVE STORY.” I have been busy & adjusting to Georgia life for the past year (Hey Stephe & Terri! Wassup, girls!) I have been reading CLOUD USA now for 2 years, ever since SIXTOFIVE1982 website was shut down. Some of my SIXTOFIVE1982 “family members” are here on this website. I see the familiar names: kongsao, marissa, felisshi, BiAlamode.

    I really have so much information to share regarding my RAIN journey, It would be like writing a term paper or miniature book! I’m serious.. from late 2006/early 2007, up until this present day, I have studied RAIN-ology! So by now, I should be a RAIN-ologist! My life was very consumed by all things RAIN, during the first several years of my discovery of him. From the first time I saw him, it was a crazy desire to know more about him! Before I stumbled upon SIXTOFIVE 1982 and CLOUD USA, it was just other K-pop websites who discussed him, and YouTube. But it is crazy though, because my discovery of RAIN came from just needing some instant advice. I wasn’t looking specifically for RAIN! I was looking for advice for my relationship issue…with RAIN’s name not even added into my search! His “ Full House” story came up as one of the google search results from my typed advice question.

    My RAIN discovery occurred when I had a disagreement with my boyfriend & looking 4 some immediate advice. I googled a question that said something like ‘What to do if in a relationship, arrangements, disagreements, etc..….’ and one of the video results came back with the video of ‘Full House,’ episode 8, with Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) telling Young-jae(RAIN) that she was falling in love with him…
    So I thought, “Hmmm, interesting..” So I started watching the entire episode from there, then at this point, I became interested in watching the next episode, then the full Full House series…From this point, I realized, “He is a handsome/cute Korean guy & he seems to be cool in the story.” Then I looked up his name after watching the series, and this is when I found out he was a singer too, then found out he’s a model too. The very first video that I saw him in as a singer, that popped up on YT was “Man Up” with him and Omarion. Then I thought, “ Damn, this is a cool ass Korean guy!” Then I watched the video “It’s RAINING.” But during this early discovery, what really mesmerized me is when I saw this early fanmade video of RAIN on YT, I will never forget it:

    Then the search went on and on and on and on………..Then I watched the ever so popular video that Stephe mentioned this one:

    . Then the video with him and Usher:

    Then some years ago, I remember seeing on YT a re-inactment RAIN’s life story(I do not see it on YT anymore).
    I was so moved by this RAIN, I would ask some of my friends and co-workers have they ever heard of RAIN. At the time, in 2007, they would say RAIN who?? I’m sure by now, some of those people know who he is NOW. It was days when I had free some extra free time when I would just watch all kinds of RAIN video footage such as his “RAINY DAY” series and his early beginning videos. My favorite early video from him is when he was with his group the FAN CLUB.

    I think I have watched a lot of them. The few videos from one of the RAINY DAY series used to have me thinking “ Yo, RAIN is a mess. He is a kool ass Korean brotha!”

    Lookin at RAIN’s demeanor, swag and cool personality, you would easily think that he was born in America! Also, his body is sick!! I remember replying to a person on a website( do not remember the website) and we were discussing his body!! She and I said, “ No disrespect to the Asian brothas, but damn, RAIN does not have the body type like most Asian guys. He has broad shoulders
    big legs and a booty!” I remember that being a memorable conversation!
    I just remember during 2007-2009, I use to think, man, I sure would like to meet this guy! My energy and desire to meet him, led me to this opportunity.Back in 2009, I was doing my daily RAIN search of news, events, etc. Then all of a sudden, about a few days prior, a notice was listed on this website (The website probably was SIXTOFIVE1982) that RAIN was coming to the NYC for poster signings to promote his new movie. I look at that notice and said to myself, “What!?” Since it was only a few days of notification, I made it my business to get there after work on that day! Come RAIN or snow! And it was a rainy, slushy snow, day! I told a male friend of mine to take me there quickly (boyfriend at work couldn’t drive me there quickly….lol!) because I had to be there! On November 13, 2009, I had the of pleasure of briefly meeting RAIN, in NYC at the Giant Robot.

    He was in NYC promoting his movie, Ninja Assasin. I remember it was not too many people there, I think in part because it was a kinda a sudden notification, since it was listed not even a week on the website and before he came to NYC. One lady said she drove in the slushy snowy weather from Washington D.C. ( the black lady and her daughter in the video getting their posters signed by RAIN). She said her drove about 4 hrs. in the weather. When I about to approach the table where he was sitting, I started getting nervous, shaking, preparing what I wanted to say to him. I was soo excited! I remember asking him, “ Can I take a picture with you?” and he calmly said, “yes!” He was so cool & real easy he did not mind at all! HOWEVER, the *sshole big security guy (excuse my reaction then because this was my opportunity!) said No! he can only sign your poster because we are about to wrap up this signing session, and we are about to leave! But my friend manage to quickly shake his hand. The last thing we were able to do was get a quick picture of RAIN leaving out of the store, getting into his truck( I still have that picture..). Even though everything happened so quickly, I felt good knowing RAIN answer me “yes!”when I asked if I can take a picture with him!
    After this, I had another opportunity to meet RAIN in NYC. However, these particular days were very snowy days and it was sorta difficult driving to NYC in the snowy weather during that time. This was several months later in February 2010. After this wonderful experience, about 2 weeks later, of course I marched myself into the theater to see RAIN’s first starring role in an American film, Ninja Assassin! I had a feeling of joy and A proud feeling for RAIN!. I felt very proud of him again when he won the Badass award 7 months later on the MTV movie awards!

    I must say, I really feel like I know RAIN. Believe it or not, I carry his energy, his type of vibe and spirit with me on a regular basis. He is just one of those unique individuals that is influential & you cannot erase him from your mind. I LOVE everything about him and everything that RAIN has gotten into. He is very inspiring. He just got “it!”

    I also, in some mysterious way, believe Mr. MJ has passed his “torch” onto RAIN, on his birthday 6/25/09, saying in spirit, “ Here my brotha, I never met you to say this, but my time is up. It is your turn…to shine your light on the people who love you! Do your thing, peace..….”

    He is The World star, The King of K-Pop, A.K.A. RAIN……


    • Heeeey DNETTA, my first online comrade. It’s good to “hear” from you and I’m glad to read your Rain story in full. I remembered that part about the poster signing in the store from our SIXTOFIVE1982 days. Like you I felt the same way when I “stumbled” across Bi in Ninja Assassin. The more you read, the more links you clicked on and on to the next video and the next. He just made/makes you want to know more and more about him. Yes, it’s his “cool people” vibe that makes you feel like if it wasn’t for all his security and management people around him…HE would So just chill with you over a meal or a smoothie. You just wait. When this “brotha” gets out of the army he will explode on the entertainment industry. (SMILES)


    • DNETTA, you can add a Rain story any time, and as many as you want. This is an ongoing thread, no such thing as “late.” 🙂

      Rain comes up in the weirdest searches, stuff that has nothing to do with him at all. It’s like Karma. Someone’s even looked up Japanese drums and gotten a RAIN VIDEO. The Matrix is working overtime LOL!

