[5 clips][fan cam][fan made] Rain video salad. (Wonderful interviews galore, a fan meet, and Raizo.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You know what time it is! Grab a fork and your favorite dressing, toss well, and enjoy! ^@@^

6/10/2019. Fan cam, English. A truly endearing video from Rain’s North American fan meeting, in Vancouver, Canada. Included: Him and his birthday cake (tastes salty… oh, sorry, that was my finger LOL) and a fan cracking him up so much that he had trouble singing “Love Story.” Aww! ❤ And his VOICE. So. Pretty. ^@@^ (Source and credit: Alice Cho)

11/30/2018. Interview clip, English subs. Rain talks about quite a lot in this Straits Times interview during the Cartier ION flagship re-opening in Singapore. Nice! ^@@^ (Source: jinzhi0)

6/27/2017. Interview clip, English subs. Rain on TV Sohu in China, speaking on Uhm Bok Dong movie filming, future plans, SHINee, BTS, and the show that would become The Unit. ^@@^ (Courtesy of RAINCloud Europe)

11/11/2013. Fan made. Our beloved YouTube mod Naoko (a.k.a. harudoful) released a Cloud USA video featuring Ninja Asassin‘s “Raizo.” Oooooh, luscious! ^@@^ (Source and credit: CloudUSAChannel)

10/28/2009. Interview clip, English DUBBED. Rain speaks to CNN’s Talk Asia about “Who is Rain?” as Ninja Assassin is premiering around the world. ^@@^ (Courtesy of Lu Hernandez)

8/21/2008. Interview clip. When Rain was in China to appear in the closing ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics. So cute! He was rocking that hairstyle to death, though he changed it for the actual event. He went from looking adorably cute to hotly mature in a matter of 3 days. That’s our chameleon! 🙂 ^@@^ (Source and credit: AP Archive)

10/29/2005. Interview clip. The entertainment news report about his RAINY DAY concert tour stop in Beijing is really cute. My favorite part is how, near the end, his crew starts doing what they always did for 5 or 6 years straight — try to make him laugh and flub his interviews by mugging the camera, hahaha!! Hongshi (on your left) and SangQ (on your right) are mugging hard when suddenly NamYong slides in and everyone else starts maneuvering to get in the shot. Hilarious! Ah, the memories. ❤ ^@@^ (Courtesy of Rainrunway625)

~ by Cloud USA on December 2, 2019.

3 Responses to “[5 clips][fan cam][fan made] Rain video salad. (Wonderful interviews galore, a fan meet, and Raizo.)”

  1. Whew! The Ninja Assassin video.


  2. You know it’s always an extra treat to hear Bi speak English. It also reminds me that it’s hella frustrating to be a US Cloud…..still, after all these years. LOL.

    Thank you for sharing again the video Naoko made, at my request. I would give her a big hug, if she was in front of me right now. You know “Raizo and Mika”……that’s my “ish.” Miss those days.

    About his stage name, he couldn’t change it now if he wanted too. Jihoon will forever be Rain. Even got hubby asking me about him now too. It took years, but hubby finally got with this particular program. LOL. I get…..”So, how’s Rain doing?”…..at least once a week now. “He’s married with babies now dear. He’s doing fine”….is my response…at least once a week too. LOL. *hubby is a character* SMILES.

    Every drama I start watching, I get…..”Is that Rain?”….to which my response is…. “No dear, not every Asian male on TV K-drama’s is Rain.” LOL. In all honesty, hubby is really trying to annoy/tease me with these questions, but I refuse to go down that rabbit hole. Welcome to my world. SMILES…….. Come get him Stephe! LOL


  3. Wow – this is great. Thanks for sharing


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