[articles] Rain check: Of a bad tenant, a good friend, and Cloud USA in the news.

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, peeps, if Rain re-posting from our Instagram wasn’t cool enough, it also landed Cloud USA in the Korean news (Nate, Newsen, eNews 24, etc.) and on Naver blogs. They must be watching his social media like a hawk! The gist of these write-ups is how Rain revealed a refreshing, handsome appearance [in a picture] of him picking out dessert in a café, how he re-uploaded the picture onto his Instagram from his U.S. fan account, and how even with sunglasses and a hat he could not hide [all that handsomeness]. True, oh, so true.^^


Well, it’s not like the courts didn’t warn her off after 7 years of making false allegations against Rain, vandalism in the street, dragging him into the mud while he was a soldier, and making a spectacle of herself outside of city hall and in multiple courtrooms. All because she didn’t feel she had to pay 6 or 7 months of rent to him (her things got damaged on her watch, not his). She stayed on his premises well after her lease was up (March 2011), and still all he did was defend himself against her defamation until finally taking her to court in 2014. C’mon, Ms. Park. As hard as South Korea is on celebs being perfect and all, if there had been one iota of truth in your claims, the courts would have come down on Rain like a ton of bricks from the get-go.

I used to tease about her having a screw loose, but now… I’m honestly wondering if there is truth to that. This woman must need mental help. I wish someone would help her get it and I hope she never gets close up on him. Rain, be careful! » You can READ past reports of Ms. Park’s shenanigans in my previous posts HERE. 😦 ^@@^ 

EDITED TO ADD: A 7/20 UPDATE! Sheesh! 😦

SOOMPI News 7/14/2017 — by C.Hong

Rain’s Former Tenant Receives Imprisonment Sentence For Spreading False Accusations

A former tenant of actor and singer Rain has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of spreading false information about the star.
On July 14 at 2 p.m. KST, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced the tenant, “A,” to 10 months of prison and “A” was taken into custody by the court. In the first trial, “A” was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment as well as two years of probation but an appeal lodged on both sides brought the case to a second trial.

The second trial first opened on April 7 but “A” applied to change the date. Through petitions and objections, “A” continued to deny the allegations against them. However, just before the court made their final decision, “A” submitted a letter of apology.

In 2012, Rain filed a lawsuit against “A” for not paying the rent on the building “A” had leased from him. “A” responded by alleging that the walls leaked water and he had lost money to repairs and brought a counteraction against Rain. Rain then filed another lawsuit in 2016 for spreading false accusations.

Source (1) (2) Top photo credit: XPORTSNEWS

SOOMPI News 7/18/2017 — by K. Do

Rain Talks About When His Wife Kim Tae Hee is the Prettiest

Rain’s close friend Kim Kwang Min will be appearing in the upcoming episode of MBCevery1’s “Video Star.”

Actor Kim Kwang Min throws Rain under the bus and reveals, “When I told Rain that I will be appearing on ‘Video Star’ he told me that anything goes on that show so I should start a fire. He didn’t hold back his support.”

Kim Kwang Min also compliments his friend’s wife Kim Tae Hee and says, “Even when she’s bare-faced, a halo appears. It’s like she’s not a person from the real world. She’s like Saint Mary.”

He also shares that Rain had called him about Kim Tae Hee being pregnant and happily told his friend that his “all of his wishes came true.”

During filming, Kim Kwang Min calls Rain and asks him over the phone when Kim Tae Hee looks the prettiest. Rain answers, “[She’s] always pretty, but she’s prettiest when she’s eating.”

This episode of “Video Star” will air on July 18 at 8:30 p.m. KST

Source (1)

~ by Cloud USA on July 23, 2017.

9 Responses to “[articles] Rain check: Of a bad tenant, a good friend, and Cloud USA in the news.”

  1. I’m not a person who wishes bad things to happen to people or likes to see people in bad situations. She should work to pay RAIN what she owes him.


  2. Shame on the lady. Times are not always easy in life, but I always try to be as honest as I can and pay what I owe. It’s not nice to make up stories about people to defame them, spread rumors to destroy a person’s reputation or career when a person has done no wrong, for money or own selfish gain or out of jealousy. I don’t believe in making up lies to get money because I do have faith in God and I believe that when you do that, it will come back to haunt you. Don’t make up lies for money or financial gain because what goes around does come back around in God’s on way and time. It would have been nice just to try to work out a plan to pay RAIN what she rightfully owes him.


  3. Nice post. Nice photo. I wonder if Kim likes to eat as much as I do?? I have to say that I don’t think so. I love to eat too much, but I’m forcing myself to be on a 39 day fitness goal which started Monday of this week, working out hard doing my martial arts routines which makes me lose weight amazingly. I have to force myself to eat mostly vegetables, and only fish, seafood or chicken once in a while. Maybe I can sneak in a treat from time to time. I’m bad at dieting, but I shall get myself back into shape with faith, determination and keeping my eyes off of food. Kim looks great. Kickboxing and martial arts will get be back into shape again. That is not hard for me because I already know martial arts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very cool! What is your art? I studied shoyin ryu karate and tai chi for four years in my early 40s. Terri studied taekwondo. I’ve been out of the dojo for some years and it’s always nice to “meet” a fellow martial artist. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Hello and hope all is great. I was trained in tae kwon do. I love all forms of martial arts. I’m one who is always willing and wanting to learn, especially when it comes to something I truly enjoy, which is martial arts. It’s good for the body, mind and spirit and good for discipline. I live kick boxing, tae bo. I never put limits on myself. I’m always willing to learn and try new things. Life can become dull when a person ceases learning or puts limitations on themselves. We can continue to grow by continuing to learn and embrace new things. I have never forgotten the words of my martial arts instructor, he was cool. I liked him.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh yea, I totally agree


  5. That Ms Park is a total nightmare 😦 why people like her exists

    Liked by 1 person

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