      OMG! Let is define sex appeal! I remember the day I put this on our forum and had a meltdown in front of everyone there, ahahaha! And this video STILL makes me flail to this day. I can handle just about any fan video but this one. Go figure LMAO

      That was my deal too — I’m not a stereotyping kinda gal, but dang, I’d NEVER seen an Asian guy with a body like that. EVAH. NEVAH. It was, as you say, sick! Wahhhh ❤ Then I heard the voice and that was all she wrote.

      Love your fan account from NYC. Thanks for sharing all of this!


      Stephe ^@@^


      • Your event. I am on the the desert heat here in Ga! You mentioned your event going on today…would like to come it in Doraville? Is this a meetup/dinner party? Sorry. I cannot find the email you sent about a week ago…


  3. Hi, Stephe and Terri. Just like Patrice, I was into British and American singers in the 60’s. I guess, you must have an idea of how old I am. It started raining in my life since 2008, when I completed the whole Korean drama, Full House. I was gaga over him. Frantic, in search for more music videos of him or whatever I could find. I ordered his Rainism Recollection in the internet thru Yes Asia. I was ecstatic when I received my order. It was my first Rain album. Then, I went to Korea to feel how it is to be on the same place where he is though I never got to see him there. I bought two (2) more of his albums from a record store in Myeondong. At that time, Korean records were not available here in my place, Cebu, Philippines. My officemates, my husband, my friends and my children (except for my daughther) thought I was going crazy. Yes, crazy over him. LOL. Then, he was filming another drama here titled, Plan B and, probably, to take the opportunity while in our country, he had a concert in our capital city of Manila. That is an hour’s flight from our place. My daughter and I went to see the concert despite my husband’s objection. LOL. My cabinet, our PC have all photos of Rain. That’s my story. I’m glad, I am not alone while reading your page. At least, I think of myself as a normal person, just admiring an exceptionally talented, handsome, hot Korean guy, Jung Ji Hoon. I am not alone! Cheers!


    • Ofel,

      Welcome to Cloud USA. And thank you for sharing your story with us! No, you are not alone. There are a lot of women (and even some men…) who go gaga over Rain.

      He is an incredible talent. And we are delighted to be able to help spread the news about him to the world.

      Terri :-}


  4. …I forgot to sign off, lol…I’m 까만 비. 평화.


  5. Ahn nyun ga te yo…it’s been a long time since I’ve been on ‘Cloud’ USA! hamsa hamida to all the Jung Jihoon aka Rain fans for keeping me in the loop… don’t he just… look soo foine (fine) in his army gear…sigh. So, whens he getting out of prison, lol (jokes)… release date 2013 I was told awhile back… If I missed any personal life changing updates ie: he’s got a chick (commitment) now or any other tid-bits…fill a sistah in yo!… until then jal ga


    • Hi, Jojo!

      Good to see you. Where you been?

      He does, indeed look mighty fine in uniform. LOL @ your prison joke. That’s not far off though, IMHO. After all, it’s not like any of these guys get a choice of whether or not to sign up, right.

      Yes, July 10, 2013 is his scheduled release date. If that changes, we’ll let everyone know.

      No kids, no chick that I know of, but hey, who knows really, right? ;-}


      Terri :-}


  6. You caught my attention. I’ve always wanted to discuss my affinity with anything Korean. First off, when I first arrived in the USA, I’ve already been quite close to a few Koreans. Our neighbors in Glendale, CA are new immigrants from Korea; my favorite grocer is Korean, who owns this neat market with first class produce: clean, always fresh and the place itself is always tidy. Then my favorite doctor is Korean (I work as a nurse); my sister’s best friend is also Korean whose name is Su Hee. And our fave eating place is Kirin Garden and my favorite food is Kalbi and side dishes of kimchi, tofu, potato salad, seaweeds etc are always served with the main. In 2004 I had back surgery (Thoracic 10-12 laminectomy) performed by Dr. Kyoo Ro. Yes, he is Korean and my neurologist Dr. R. Lee, yes he is Korean too. Needless to say, aside from buying Korean stuff since the late 70s from rubber shoes to T-shirts as there’s no such thing as Made in China yet in those days, I revolve around Koreans mainly. Anyway, after my surgery in 2004, I decided to quit working because I still was having problems with my back and legs; which was better though than not having to walk at all if I didn’t have that surgery. My cousin, thinking that I’m feeling too bored at home, introduced me to Korean dramas, this was 2007. He first lent me Autumn in my heart, I fell in love with the drama that I asked for more. Then she gave me Sweet 18 to watch next, starring Lee Dong Gun. Boy! did I fall in love with this guy. I started looking him up in youtube dug as much as I can regarding him, to the point of buying all his CDs too. One time I was on youtube watching this program where LDG was also a guest; but the camera kept focusing this guy I don’t even know. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one Korean star and that was Lee Dong Gun. The guy that I didn’t even know where the camera kept panning on was an artist named Rain. But to me he does not exist.. ….yet. December 2007 came. My brother from the Philippines sent me a DVD, titled Full House. I was not impressed at all at first. But something kept nagging in my brain as I went along watching the drama; like I “have seen this guy before” , I kept telling myself. But towards the end of the drama when he was singing in the noraebang w/ Song Hye Kyo, I was impressed w/ his voice. I told my cousin that I watched FH and mentioned to her that the guy there can sing, that he has a good voice. Then she said ” Of course, he is Rain, he wouldn’t be called Michael Jackson of Korea for nothing”. Rain, Rain I kept thinking, where did I hear and see that name. Then it dawned on me that I saw Rain, in fact countless of Rain features on youtubes that almost all of the Lee Dong Gun topics I’ve been looking for were all overshadowed by Rain’s. So, I looked up YT again, googled him and then my undying obsession with Rain started. I’ve been a faithful follower of Rain since. I became an active follower of sixtofive1982 since its conception in Jan or Feb 2009. Prior to that from the start of 2008, I always follow Rain at Popseoul but fans there are mean, so I stopped going there. I even volunteered for 6251982 to see Rain at the LA airport on Sept 2009, after he helped launched MCM at Saks Fifth. I was happy to report to them my very first encounter with Rain. I was also with KongSao and a few 6251982 friends at the Hollywood Premiere Night of NA on Nov. 19, 2009 and then again the following night when Rain made a very brief appearance at the KRESS nightclub in Hollywood. But I failed to see his concert that Dec because I went to the Philippines that Holiday season. I made up by buying all the magazines with Rain in it at Incheon Int’l. Since I went home 2x in the Philippines then, I even went on a side trip to Seoul on my way back here and bought my brand new BttB CD there. Rain has been a strong influence in my life because if not for him, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. I had become too depressed because of my condition. Had I not been introduced to Korean dramas which eventually led me to Rain, my life would be entirely different from my very outgoing and cheery disposition now. Thanks to Rain, I have reasons to live my life to the fullest. Even my husband is happy now than seeing me depressed like before. If not, he wouldn’t have drove me to the airport or in Hollywood just to see Rain. He is the most influential person in my life aside from my personal friends and family. I thank God that he is around. Maybe I will stay loyal to him forever; unlike the teens nowadays, they are still fickle minded. But I’m no spring chicken either, and when I like a person, I stick like glue with him.


    • Feli,

      Love your story.



