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CloudUSA.org’s mission is to 1) present Jung Ji-Hoon, the artist known as (Bi) Rain, to the English-speaking world in an effort to help him achieve his personal and professional goal of becoming a world star, 2) aid other global Rain fan sites in that same objective, and 3) introduce the beauty of Korean culture to other Americans.

Stephe and Terri, the co-founders of the CloudUSA site (fan-owned and established January 21, 2010), are freelance writer/editors living in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and are working hard to realize their own professional goals and personal dreams.

(Cloud USA video credit & edit: JJ @Cloud USA, YouTube moderator)


» CLOUD USA is an unofficial fan site for Rain located in the United States.  It is FREE for everyone to enjoy, and there are no membership fees.  If you do wish to be added to our membership lists, however, please go HERE to our MISSION PAGE for that information. » “The Cloud” is Rain’s official FAN CLUB, and it is located in South Korea.  If you need information concerning access to and membership in “The Cloud”, please go HERE to our MISSION PAGE.

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Terri (managing editor, web designer, technical writer, KPOP entertainment site HelloKPop‘s former chief editor, & Cloud USA Fan Site master) is on your left…

Stephe (managing editor, blogger, technical writer, Fine Fabrications Fiction Focus Group facilitator, fantasy & paranormal writer, former DramaFever news contributor & Cloud USA Media Blog master) is on your right.

» Manuscript. Head. Drawer. » (GO TO » Standing in the Rain since 2005)

(Stephe @CloudUSA Twitter)

(Dynastic Queen @ YouTube)

» HelloKPop (GO TO » Standing in the Rain since 2009)

(TerriKR @CloudUSA Twitter)

(Around The World Video @YouTube)



What would we do without him!

Jim (U.S.A.): Cloud USA TV Streamer, Cloud USA photographer & videographer, doing his imitation of Rain in speed goggles.  Livestream and Ustream broadcaster extraordinaire. He knows his business.

» JAMZONE TV (Jim’s YouTube)


Gone on with their lives after 10 years of service! But there if we need them, and forever loved!

JJ (U.S.A.) (Jess MK) (Rainthetreasure): Cloud USA YouTube Channel Moderator and Rain tribute/video creator. A sweet and talented Hawai’ian Cloud who sketches and paints special floral images of Hawai’i for clients for her fifteen-year business. She has a knowledge of Korean, Japanese, and English, and as an artist is very interested in Black & White concepts, as you can tell by her latest series of fan-made Rain videos and Rain fan art (under the name tubetubehawaii at YouTube, and rainthetreasure).

What can we tell you... she's kind of shy.^^

What can we tell you… she’s kind of shy.^^

Naoko (JAPAN) (harudoful): Cloud USA YouTube Channel Moderator and Rain tribute/video creator. This lovely, talented Japanese Cloud became a fan of Rain while watching “A Love To Kill.” She is employed in a medical office in a hospital, and her favorite Rain album is Vol. 4 Rain’s World. Of course, her favorite Rain song is… “Harudo”! We love her videos, and she and JJ make quite an awesome team on YouTube, we reckon. Yay!


Dot (CANADA) (Dorothy)(dulcie): Cloud USA Activities Director. Resident Crazy Canadian Cloud and Rain rookie, but catching up fast. She’s going to tell you where to go and how to do it… but in a nice way. (She’s Canadian, it’s a rule.) Looking forward to working with and for her fellow Clouds to make RAIN the World Star we all know he is!

» I_am_Dulcie Twitter

Dasiey (U.S.A.) (MDWomack): Cloud USA Forum Moderator. This K-Drama and K-Pop addict loves laughing and making people laugh. She is a huge Rain fan and loves the fact that she is one of his Clouds. She adores all of her Cloud Sisters and doesn’t know what she would do without them sometimes. And just for the record, the feeling is mutual!

» Dasiey28 Twitter

Jenna (U.S.A.) (Merrick): Cloud USA Forum Moderator and Calendar artist. She’s a devout Cloud who loves to spread the Rain love by 1) making fan videos and 2) forcing family, friends or anyone who doesn’t know who Rain is to listen to his music and watch his videos. Right on, right on! And that can’t be too hard, because Merrick’s videos and her Tumblr of Rain phone backgrounds are The BOMB.

» Jenna’s Tumblr

Katie (U.K.) (Purplezest): Cloud USA graphic artist in Nottingham, our U.K. connection. A queen of GIFs, who also blogs about the best KPop abs on the Internet. A wealth of KPop knowledge. A major JaeJoong fan! Maker of our casual logo. And now, a university graduate putting her design skills to good use. You go, PZ!

» Chocolate Abs


Alex (U.S.A.): Cloud USA Information Technology & Graphic Design. He keeps our computers flyyyyy, and helped create our official logo. He is one SMART cookie.

The music scene here in the Hub of the South, Atlanta (the A.T.L., if you’re down) is huge. If a recording artist doesn’t live in LA, NYC, or Minneapolis/St. Paul, he or she lives in the A.T.L.



The view from our neck of the woods.  Quiet and serene.

Stephe's Digital Pics 006

Our official theme song.  “Georgia On My Mind.”  Ray Charles… such a classic!

Our unofficial theme song.  “Welcome To Atlanta.”  Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri, two of our famous residents.  No, we don’t all wear grilles in our mouths and roam like gangsters ’til eight in the morning—for us Georgia Peaches and Southern Belles, that would be a bit much, sistas—but we do know how to have fun. It’s a terrific video and a song with a great beat. 🙂  And it has some great Atlanta scenery and cameos from a LOT of our celebrity “neighbors.”

Cloud USA

c/o Terri Robinson & Stephe Thornton
P.O. Box 1506
Mableton, GA 30126

Email: letitrain@cloudusa.org

We are not associated with Rain and his management companies in any way.  No copyright infringement intended; all videos (embedded or linked; there are NO uploads) and images remain the property of RAIN and their respective owners and are used for promotional purposes of Rain only.

© Cloud USA 2010-2022.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ON OUR ORIGINAL CONTENT, and please credit others accordingly! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Cloud USA with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

(Image credit: Cartier)

4 Responses to “About Cloud USA: Who We Are ~ page 1”

  1. Ladies…I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. It’s a virtual award in the blogging world given to bloggers who are inspirational and positive. Along with being mentors, I believe you both are very inspirational and positive. You can see my post and the questions I posed to you on my blog. Big hugs and love for all you do in the blog world and even more in the real world! xxoxox


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