[27 images][3 vids] Rain check #2. (Incl. Magic Show, Welcome 2 Japan, traveling man, & 2 game changers.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

11/20/2019. Magic Show (魔力SHOW), run by Trendy Man Group out of Sanya, China, has invited Rain to their summit from November 29 to December 1. Unfortunate fact #1: This will be a private event.

Unfortunate fact #2: What with the language barrier and certain parts of the Magic Show site banned to folks outside of China, I cannot get a good bead on exactly what this thing is. Seems like a high-end health and beauty line, and I see where Rain has thrown his hat in the ring as far as their collagen acai drink goes. Huge thanks to Shihorain for pointing me in the right direction… *thumbs up* ^@@^ (Images source credit: mlshow.net)


11/17/2019. Rain’s latest k-drama, Welcome 2 Life, premiered in Japan a few days ago, on November 21 on CS Satellite TV. These promotions and his interview ran during this month and counted down to the big day. ^@@^ (Image source: raincloudworld @ IG)


5/18/2019. In Sangam-dong. He always has time to give to children. Aw 💖 ^@@^ (Images credit: shushu_story @ IG)


5/15/2019. Rain and Wang Lee Hom backstage at the Asian Culture Carnival in Beijing. They just saw each other again at the beginning of this month — they’re both global Asia Society honorees and game changers, remember? Yeah! 🙂 ^@@^ (Images: Raining-Lynn @ Weibo / 王力宏 @ Weibo)


5/3/2019. The Ming Weekly fashion magazine and the Apple Daily Taiwan let everyone know when fashion plate Rain arrived at the airport in Taiwan with his Tiffany & Co. invitation. 🙂 ^@@^ (Images: mingweekly @ IG / tw.appledaily.com)


2/19/2019. This blogger was in Myeongdong during the time of Rain’s KBS Guerrilla Interview. Great pic! But what I want to know is… why didn’t she leave it up on her Instagram? Who takes down a picture with RAIN? Well, to be fair, it is a technology and travel account, so a selfie like this is probably out of place. At least it was up for a while and we got to see it, yeah? 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: annisversum @ IG)

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