    • Felisshi,

      Bless you. Thank you for sharing your story. Please tell your husband that he’s a hero in my book. Like him, I’m a lot happier when those I love are happy too. So, making my people smile is what I’m all about myself. Hence, my icon that I use here on Cloud USA. A smile. Just in case you all ever wondered. :-}

      It’s always exciting to see that Rain has so many loyal fans who have followed his life and work for so long and yet who plan to remain by his side always. As a relatively new Cloud, that just makes me smile. And your loyalty totally inspires me.

      I am humbled by the grace of Rain’s Clouds. Every single day.

      Terri :-}


      • Sorry, it was quite a long story. And thank you for your kind words Terri. I’m happy to be a part of Cloud USA coz whenever I need some infos re: Rain, all I have to do is click on Cloud USA, and voila! Really guys, w/o you where would I be? You’re always there for us re: Rain stuff. You guys are just as important to me as CVS Pharmacy…Lol. Oh yes, I especially need you when I get a severe case of ” Rainitis”… hahaha! ! ! Thanks again. Happy Easter ! !


        • LOL.

          As important as CVS? Wow. I’m impressed. Yeah, you can always count on us to spread communicable Rain diseases. 😛

          Happy Easter to you too.

          Terri :-}


  7. My Rain Story.

    It started about 2 years ago unexpectedly with the Korean dramas. My sister called me one night and told me about a really good story she was watching. She said it was Korean and you have to read the captions to watch it. My first response was ‘There’s no way I’m watching something like that’….end of conversation. Well, she persisted for a few nights and I finally relented and started watching. To my surprise, I liked it. My sister couldn’t stop talking about how much she liked the lead(Gu Hye Sun) so I started looking around for other dramas she was in and found Boys Over Flowers. I enjoyed that drama and knowing my sister would too, I bought her a copy for Christmas. I became an instant fan of Kim Hyun Joong and checked youtube for anything I could find on his group. I came upon a video of him dancing to Rainism which was impressive….but I was curious about the originator of the song and wanted to see his performance of the dance. I found the Rainism MV and was floored. The man was so amazing. It was downhill from there. I couldn’t get enough of him. I watched all of his dramas(several times now) and bought his CD’s and watched anything I could find on youtube about him. The more I read about him, the more I was enamored. He is simply extraordinary in every way.

    I am no spring chicken and cannot believe how this man has affected me. I have never had such a feeling about any celebrity in my life. My family thinks I’m nuts….but I’m used to it now. My friends don’t know what has come over me. The minute I mention Rain, they roll their eyes like I have some disease. One friend asked me when I’m going to get over this ‘Korean’ thing to which I replied ‘Never’.

    Last year I was lucky enough to go to Korea and see his last two concerts. It was fabulous.
    I didn’t care what my friends and family thought about me traveling across the globe to see a Korean K pop star. I just knew I had to do it…I have no regrets about it.

    I’m a Cloud through and through and am so grateful for the CloudUSA site where I can ‘fangirl’ with the other Clouds. Because of Rain and this site, I have met some pretty wonderful people. The site is a Godsend for me.

    Thanks, Terri and Stephe for all you do…you guys are the best!!!



    • Patsii,

      It is truly our pleasure. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Really, these stories are making us so happy. We can’t stop smiling.

      Terri :-}


    • Hi Patsii,

      I totally can relate and understand you. Seems like a lot of American clouds are “fall chickens” lolss, who have this guy causing our noses to bleed a lot…go figure.


  8. Hiya alll!! and Steph and Terri

    OK Im readdy to tell my story of a Rain Addict.. It all started when in 2006 when my teenage daughter was deeply into everything Japanese culture, the Mangas mostly. So when she started learning Japanese language is when I started to watch the AZN channel when it was broadcast back then. I was starting to enjoy watching the Kdramas and saw the preview of upcoming drama Full House and looked forward to watching it. When that first epi came on, me and my other grown daughter was watching and continued watching the whole drama. I was impressed with Jung Ji Hoon”s acting and from there looked him up on youtube. I was so blown away by his interaction with his fans in concert and the fans going absolutely gaga over him. I wanted to know more and then found out how big he really was in Asia. I started to watch him sing and dance and became mesmerized for some reason ( I still don’t know how) I was falling for this man. Like a lot of fans in here, I havent become crazy over any celeb this way since I was a teen in the 60s (im dating myself, gees) and was into the british groups and pop stars like davey I am mixed lady with Black and White and my two daughters are of Black fathers. I consider myself international..especially now that I am so totally into Korean culture because of one man called Rain. He seduced me into it, LOL. I just can’t get enuff of him, as my family will attest to. It’s so funny when my grandsons say to me ” look at my abs, gram, better than Rains, huh?” or they point out to me random Asian waiters when we eat out at restourants.
    My daughter talks to me in Japanese and I answer back in my limited Korean, lol. He’s influenced me so much. He comes to me in my dreams and says “hi” so realistically. He’s all man and Im so proud of him when others are impressed.

    thanks guys for the Rainfix I need all the time :0}


    • Wonderful story, Patrice.

      Thank you for sharing it with us. It seems like there are millions of us baffled women out here who don’t quite know what happened. LOL.

      Like your family, my family has now given up and decided to play the Rain game with me, mainly because they know anything else would simply be totally unacceptable. :-}

      Terri :-}


      • I know seems like he hypnotizes us and then Rains on us constantly..lolss.
        Yur family is like mine too and realize this is not a passing phaze we are going through.


  9. Today I was thinking that I will really like to share with someone the reason why I love Rain and how important he has become in my life, and then this post came to my mind, I had seen this article before and at that moment I thought of sharing my experience but I didn’t have enough confidence, because I’m not a native English speaker, but I will try my best, even if it is a very late response 🙂

    Well, I where should I start? ^_^ maybe back almost one year ago…one of my best friends has been into the kpop world since 4 or 5 years ago, but I must confess that I had never paid much attention to the videos she had showed me from time to time hehe! xD…but everything changed when one day almost one year ago, I was in her home and she tried to convince me that I should see one drama she was seeing at that time (49 days), the story seemed interesting so I accept the offer and saw that episode with her. I was suprised, I really liked the drama, and by then I was totally into the history. A little later I found myself looking for other dramas to see, and the decision finally came when one drama caught my attention, had seen the protagonist in 49 days, and seemed a really deep drama, and it was, but a really sad too O_o…so I went to my friend and said to her: you should recommend me a funny drama because I cannot stand another sad story u.u haha! and she said without any doubt: you should try to see Full House.

    When I started to see the drama, it really seemed funny and interesting to me, but I wasn’t really attracted by Rain, I like his role, but I didn’t felt interested in knowing more about him until the drama was over. I look for some information but nothing really deep, but few days after, this man who I had never seen before watching the drama, was still coming to my mind, so I decided to look for more about him. At first I found some of his music videos, but I was not really sure if I really liked it, the reason is that before JiHoon, I used to listen almost only, alternative rock and some symphonic metal, I mean I had nothing against other genres but I didn’t like much any other music at that time, but Rain will change completely this fact ;)…In only few days I was looking more and more information, every time I wanted to know more about this handsome man, who only in a few days was stealing my heart. Finally I found a page in spanish with a lot of information of him, I loved that page, thanks to it, I was able to watched several of his programs and interviews with spanish subtitles, nothing more could be done, I started to be completely in love with Rain, this amazing man of Korean nationality, had changed much of what I thought I liked, I had never really felt attracted to an Asian man before, I mean I’ve never been a racist or anything, but suddenly this man with his incredible charm change all that.

