[11 images][4 vids] Hallyu king Rain at the U.S.-Asia Ent. Summit & Game Changer Award Dinner in L.A. (11/5)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

With his co-honoree, President Wei Zhang of Alibaba Pictures! 🙂 ^@@^

We’re so proud of him, we’re just beside ourselves, you know? Not only because he was chosen for the award, but because he earned it.

Our game changer has been envelope-pushing and opening doors for his juniors and those coming along after him all of his career. He has a list of “firsts” longer than your arm. The buckets of blood, sweat, and tears has paid off, with so much more coming our way from this phenomenal entertainer. The future looks so bright, we have to wear… well, you know. 😎

Rain, loving and believing in you and your continuing goals is easy as pie. 화이팅!!! ^@@^

Asia Society, full program. Rain’s introduction video starts at minute marker 1:50:20. And OMG — he was introduced by Daniel Dae Kim! WOW. And yes — he said “make some noise” like it was a concert and I cracked up, bwahaha! *thumbs up* ^@@^


(All images credited as tagged.)

(With Daniel Dae Kim.)

(With Wang Lee Hom.)

(In Koreatown, LA. The first dude was super-surprised to see Rain in LA. He’s a fan, and said he was nervous as hell!^^)

~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2019.

One Response to “[11 images][4 vids] Hallyu king Rain at the U.S.-Asia Ent. Summit & Game Changer Award Dinner in L.A. (11/5)”

  1. Now that pic with Daniel Dae Kim, that’s the one grabbing my attention right about now. What y’all “cooking up” for the U.S. market? Hmm? Inquiring minds want to know. Daniel Dae Kim….The Good Doctor producer….yeah, I “see” you standing next to the Korean Game Changer. I sure do.

    I’m getting that “ole feeling” again…..the one I gave up on a while back.

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