[32 images][news clip][6 fan cams][link] Rain at a very wet Viral Fest Asia 2017. (6/3)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It rained cats and dogs on the second night of Viral Fest Asia, y’all. No, seriously! No play on words, LOL~

It truly rained so hard in Bangkok that, some hours into the show (which was outdoors), everything had to temporarily come to a screeching halt for the safety of the performers. It was no surprise, though — the forecast had warned everyone ahead of time. Perhaps that’s why the delay wasn’t overly long. And perhaps that’s why Rain decided to go casual — he surely didn’t need to be sliding around the stage in dress shoes and tight clothes and risking his neck. I’m just speculating here, but c’mon.

I was praying he’d be wearing sneakers at least, and he was, thank goodness. I remember him almost slamming to the ground during the first minute of “Rainism” in China one time because of a drenched stage and dress shoes, and I did not want to see that again. If it hadn’t been for his cat-like reflexes… *shudder*

Huge thanks to Viral Fest Asia for live-streaming the performances. What. A. Treat! It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we’ve seen him live over the years — every time seems like it’s the first, haha. He looked great! And had a LOT of pep in his step, maybe because his movements weren’t confined by the usual clothing and it felt good. For those who haven’t seen Rain’s 13-minute performance yet, you can watch the replay on VFA’s Facebook at the link below.

» https://www.facebook.com/viralfestasia/videos/vb.626394210842939/833645263451165

Golden abs, designer sweats, and “Touch Ya”, oh my! And a boatload of charm for the audience. 🙂

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

I think this fan cammer was right near a speaker, but the visuals here FAR outweigh any little sound problem! ^@@^

TNN 24 news clip.

Yeah, I know you want to see that a little closer, so… ^@@^


Sometimes a quick cam has just as much impact as a full cam. *woahhhh* ^@@^


(All images credited as tagged: Pianopianono / Yonhap News / vampire_shagiya / BoBo Park of True Insider / kamlai_joong / shemiyuner)

The cool thing about this pic: Festival attendee vampire_shagiya put it on her Instagram, and then Cloud Russia reposted it on their Instagram, and then Rain reposted it on his Instagram and I don’t blame him! ^@@^

Meeting Vietnamese singer/songwriter Son Tung M-TP backstage. (Images: @Arabsontung1) ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 6, 2017.

2 Responses to “[32 images][news clip][6 fan cams][link] Rain at a very wet Viral Fest Asia 2017. (6/3)”

  1. Great photos and videos. RAIN has a lot of determination and energy. Very talented.


  2. Great coverage and camera shots.📱💻👏🏾 Thanks for sharing🤗💦


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