    Unfortunately this site was closed and could not find any other in Spanish, but I was so interested in Rain that although my English was pretty bad by then I decided to try to improve it, only for look more things about him (yes, I already was a cloud haha :)! ). By then I already knew his hard road to fame, everything that he had achieved with effort, and I was speechless, by then I had enough time having a hard time, but to knowing the history of JiHoon, finally found the strength to convince myself that I could not continue like that, his example of perseverance and struggle made me see that worth living life to the fullest. I read sometimes that clouds just felt attracted to Rain for his incredible body and sexy voice, but they could not be more wrong, that is only a small part of the huge reasons why we all feel an immense respect and affection for him, yeah he can dance amazingly and sing beautifully all at the same time, he can act totally different roles and make it incredibly well, he can produce and do lots of other things (a really talented man ♥), he is an example to his nation and the world, but for his clouds he is not only the first Korean in focus world attention on the artistic talent of his country, not only the world star Rain… he is Jung JiHoon, a man with an incredible determination, one that had to through many difficulties to achieved his dreams and someone who never surrendered, someone who loves his family, and an example of humanity and humility.

    Until this day I am very happy to have listened to my friend and watched Full House almost a year ago, because thanks to that I met a person who has touched many lives including mine, I am a cloud and I’m very happy for that, I’ll be waiting the return of Rain, and will offering him my full support, I’m sure that he has many more great things to do, and here there will be a cloud more, supporting him 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our stories, sorry if it was too long. Thank you very much for this wonderful page


    • Angela,

      Thanks so much for sharing your Rain story with us. Rain’s influence is far-reaching and I always enjoy learning about how other Clouds discovered him.

      Terri :-}


  10. I discovered Rain as a singer just a month ago. I saw “Ninja Assassin ” last year but outside of that I didn’t know who he was.
    I love world music and often go on line searching for new types of music. I had never paid much attention to the K- Pop phenonamom but somehow I saw a video of Rain singing Rainism and Nan in Japan and was hypnotized. I then searched You Tube and watched every video of him and have become a fan
    To me he represents an artist of the great beauty and a profound sense of life and Passion seldom witnessed on the stage anywhere.
    I’m lucky and live in LA where there is a large Korean community and there are excellent music and Video shops. I have some of his CDs and the recollection that has the DVD of ” Love Story” . I haven’t been able to get concert DVD yet.
    Anyway it’s exciting to discover and an artist as exciting as Rain and will look forward to hear what other fans feel about him.




    • Sarah,

      I’m so glad that you shared your story over here.

      Thank you. I’m sorry it took my so long to read it. It was delightful. LOL. I’m sure your niece does regret it, but she’ll get over it. My nephews have.

      Terri :-}


  12. dear Terri :-} i like you too ..but i thought only Stephe here …i like the whole post you gays made …i post you my story …<3 keep raining …


    • LOL. Well, I’m mighty glad that you like me too.

      A lot of people don’t realize I’m around, because I’m a ninja. LOL.

      Yes, I am the “shy” co-founder of Cloud USA. (Hush, Stephe.) I do lots of things behind the scenes, though, like website and forum maintenance and organizational administrative duties, so that Stephe can spend her time writing spectacular blog posts. Not much glory in what I do, but it has to be done, right? :-}

      I do get to write a few posts now and then, though, which is always fun. But not often as I would like to. Maybe someday I will have time to write more.

      Terri :-}


  13. dear Stephe ^@@^ thanks for this comment club ^^
    ohhh sis i know him since 2005 but i involved with him since 2006 ..when i hear his song “its raining” 2005 …and when i read his life story 2006…now i cant leave him since we share these memories ^^
    and he make me meet great people like you …thats my story with bi ….


    • Wawalalal,

      My apologies. I totally missed your comment here on the fan intro page. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It means a lot.

      Terri :-}


  14. Finally i realize that can spend all day exploring this blog and there’s always something new that i haven’t seen before.
    Sorry for not having introduce myself here yet. I just found it.
    My name is Yelika but my nick here is lluviakoreana and ladies in the forum call me yely. I’m from Panama and I’m living in Baltimore MD.
    i noticed Baby Rain at the end of 2010 thanks to a friend of mine who still lives in Panama. She sent me a trailer of the movie ninja Assassin and post ed that he was the hottest and sexiest asian she had ever seen. So after that title i decided to check that trailer out. I started to droll from the very beginning. I told myself if i ever get to see that movie on netflix i will order it. Around December of same year i came across the movie on red box so i rented. i will watch the movie over and over and over again. i was surprised by the way he spoke english. And of course after that i made my own research and found so many picture, videos of him and i got hooked. What surprised me the most was the way he moves on the floor so smooth. i had no idea asians could dance like that. Then i came across that he made appearances in some K-drama. I heard so many good reviews about full house that i bought it and i couldn’t stop watching it. I got infected with rainvirus. Then i decided to watch as many k-dramas he participated. I was never dissapointed by how talented he was and still is. And later on learn about his difficult upbringing which it just made respect him as a person. I realized that the reason he made such impact in me was the fact that he is not a phony artist. He is the real thing.
    Of course in my research for him i found you guys and i couldn’t be happier. Because thanks to you i learned more about him and def you guide in the right direction of what to watch or check about him. You ladies never stop amazing me with all your hard work. I sincerely hope to see Baby Bi perform live and the experience will be even more wonderful i get to meet any of you Ladies of Cloud USA in person.
    It’s a pleasure to read all your stories of how you got hear from Rain.

    And as everybody. Waiting for July 2013 when finally he will be released of his military duties. After that i’m sure that he will become stopable.


    • Yely,

      I’m delighted that you found this page and that you took the time to share your story.

      Thank you.

      Terri :-}


      • ohhh sis i know him since 2005 but i involved with him since 2006 ..when i hear his song “its raining” 2005 …and when i read his life story 2006…now i cant leave him since we share these memories ^^
        and he make me meet great people like you …thats my story with bi ….


  15. Hey everybody, I’ve been visiting this site regularly since late summer 2010, but I’m just now getting around to doing this (to be honest I didn’t even realize this page was here, shame on me!). Anyways, I’m Jessica, and I’m from Delaware, USA. Yes, that’s an actual state; ya’ll wouldn’t believe how many people have asked me what state Delaware is in… *facepalm* My discovery of Rain needs a bit of an introduction, so this might take a while…

    Both my younger sister and myself went to boarding school. We had a lot of students who came in from rich families in other countries so that they could study English in the states. A majority of them were Korean. Both my sister and myself became good friends with a few of them. I’m sad to say that I never really got around to asking them about Korean popular culture though. I wish I had, since I would have discovered Rain, Kpop, and Kdramas a lot sooner! One particular girl, Boram, often spent short holidays at our house because it wasn’t enough time to travel to Korea and back again. She often told us that we would have to come and visit her in Korea after she finished high school. And that’s exactly what we did…

    Boram graduated in the Spring of 2009, and we immediately started saving up to buy plane tickets to Seoul. It took us a good long while to do this, since we were both trying to cover book and student fees for college at the same time. We finally made concrete plans to spend two weeks in Korea in the beginning of June, 2010. Of course, we knew next to nothing about where we were going.

