[39 images][3 vids] Rain check. (Hanryu Pia, a movie premiere, Magic Show, baby stuff, & friends on set.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

12/12/2019. Rain’s longtime FanClub band mate, Kim Hosang, posted this cute pic of them from Shenzhen, China. So cool. We’re glad they remain close after all these years. Thanks for sharing on your Instagram, 호. You look busy, busy, busy! ^@@^ (Image: worldho333 @ IG)


12/10/2019. At the VIP movie premiere of new mystery-thriller 아내 를 죽였다 [I Killed My Wife] at Jamsil Lotte Cinema World Tower. I believe this is his friend and Uhm Bok Dong cast mate Lee Sieon’s first starring role. (Check out the trailer. It’s good! We’ll definitely go see it if it comes to the States!) 👍🏽👍🏽 ^@@^ (Images: My Daily, News1, Newsen, Osen, Sn@p, and ZenithNews.)

A LITTLE MORE INFO: Now, for a moment I thought, Didn’t he wear that coat before, earlier in the year, at his KBS Guerrilla Interview on the streets of Myeongdong? But, no. That was an entirely different coat all together. Compare and see. ^@@^ (Images source: Yoshimin)


12/9/2019. Rain threw his hat in the ring with innovative German family/baby product company Kindoh. Very good! 🍼 This video originally comes from news and micro-blogging platform Weibo, in China. ^@@^


12/7/2019. Rain was spotted flying out of Gimpo International Airport, looking all fashionable and such, as usual (Versace, anyone?). Inquiring minds want to know… 어디 가니, 오빠? Where ya going, Oppa? ^@@^ (Images: Asia Today as tagged)


12/4/2019. Cloud sister Catcoco posted INCREDIBLE images of Rain’s interview in Japanese magazine 韓流ぴあ (Hanryu Pia) for December 2019, and we are soooooooo grateful! 💘 You can see Rain’s video message about his interview in my previous post HERE. ^@@^ (Images credit: catcoco2011 @ IG.)


12/1/2019. Guest and model Rain at the Magic Show private corporate event in Sanya, China. ^@@^ (Images credited to Magic Show Headquarters and reps on Sina Weibo as tagged. Please watch more Insta cams on our Cloud USA IG account. Thanks!)


11/29/2019. Rain posted to his Instagram account from the set of what looked to be a new CF (commercial film). Oooooh, who’s the sponsor? And Big K (a.k.a. Park Kyung Yeol a.k.a. Gori), longtime dancer in Rain’s crew, choreographer, and Fabulous One, made it back from a job in Italy and visited his little bro on set. Aww! ❤️ ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 13, 2019.

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