[ETA Eng trans][fan cam/article] Yesterday, it Rained for a little while on PSY’s turf.

Enjoy this nice fan cam of Rain guesting at friend and colleague PSY’s concert on February 20.  He suddenly showed up and put everyone in a tizzy with this “Love Song” goodness. » Our previous post with a brief fan account from that night is HERE.

His kicks were straight dope. (his sneakers were awesome; sorry for the slang, international friends… I can’t imagine how that would convert in a translator) And goodness, he was all up on the fan-cammer, without knowing it, I presume. ??

So charismatic, isn’t he? Just listen to him… Oh, sounds like he was talking smack about PSY at the end, there. LOL 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

싸군 콘서트에 rain님 강림 ㅋ. Rain’s sudden appearance. (credit: koominseo @YT)

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I ask you to show me your arrogant pride or something.
My new album will be released in the next few months, so please give me your interest and support then.
Well, now I’d like to sing my next song.

Please stop the music.
Anyway you’ve decided to have fun today, screaming for joy and jumping excitedly, right?
You have only to jump If I talk to you, “Jump”, just as you did while Psy was performing.
Are you ready?


Newsen 2/21/2011 — [English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain makes a surprise appearance as a guest at the concert of singer Psy.

Actor and singer Rain (his real name, ‘Jung Ji Hoon’) made a surprise appearance as a guest at singer Psy’s limitedly arranged concert in celebration of ‘the 10th anniversary of his standng concert in little theaters’, which was held in Mary Hall inside of SeoKang University on the afternoon of February 20th.

Rain whose sudden entrance took everyone by surprise, passionately sang Rainism, Love Song, and Hip Song during Pay’s concert, wearing a white T-shirt with sunglasses.

Rain who has been filming movie ‘Red Muffler’ with actress ‘Shin Se Kyung’ recently, told the audience how he was getting along, “I’ve come to attend this concert while filming a movie.” looking wholesome with a short new haircut due to his character as a fighter pilot in the movie.

Rain added, making them laugh, “I wish Pay wouldn’t hold his concert anymore. I feel awkward about the situation where I have to attend his concert all the time just because I’m younger than him.”  [Ah, so that’s why we keep seeing you there every year, JiHoon… PSY pulls rank on you. LOL! — Stephe ^@@^]

And when they asked him to take off his sunglasses, he slightly took them off while singing, by saying, “I extracted a mole yesterday.” [ROFLMAO! Well that was a great time to confess, huh? ROFL! — ^@@^]

~ by Cloud USA on February 21, 2011.

12 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans][fan cam/article] Yesterday, it Rained for a little while on PSY’s turf.”

  1. MMMmmm cardigan and sweats and sneaks on Rain are so chic… He can make anything look good, can’t he??? If I wore that, I’d look like a schlub. He sure does love him some sneakerhead style! I wonder what his closet looks like… He probably has more sneakers than I do shoes… lol.
    His voice was, as Flower said, on point. Especially loved that riff at around 3:41. Mmph! He could sing the umm… undergarments off.. umm yeah let me stop right there. You know what I mean. :evil grin:


  2. Man, that audience is soo lucky!!! Rain just got there and started singing so beautifully. Wish I can see him like that, by surprise, in a place where I can see him. Wow, tell about a wish come true. Sighh


  3. Stephe loves the “kicks” and I’m “feening” for the drawstring pants!


  4. JiHoon is always “ON”, whenever and where ever… He is just that talented. Love it! 🙂

    Huh, so he had a mole extracted… Take care of yourself JiHoon.

    Thanks to the Fancam-er(Koominseo) for sharing!!!


  5. As always…..he takes my breath away ^.^


  6. Love the video,!how nice to be so close rain a dream! thanks


  7. Thanks Stephe for nice video,Rain such a good colleague & good friend of PSY’S.When Rain appeared on stage people was so happy & sreaming loudly,Rain the way he speak so sweet…


  8. Love the video, thanks. I know this might not be the right page for this but here goes. I want to let anyone who might be coming here to New Orleans for Mardi Gras to please call me while you are here. I would like so much to meet any of our Cloud sisters or brothers. Any help I can be to anyone who will be in my city for the big party. Let me know I am here.


  9. Wow he sounded beyond amazing!!!! His voice was on point. Rain is just hot even in casual clothes like in the video he is still hot!!!!


  10. Rain to make a sudden appearance at my house!
    LOL 🙂


  11. He performs like he does in his own concert. He loves to sing in front of a live audience. Yes, he’s full of charisma, it’s coming out of his ears…lol. What a treat for the audience, he came unexpectedly, to their surprise. I love this kind of surprise, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Rain, you’re a darling.


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