    My first Rain encounter came our second day there. We went to Everland, a resort/theme park/safari park an hour or so outside of Seoul. After a long and hot day of thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we sat down to rest in the flower garden. They had a stage and a band was performing covers of hit Korean songs. There was one I really enjoyed (and now I can’t remember how it went), and so I turned to Boram and asked her what it was. She simply said “Rain.” Now, the first thing that occurred to me wasn’t how strange the name was, but that I had heard it somewhere before. After thinking about it awhile, I remembered this movie trailer I had seen a while back, had liked, but had never gotten around to seeing. I asked her if this Rain fellow had ever done anything in the states and she enthusiastically replied that he had. I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe this guy deserves further inquiry.” After all, I hadn’t heard of any other Korean stars back home, so I figured it must be a good indication of his star power if he had made it to the states.

    After that, the name Rain sort of stuck in my head, but I didn’t make it my top priority until one day when we were out shopping in Myeongdong. We walked past a table on the street selling bootleg copies of popular American films. Boram stopped to look and I noticed that Ninja Assassin was among the group. I thought, “Eh, what the hell, I might as well get it.” I took it back to Boram’s house and we all sat down and watched it that night. Boram was thoroughly grossed out and fell asleep half way through (LOL!) and my sister was mildly entertained, but me… well, I think enchanted is a good word for it. I was in awe of Rain. I loved how fluidly he moved, how intense his acting was, that little smirk on his face when Mike complained about the size 34 pants… I loved it all. But I wasn’t completely hooked yet.

    After that, I kept a closer eye out for anything and everything Rain. Unfortunately I wasn’t what we would call a Cloud quite yet, or I probably would have taken my picture next to that Rain standing cutout we saw in a Nature Republic in Myeongdong… But I noticed little things here and there. We saw him on TV at least once a day. I remember half watching an interview with him, though I have no idea what they were talking about. And I recall seeing an entertainment news clip that was speculating on his love life cause they thought they saw his car at some actress’ apartment a few times. And I very strongly remember what must have been a rerun of one of his farewell stages; he was so sexy in those black pants and tight black tee, and then he started the ab roll. I think I might have converted to Rainism right then and there if he had been wearing a shirt loose enough to pull up over his head. Boram was sure to inform me that that particular dance was very famous in Korea and that everyone was trying to copy it but no one could do it right. It was just my first taste of the uniqueness that is Rain.

    I have a habit that I try to follow whenever I’m in a foreign country, and that is to buy a CD, so that I can sample the local music. I’m sure you call can guess who’s CD I decided to buy! 😀 I bought Rainism, since Rainism Recollection was too big for my carry on suitcase (I wish I had gotten it anyway…). As soon as I got back to the states I put the CD in my car player and listened to it all the way through, and then I listened to it again, and again. And again! I started googling him and youtubing him like crazy. I learned about his life and I was so amazed! I couldn’t believe everything he had been through, and he was still fighting hard! A lesser man would have given up long before. I knew I was hooked and that there was no turning back.

    So there’s my story. I hope it wasn’t too long-winded.

    Aja aja hwaiting!


    • Rain on TV at least once a day? Oh, be STILL my heart. What a great introduction! Not to mention interesting as all get-out. Thanks for participating, jelyba. We’re all so very different, and yet we’re the same. 🙂

      Must let Terri know to read this. She’s going to really enjoy it…

      So glad to have you here with us. 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yes, lol, most of the TV appearances weren’t him in person. But everyone is talking about him all the time. He gets a lot of attention, even over little things.

        And I’m really glad too that I found this blog! I have to say its definitely my favorite one out there!


    • Jessica,

      Your story was delightful. Thank you for sharing it.

      Isn’t is amazing how this fella creeps up on you and steals your heart? I still have no idea how he does that…O_o

      A belated welcome to Cloud USA to ya.

      Terri :-}


  16. hello everbody my name is sonya and i love rain. I always thought asian men were sexy especially Bruce lee and then I saw ninja assassin and I am like who is this man I never saw him before and then I looked him up on the internet and the first thing I came across was him performing “nan” and I was blown away!!! His voice and that body was a true gift from god and I started seeing all the interviews ands performances and the dramas and to this day I can not get enough not just because he is the sexiest man I have ever seen sorry bruce lee but because of his honesty about his past and how he tells you everything from his mother to drinking old food with bugs in it. He is not ashamed to let people know how hard it was for him and i relate to his life so well I too loss my mother when i was young to disease and had to struggle. I admire his strength and determination and through it all he is so sweet and humble and genuine to everyone. When you listen to the songs and they way he expresses his love and heartbreak and then he hits you songs like slowly and you can just imagine all types of things when it comes to this man and believe me i do but enough about that thinking about that man makes you get side tracked but anyways thats my story and I want to add i really really truly admire yal hard work and dedication if it wasn’t for yal I wouldnt know as much as i do. You keep me posted on all the latest information, pictures and etc…Rain is truly blessed to have such dedicated fans that love him as much as yal do. I have to admit IA Dont post anything, have any blogs or videos on youtube and etc… so that is why I am most grateful to you yal! You allow me to indulge into my rain world through you all. I thank you for this site and I hope it stays around forever. I know this is way off base but yal say to express yourself so I am please dont judge ha ha but anyways I would love to take rain to a club here in Miami Florida and tell the d.j to play fat joe song “make it rain” while rain performs his dance he did with the pole on that awards show. I’m sorry I had to get this off my mind. Thanx


    • Sontravia, somehow I missed when you first put this comment up! Not sure how that happened, but I’m glad I’ve noticed it now.

      Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I’ve enjoyed reading it, and I have to say I can understand how you identify with Rain. We’re glad you’re here!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Sontravia,

      Thank you for sharing your Rain story with us. It is our pleasure to bring you all of the Rain news we can find. We do hope we get to do this for a long time to come.

      I know you’ve been around Cloud USA for awhile, but welcome anyway. :-}

      Terri :-}


  17. @terri
    thank u so much yup my dare it was much better for MTV experince but at lease i am their to see rain won the award at the same day i have alot fun also it my BRITHDAY that week too i actually went for my BRITHDAY i meet and have quite firend i know treat me so good i very enjoy my time their incleded deeking for rain like crazy brid ahahha but, for all that
    the last this i see is rain a glame at LAX Airport i get to waying my hand to rain and see him went inside the room well i am tooking a deep breath knowing it my experince but now that i know it next time if i ever to be LAX again i well give my best to rain . still still more chance to grao not now or soon but my hope on rain well never give up and yes as for rain i well do my best !!
    i glad the i very have a good BLESS from rain @ Ninja Asain Primere night and Free screem tivket of the show that was a all worted for a long trip am their i so happy that i have shake my hand with rain ever it is percious to me ever !!
    and terri thank u so much

    @terri @ stephe
    guys!! u blog is awesome i love it and u alway answer us what we need to know the best part is u keep us like family united here and i very impress of this CLOUDUSA blog your both did an greaful job ever i lopve your blog and both u for who u r and also loyal to rain too HUG!!


