[article] He’s finally had enough: Rain files defamation lawsuit against previous tenant.

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ShizuneMeme1This 60-year-old woman’s (yes, you heard me right, woman, Ms. Park) been asking for her ass to be handed to her on a silver platter for a long, long time.

After the courts told her time and time again that she can’t legally skip out on paying her rent (to Rain), she went and lost her ever-loving mind, even resorting to the low-down tactic of publicly claiming and putting up signs that Rain had raped and robbed her while he was in the military a year and a half ago.

The courts dismissed that ridiculous countersuit last July 2013 and fined her heavily for making false accusations that could really damage an innocent person. And so now, she’s standing in front of the Seoul Prosecutor’s office yelling more accusations and holding up an “Arrest Rain Immediately” sign, and filing more things to take up the courts’ time.

Rain has obviously HAD ENOUGH.

Dang, lady, why don’t you just pay your damn rent? It’s been five years. ROFL

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Pay your rent and go get your life, seriously. No one lives on or sets up shop on anyone’s property for free, and the little time we have on earth is way too short for this kind of tomfoolery.

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Koreaboo 5/30/2014 —

Rain files lawsuit against a designer for defamation


International star Rain filed a lawsuit against a designer, named Mr. Park, for libel on the 30th of May.

At the trial, Rain allegedly expressed that Mr. Park had been constantly defaming Rain’s reputation, causing him a lot of stress and pain.

Rain owned a building in Seoul’s Chungdam-dong, in which he leased the building to Mr. Park from August of 2009 until March of 2011 with a deposit of 100 million won and a monthly rate of 4 million won.

However, Mr. Park had reportedly not paid the monthly rate since September of 2010, and he did not leave the building even after the contract had expired.

Furthermore, due to Mr. Park’s negligence of the building, water had leaked through the walls, causing up to 200 million won’s worth of damage, in which he refused to be evicted or to pay the lease fees, and instead brought up a counteraction.

Upon being evicted and sued, Mr. Park counteracted and tried to sue Rain for not repairing the building, which caused the water to leak from the walls, damaging Mr. Park’s drawings. Furthermore, he also argued that Rain had allegedly forged the contract and deceived Mr. Park several times.

However the justice department sided with Rain and explained that there was no cause-and-effect-relationship with Rain’s duty to repair the walls of the building, as it was an issue that could have, and should have been handled by the leaser.

Currently, Mr. Park is protesting alone infront of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office with a placard that reads “Arrest Rain immediately”, along with defamatory statements about Rain, which ultimately led to Rain filing this lawsuit against Mr. Park for defamation.

Last July, Mr. Park received a summary indictment fee of 3 million won, however Mr. Park has decided to appeal for no-suspension by applying for a formal trial.

Upon hearing this, Rain expressed that, “I was willing to forgive him before but it looks like he is showing no signs of accepting his faults, and he is defaming my image even now. I’ve decided that I can’t overlook this problem anymore.”

Thus, Rain has decided to continue on with the lawsuit, in which the date of adjudication regarding Rain and Mr. Park will be on the 4th of July.

Source: Star News

~ by Cloud USA on June 2, 2014.

6 Responses to “[article] He’s finally had enough: Rain files defamation lawsuit against previous tenant.”

  1. Life is so short; stress should not be a part of it. Give her hell RainRain! He had enough and it must now be settle and resolved once and for all! Crazy old bat!


  2. So horrible. This woman seriously needs help.

    Terri :-\


  3. This is another one of those “lost in translation” things, folks.

    The Korean press has always identified Rain’s ex-tenant as 박모씨 or 박씨는 in their articles, which automatically translates as “Mr.” Park. However, the noun 씨 (ssi, pronounced she) is not only used for men. It’s an honorific that’s also used for women — sir or madam, Mr. or Ms. — and it’s always used with a woman or man’s first (given) name or entire name.

    (Using “ssi” with a Korean’s last/family name is highly insulting and is only done to infer that someone is inferior. Examples: Correct — JiHoon-ssi, Jung JiHoon-ssi, Mina-ssi, Shin Mina-ssi. Wrong — Jung-ssi, Shin-ssi, etc.)

    So, what the press is really saying is “Ms.” Park because Park is a woman, as I mentioned in the post. It’s just that online translators spit out “Mr.” Park first, and folks just run with that. And I’m thinking that, seeing as they put 씨 with her LAST name, there must be an exception when it comes to journalists who have to keep a person’s full name out of print for legal purposes. The noun 모 (do, pronounced doh) ‘s origin/meanings are all about womanhood, so maybe that’s why it was also used… ?

    Any native Korean speakers out there, please chime in as I’m only a student trying to make heads or tails.^^

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. It sounds like that woman is crazy, has always been crazy and will be so forever more. This is just the type of person who might try to physically harm Rain so I hope his security team is on high alert because crazy doesn’t give up. If she does cause him any harm, she better move off the Asian continent or find herself face-to-face with any one of us Clouds.

    Regarding Mr. Park, not only is he harming Rain’s reputation, he is harming his own. Who would rent to him or hire him given his lack of honor and honesty, which is being reviewed in such a public forum. No matter what, Rain will recover as he always has under the spotlight of public scrutiny when dealing with “scandals” in the past. I am not so sure about Mr. Park.


    • True that — Rain’s security needs to be on DEFCON 1 at all times when it comes to her. I’m thinking that after 4 or 5 years of her progressively acting worse, they probably are. *fingers crossed*

      (BTW, “Mr. Park” is a woman. THE crazy woman.)

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Yep……I’d say it’s time for that ass to get “spanked.” This is why I say it’s got to be hell being famous sometimes. Some people are just nuts and seek attention that they can’t get conventionally.

    Old girl probably wanted Bi to “holla” at her and when he didn’t take that bait, she lost her damned mind. If the goal was to get him to “notice” her, well I’d say you got his “attention” alright lady. I’d say he’s noticed just how Crazy you are.


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