It Rained at the Shanghai Expo count down event.

No, it REALLY rained.  Hard.  The skies opened up, there was a complete deluge (i.e. it rained cats and dogs), and the outdoor event stage was so dangerously wet that, as we understand it, Rain slipped and fell during his “Rainism” performance.  Word is, though, he got right back up and continued, and seemed okay.  (We certainly hope he isn’t hurt.  We all know, Clouds, that the only way he would EVER stop any performance is if he were knocked unconscious.)

[ *ETA: I’ve seen the incident and it wasn’t so much a bad fall as it was a hard, disconcerting slip straight down, and very quick.  I don’t think we have to worry about him. ]

Rain’s second song in the set went without a hitch and happened to be, in a broad stroke of irony, “It’s Raining.”  Haha.  (Did he greet the crowd in a Chinese dialect?)  A triumphant end to a performance the weather could have ruined.  Once again, our Magic Feet shows who is Boss.  — Stephe ^@@


“It’s Raining.”


The official video of the Shanghai World Expo, courtesy of LiverpoolDailyPost.

~ by Cloud USA on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “It Rained at the Shanghai Expo count down event.”

  1. Yes, in the beginning of his “It’s Raining” performance, he said in Mandarin Chinese, “Hello everyone, I’m Rain. I love you.”

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