  18. I’ve replaced the blacked-out videos in my “Standing In the Rain” introduction with fresh ones, everybody.

    Sorry about that!

    Stephe ^@@^


  19. Ahn nyung hee ga se yo, new Bi fans, welcome to the fold. Like Bi. I’ve been tied up lol. okay, maybe not. can’t wait to see the new flick. Cloud. I’ve been off twitter for awhile but, still sneaking a peak at wrk of my boo Bi. gotta run Jal Ga. Black Rain


  20. My name is Erika and I am a Rain-aholic. Lol… I discovered Rain on June 26th of this year. The reason why I know that? That’s the day I finally watched Ninja Assassin on video on demand (they keep track of your purchases for ya). I’d been planning to watch that movie coz I love martial arts action movies and it looked like fun. I had no idea who the hell Rain was. Let me tell you, after I watched that movie I wanted to know who the hell Rain was… 🙂

    I’ll backtrack a bit and say my most recent ex was Chinese, really good looking, buff, extra long, pretty hair. So I was already in the whole “Asian guys can be really hot!” mindset and Rain really pushed that button. Oh… and I’m black.

    So yeah… right when I finished watching that movie I immediately googled Rain. I started with a couple articles and pics I found of him. I found a link to a video on You Tube and found Hip Song. NEEDLESS TO SAY! All of a sudden I looked up and realized I’d been online looking stuff up about this guy till MAD late…. or should I say early??

    The next day when I got home from work I did the same thing. Then the next day… same thing. I was shocked at the plethora of videos, pics, commercials, etc. of Rain available on You Tube. I was becoming obsessed. And I’m wondering what the hell??? I’m a 38 yr old woman who hasn’t had a fan crush on a famous person or singer since I was in junior high and loved Duran Duran with a passion the likes of which you have never seen before… hahahaaa…. I started wondering if I was going through my version of a mid life crisis, if that sort of thing can entail being online for hours freaking out over videos of this dude, who I COULDN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND! Lolll….

    I mentioned my new obsession to a Korean friend at work, saying that I wanted to watch Full House but didn’t know where to find it and he directed me to… Just an FYI, it’s really not a good idea to start watching Full House episodes at night. Next thing you know, it’s 2 am and you’ve been saying “Just 10 more minutes!” for the past 2 hours. But I digress…

    The rest, as they say, is history. I’m just REALLY happy I found you guys and realized that I am not alone in this whole deal. Phew!

    I’m really enjoying the site. It’s really well put together, the graphics are great and the posts are a lot of fun. You’ll be hearing from me in your comments and forum… a lot… lol!


    • Hi Erika/diva. We’re really happy you found us too!

      What a great Rain-aholic story LOL I can identify with everything you said, I tell ya. All of it. (except I don’t have a hot Chinese ex… mmm mmm!) Starting off slowly and building up momentum over the days… Thinking it’s 9 at night and it’s freaking 3 AM… crushing like a mofo when I couldn’t even understand the dude… Not having any kind of fan crush since being a teenager… Rain had me going (except for me it all started back in 2005). When I first heard (in 2008) he was doing Ninja Assassin, my first thought was… what, a Disney version? because up to that point, I’d only seen Sangdoo and Full House and Cyborg and the Banjun dramas and concerts and such. And then I ran into A Love To Kill (where he played vicious K1 fighter BokGu, my favorite character to date)… and any doubt faded dead away about him having the talent and the chops to pull off Raizo.

      I was so ready to see NA that when the U.S. premiere was delayed from March all the way to November, I thought I was going to hurt somebody. Thank god that when November came around, all went according to plan…

      Anyway… thanks for your kind compliments about the site. Terri and I know how it is to be stricken with “Rain-itis” and how it takes a LOT to feed such an affliction ourselves, so we aim to please, sista. Haha. We plan to keep Cloud USA in a constant state of growth and evolution in support of Ji-Hoon for a long time to come, so enjoy the ride. So glad to have you with us!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I did forget to include a few things.
        I really got pulled in hook, like and sinker when I saw him dancing. I LOVE hip hop and contemporary dance and I was just floored by him.

        Next was when I started watching his interviews and random shows(eng sub of course) and realized how kind, gracious, sweet, playful and funny he is.

        When I saw him talking about what he went through as a kid and about his mom, I was just in awe that he has accomplished so much in such a short time. What dedication and strength he has!

        His kindness to his fans is also another thing that I am floored by. You don’t see that sort of thing here in the U.S.

        I started really wondering about certain things. What the heck does Bi mean? What was a debut? What’s the music industry like in Korea, because it’s certainly so different from the U.S.? Why does he let cameras follow and record his almost every move? Why is it such a big deal if he has a girlfriend? What does this or that word mean? Full House was so sweet and innocent. They didn’t kiss till the end and even then just barely. Why is that? If this show had been made here it would’ve been a totally different story. I started doing research and learning about Korean society. You gotta love the internet, dontcha??

        But yeah, I’m not just “into” Bi because he’s hot and looks good in clothes (and boy does he ever!). It’s all just fascinating to me.


        • Yeah, that was what got me FIRST, Erika. That dancing. That magnetic stage presence and the way his body moved, before I even knew his name. I just couldn’t stop watching him move. And the sound and graphics of rain falling, and a humongous arena of women screaming as if the world were coming to an end, and some announcer saying, “Rain’s back.” And I was like, “Who–the–hell…” in some kind of trance.

          And then the voice got me.

          And then the story of his life got me.

          And then his work ethic and way he treated his fans.

          (I need to stop right here because I’ve already spelled this out pretty thoroughly on my Standing In The Rain page… shut up, Stephe! LOL)

          In general terms, we almost sound like the same person here. Rain gets you in stages, and his pull is powerful. And Korean culture is indeed fascinating.

          Stephe ^@@^


      • Welcome, Erika,

        So sorry that my welcome has come so late here on the blog. My only excuse is that the blog is more Stephe’s territory than mine, and so you’ll find I comment much more over on the forum.

        If you’ve read my Standing in the Rain story, you will know that I was a baffled as you were about my fanaticism over Rain. It still boggles my mind sometimes, even though I’ve finally just given up and given in to it. At least my family doesn’t think I’m whacko anymore (much…) LOL.

        Anyway, welcome. Enjoy the site.

        And I hope you have many, MANY Rainy days.

        Terri :-}


    • Divalcious,
      (As of this current date, I just noticed your response…sorry for not noticing earlier)
      Wow!! You sound just like me…..but just 4 years earlier!! (discovery of RAIN- late 2006)
      My discovery came when I had a huge disagreement with my boyfriend & looking 4 some immediate advice, I googled a statement that said something like ‘What to do if n a relationship, broken hearted….’ and one of the video results came back with the video of ‘Full House,’ episode 8, with Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) telling Young-jae(RAIN) that she was falling in love with him…
      So I started watching the entire episode from there, then the full series…then the ‘RAIN’ search history from there is history!
      I even had the honor of briefly meeting RAIN back in 2009, in NYC before the release of Ninja Assassin. He was in NYC promoting his movie…


  21. Oops!……..I forgot to add my favorites. The list for me is as follows:

    (Favorite Songs)

    “Instead of Saying Goodbye”……it’s so catchy, you just want to sing along

    “With You (Cyborg soundtrack)”……Another catchy little ditty I would sing along to if I knew Korean (Smile)

    “Still Believe MV for BMW” …..this is where that R&B SWAGGER first shocked the hell out of me! I was like “WWHHUUT”!!

    “Feels So Right”……just love the R&B vibe

    “Only You”…………Sexy, modern, GROWN-MAN R&B vibe. This song with some English lyrics could be played on KMJQ 102.1 FM (Adult Contemporary R&B) or KBXX 97.9 FM (which is R&B/Hip-Hop)in my home town right now!

    “Hip Song”…………Funky R&B vibe

    And OF COURSE “Slowly”……..When I want to “well you know” R&B vibe!!!

    (Favorite Kdrama)

    “Sang Doo Let’s Go To School”……..He was so sexy to me in this one..loved the range of emotions he showed. He’s really a Good actor.

    “A Love to Kill”…….It was the first Kdrama I saw with him in it. He can really act, but goodness it left me depressed!

    “Full House”………It was called a drama, but to me it “felt” like comedy, oh well….I just loved watching him.

    (Favorite Movie)

    “Ninja Assassin”……..This is the movie that started IT ALL for me. I just “lost my heart (and my mind, my husband would say)” to JUNG JI-HOON, RAIN/BI. I told my husband, “Unless you can do a backwards handstand on a bed of nails and flex every muscle your body has to offer, be quiet and let me watch the movie, Sshh!” (Of course it was like the 20th time I had seen it – SMILES)!!

    The funny thing is I had seen Speed Racer before I knew who RAIN was. So after Ninja Assassin and my Great Awakening, I realized THAT’S RAIN, let me go back and watch Speed Racer again! I can say it was a slick movie, very colorful almost too colorful. I had a damned headache afterward. I give them props for putting a different take on Speed Racer, but I didn’t care for it so much. However, I loved seeing our Babe though!! I never get tired of looking at him, NEVER!!


  22. hello my name is KONGSAO which most of them already know who i am and all ect…
    i am from USA i live part of the NORTHREN SIDE OF CALIFORNIA !!!
    i am a BIG FANS OF RAIN who just know rain from 2008 i my first impression of knowing rain when i accident went rain A LOVE TO KILL wiere right everbody know rain from FULL HOUSE yup i was so late to know rain by then i guess am a newbi to rain ahahha.
    anway my first ecounter when i was went to rain NINJA ASSASSIN PRIMERE ON NOVEMBER 19TH 2009
    it a long ecounter u can read all my experince here
    it to long i don”t want took alot space basic u can read from their that was my first ever ecounter with see rain and meet in life.
    SECONDLY is when i went to rain LEGEND OF RAINISM DECEMBER 25TH live in LAS VEGAS !!!
    i have alot best experince with his outstanding live perforamce he is hust a head over heel amazing best perfioramcer on stage ever i love this guy for who he is outstanding singer hardworker for his life and very respectful of his human being ahahah.
    u can read here as well this is my 2second ecounter with rain of live concert i went to !!
    as for farviote song of rain i love to lissting to all his ablum but my best of all i love rainism , nan , you fresh women as for his 5 ablum . and also his LOVE SONG & HIP SONG too i even love ONE, & SAME i wish i can see rain perforamce that sound amazing as well ahah.
    drama !!
    i love rain i”m Cryborg that ok, A LOVE TO KILL he naile that drama he very perfection in their , FULL HOUSE is so charming these all my drama i love rain in the rest is good i keep them all as my collection ahahah right!!
    and my word to this i well be rain fans and clouds forever at no matter what i alway stand for him and supoorting rain all the way.
    please check out my 2 ecounter their the link i post thank dare


    • Hi, Kongsao! 😀

      Glad you could make it, hahaha!

      It’s really wonderful that you went to LoR Las Vegas. As we all saw from the fan cams, it was such a great show and Rain was amazing. I think the Colosseum at Caesar’s was the perfect place to showcase his talent, and the perfect size. Thanks for sharing your links.

      Clouds United,
      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi there, Kongsao!

      Thank you for introducing yourself here on the blog! I had not read your Rain encounter story. That was fabulous! I’m glad you had this experience. It was a much better experience than the MTV Movie Awards and I’m very glad.

      Terri :-}


  23. Hello everyone, I’m Denita from Houston (USA). I became aware of Rain probably around March of this year. My husband and I were bored and went to Blockbuster Video store to rent some movies. Since we weren’t too keen on what we were finding, we asked the clerk what could he recommend. Well you guessed it, he asked us if we liked ninja movies, we both enthusiastically said YES. He said “You should see Ninja Assassin, it’s awesome!” The rest is my Rain history.

    After watching the movie and loving it, I did what I always do either watch the “Special Features” if there are any or try to find out about THE ONE I am intrigued by. I read Korean Pop Star RAIN on the back cover, from there I immediately went to You Tube as a source of information. I wanted to see what his music was like. Damn if I didn’t get my hair BLOWN ALL THE WAY BACK!…….Stephe, I can relate… another African-American female I was shocked, floored by all this R&B SWAGGER coming out of this Korean guy. I have been hooked ever since. This man makes me feel things that in my past would have been reserved for the “Brothers” only. I can’t lie, so I do not intend to offend anyone when I say Asian men were not on my sexual radar until Jung Ji-Hoon. I think “Stella” might need to get “her groove” back in Seoul South Korea (SMILES). Outside of my husband (who says to his co-workers “my wife got the HOTS for the Ninja Assassin guy”), BI has completely captured me! But more than making me think x-rated thoughts (SMILES), I honestly RESPECT his hard work and extreme dedication to excellence. I also absolutely LOVE the way he HONORS his late mother and still tries to please her. I recently lost my father so I can most definitely relate to that as well.

    His sensitivity, humility and compassion and the all around beautiful SPIRIT within him is TRULY what draws me in. He’s even pretty when he cries (SMILE). If I felt he was an ass, I would drop him quick and not waste one minute of my time. However, Ji-Hoon is one BEAUTIFUL SOUL and you just feel it……His physical beauty is just GRAVY after that!! I look forward to the day he becomes more of a household name in the U.S. and we see this beautiful man more often in U.S. movies or concerts and such. I can’t wait to actually see him in person some day!!…..Until then, I’m glad to join the Cloud USA family…..Sorry for the long post, I guess that’s my curse. (SMILES)


    • BiAlamode,

      That was terrific! Thank you for sharing.

      I’m always delighted to read others’ stories about how they discovered and fell in love with Rain. I hope your story will encourage others to post their own.

      Come on, everybody. Let’s FILL UP this page with Soaking Wet fan introductions!

      Terri :-}


    • Hello Denita, and welcome!

      The CLERK recommended Ninja Assassin and said it was awesome? That makes me happy as a clam. Good to hear. 🙂

      I can so identify–not that there has ever been anything wrong with Asian men at all, it was just that they were never on my radar before Rain “blew my hair back” with that Rainy Day tour music video on AZN TV back in 2005. Rain had so much R&B Swagger on that stage that I didn’t even recognize that he was the same dorkalicious guy in the Full House music video playing around the same time. Imagine my surprise. And his voice. I’m not even going to get into that right now. All I will say is that he’s lucky I’m not a Korean in my 30s or it would be all ov-vah.

      LOL @ your hubby

      You’re right–JiHoon-aa’s inner soul is the thing that truly reels you in. It is indescribable, really.

      We’re so glad to have you here with us. Don’t worry about long posts–if you look up long-winded in the dictionary, you’ll see my pic and Terri’s right next to the definition. 😉

      Stephe ^@@^


      • @Stephe,

        He’s Damned lucky I’m married already, because if I wasn’t……”GURL” I would be on a plane to South Korea right now! I feel he will probably settle down with a Korean girl as well, but you never know he just might like a little “Caramel Chocolate Flava” with his morning breakfast! (SMILES)….You have to excuse me..I’m being silly now (SMILES). Anyway, I’m out for now….You girls have a great day!


  24. 검은 비 black rain: first encounter 2006 song on radio didn’t know who he was. Next restablished while viewing MJ’s tunes stumbled onto ‘bad boy’. but, i love this one – helped me bck in 2006 and 2009 25 06 평화 i’m following cloudusa on twitter. I love K-pop and Jung Ji-hoon 😉


    • Hey, Jojo.

      Thanks for sharing and welcome! I love that “With U” mix too. It’s one of my favorites. And yes, I’ve seen you on Twitter.

      Terri :-}


  25. My name is Daphne and I live in California, USA.

    I watched Rain in Ninja Assassin and was intrigued so I looked him up. I had no idea what K-pop was so I searched him on Youtube, hoping he was actually good. The first song I listened to was It’s Raining and I was instantly addicted!

    Money is extremely tight so we’ve only purchased two of his albums; It’s Raining and Rainism. Once I become a published author that’s soon to change! I’ll have all of his albums as well as singles. Hopefully I can find a way to watch the TV series he’s been in alongside the movies. Although, if they’re in Korean without subtitles I think I might have to kidnap one of my friends that knows Korean for a weekend. Also, I have no idea how to buy posters of him but I’ll figure that out once I have the money to buy some for me and my mom, who by the way, I have successfully addicted to Rain. I’ve also got my little sister and brother in love with his music.
    My third series idea has a Korean male lead so I’ll spend some time living in S.Korea to get used to their culture. I’ll definitely meet Rain!!! He’s greatly inspired me with how driven he is, how he does EVERYTHING he puts his mind to, and how down to earth and humble he is.
    It is great to know men like him actually exist!

    I came upon this site a few weeks ago and signed up. I was hoping I would find one predominately in English so I could actually know something about Rain other than the fact that he’s amazing all the way around. So thank you! Without you I wouldn’t really know much of anything.


    • Hi, Daphne. We’re glad you found us. 🙂

      Wow, it is always exciting to meet another writer. Welcome!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I’m glad I found you too. Imagine how clueless I would still be if I hadn’t O_o. lol
        I’m always interested to meet other writers too! I have to say that I haven’t met many though.
        Thank you!


    • Hi Daphne,

      Welcome to Cloud USA! I’m delighted to meet another writer who loves Rain, especially one in the U.S.

      We have some links on where to buy Rain’s stuff over in our forum at: I believe those topics are under “His Everything.” Someone around here will be glad to help you find the topic, I’m sure. Just ask around. Most of us have some Rain stuff already. YesAsia has been a good source for me, in particular.

      Have you checked out the entire Cloud USA fan site? You can find all of it by visiting our domain: You can get to everything from there, including back to this blog.

      Take care and again, welcome!

      Terri :-}


      • I’m excited to meet you too! It’s amazing how so few people know about him in the U.S. I’m glad you guys do, and were awesome enough to create this site.

        Thank you for the info.! No, I’m afraid I haven’t done very much exploring yet. Whenever I get a chance to work on going over my newest manuscript, I take it; which actually hasn’t been very often. My little sister and brother being home all day long seems to clog up the days a bit. lol It’s amazing how much of a difference them going to school makes when it comes to getting things done. I don’t know how my momma ever got ANYTHING done with me around.
        So, I think I’m going to just have to let the in coming blog posts build up in my inbox and check everything out here.

        Thank you for the links; I’ll definitely check them out!

        As I said before(wait, spaz moment; I THINK I said so before), I know absolutely nothing about Korean culture and I knew even less about Rain before I found this site. So thank you! Asian culture in itself has always fascinated me but I never knew how to approach the subject. Besides, everything was always in another language. So learning about Rain and then finding this site opened up a lot of possibilities for my third series idea.
        Thank you for your’s and Stephe’s dedication to creating this site!


  26. hey shay and welcome!!!


  27. Hi I’m Shay from USA just came to know Rain after seeing Ninja Assassin and have been completely hooked since the day I saw it. My day is incomplete if I don’t see news of him. (Truly appreciate the internet and youtube these days :-)). I feel like I have been living under a rock to not know about this amazing person. I love being able to come on the site to see that there are others who feel the way I feel about him because no one around me knows him or understands why I have to see things about him. Thank you for all of your postings and I appreciate everything you do on this site.


  28. hi wendy and stacy!!! welcome! i´m karla and i´m from venezuela


  29. Hi, I’m Stacy. Korean-American living in Kansas. Came to know him in 2003 when I stayed in Korea. Tought he was a good actor, singer and dancer. Really became interested in him when my children left for college in 2008. Watched all his K-dramas. Love to watch his performance. Went to Las Vegas last Chritmas to see his concert. Flew to Vegas via Denver, just watched his concert and came back. Exciting experience. Totally surprised at myself. Nowadays I spend my free time browsing wep sites for him. This is my favorite site. Love to read articles posted here. Deeply touched by some of the articles posted by Terri and Stephe. Thank you for your wonderful job!


    • Hello, Stacy. Welcome into the fold! Wow, 2003? Very cool. 😀

      Kudos to you for throwing caution to the winds and going to see Rain in Las Vegas. I can only imagine what a great time you had at such a once-in-a-lifetime event. And hopefully, he’ll come back to give us more.

      Your kind words are really appreciated. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi Stacy.

      Welcome and thank you for sharing your story. It is always exciting to meet another Rain fan. I only learned about Rain a little before his Vegas concert, not in enough time to plan to go.

      Although, I really should have gone anyway, cause who knows when he will be back. But he will be. I’m sure of it. We just need to wait for him.

      And thank you so much for your kind words about Cloud USA. I am humbled by them. We are just trying to do our very best for all of you Clouds out there.

      If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see here, or things you would like to see more of, please let us know.

      Terri :-}


  30. Hi! I’m Wendy from the Dominican Republic. I first encounter Rain looking information from Kwon Sang Woo, after that i saw Full House and o was hooked! Absolutely love him ad it’s only been a couple of months!


    • Hi Wendy,

      Welcome to Cloud USA!

      We are always delighted to meet another Rain fan. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You can read all about my and Stephe’s introduction to Rain on our “Standing in the Rain” pages (see webblog sidebar).

      I hope you enjoy reading our blog. Don’t forget to check out our forum, facebook, and twitter as well.

      Terri :-}


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