[MV][comeback] Rain’s “The Best Present”, produced by PSY. Voice, visuals, & choreo — straight dope. (1/15)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Video screen caps by Cloud USA.)

Rain’s voice is of the heavens.

The song is DOPE.

The choreography is SICK.

The music video visuals are to die for.



Rain mentioned during his V Live cooking/eating countdown show this morning that PSY called him up and pitched the song to him, and Rain took it and refashioned it to his style and made it his own. As we understand it, producer PSY was completely focused on every aspect of making the song Rain’s own, as well. This is why this collaboration was golden from the start — these two talents who know each other inside and out and match each other in work ethic and drive, no matter how many hours it takes to reach their vision.

Thank you, PSY. We love it. Thumbs up!

Thank you, Rain. It truly is the best present. ❤

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

Official music video. English subtitles are coming! (Source credit: 1theK [원더케이] @ YT.)





~ by Cloud USA on January 14, 2017.

19 Responses to “[MV][comeback] Rain’s “The Best Present”, produced by PSY. Voice, visuals, & choreo — straight dope. (1/15)”

  1. You know……I am a veteran Rain fan it’s true and one thing I don’t have a problem with is stating my opinion. However, my comments are never to hurt anyone’s feelings but only to offer my personal views. Those who know me, know this about me.

    The thing about social media, is that you can never truly tell someone’s intention with words written on a screen when you don’t know people personally. Try as I may, it’s not always easy to offer a strong opinion when trying to get my point across without offending. I may also add that this goes for reading the comments of others as well.

    @bagthatshoe, if my comments have offended you or anyone else, please do accept my humble apology and please feel free to comment. Conversing with others online is how I came to know my Cloud friends and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. We don’t bash each other here and if there is a misunderstanding we try to clarify our intent as quickly as possible. Hope you have an awesome day!

    (aka BiAlamode)


  2. @bagthatshoe – I hope we didn’t come on too strong. I totally get where you’re coming from. The video wasn’t to your taste. I myself only discovered Rain in 2014 and I hate that I missed the long hair era (hmmmm, he was edible) and the first video (and song) I saw (and heard) was Love Story (his muscles had meat in them). But, I do realize that era came before me and I appreciate this 30+-year old man, who no longer dresses wears boy band bangs or like Usher :). (But he was oh-so-cute in that phase).

    I think what keeps a star relevant is constant change. That change may not be my favorite type of music, style, etc. but…


  3. I really like this song. I want to listen to it multiple times. But I do not like this video. It is frantic, frenetic & overblown. The choreography is excessive and so complex and busy I couldn’t appreciate the artistry. The entire effect is distracting! And why is he hiding his face all the time under the hat? We would like to see you! It’s as if he’s trying to channel Michael Jackson – on steroids. I love Rain. I like this song! But this video is a disappointment.


    • I felt the complete opposite. Besides, Rain now has to compete with all those young groups and up and comers. He has to stay relevant or he’ll become just another fading star that only his older fans bother to watch. Those older fans become busy with families and carreers and, despite wanting to, can’t devote the time that they used to, to fandom. And even if they can, isn’t music usually aimed at the teenybopper crowd so our opinions cease to count with who is showcasing and booking singers.

      As much as I will always love pure Rain, (Love Song, In My Bed, I Do I Do), he can’t remain there or he’ll be left behind. It happened to Elvis and Michael Jackson. Yes, everyone acknowledged they were great and they are legends, but who was flocking to see them (other than the loyal middle-agers that still could find time).

      So I’m more than okay with the innovations and changes. As long as he remains popular, then there’s still a chance to see him perform the old stuff in concert after he’s done the new songs.

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      • I really see what you’re saying. Completely. I just don’t care for the video. Didn’t realize it was going to cause a riot. I’m sure not commenting again. Thanks though for your thoughtful polite comment. I really appreciate it.


        • @bagthatshoe
          Please don’t feel like you can’t comment here. The Clouds are very defensive of their boy because of some past history with anti-fans. But they’re very nice and supportive and will answer any questions we have.

          I think my third or fourth post here, I actually caused a semi-riot. lololol. I had noticed something about Rain in a drama and asked about it here but the Clouds thought it was a rumor started by the anti-fans (because they’ve treated Rain VERY unfairly) and I had to reassure them that – no, I just noticed and wondered what they thought about it.

          Once they realized I’m in love with Rain, too, them I could freely say what I wanted (as long as I wasn’t bashing him unfairly which no real Rain lover would do anyway. )

          I hope you continue to post.

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    • Seriously??………..Well, it’s a damned good thing that music and artistry is subjective (generally speaking). Whenever I watch Rain’s videos, I’m always reminded that he’s a dancer first and foremost. His video performances will always have dance sequences that can be readily/easily translated into dance sequences for TV and future concert performances. Also, there’s plenty of “wiggle room” for him to play around with the visual aspects of this song in future stage performances by simple virtue of its lyrical content (from the translations I’ve seen). He can turn it into some angelic, wind blowing through his hair visual or keep it as is. Either way, Rain will always make his songs “stage ready”……always. Frenetic and frantic are not words I would use to describe this video. Words like suave, sexy, smooth and sensual are what come to mind.


      • Um Ok. We all love Rain here. I’m not as expert a fan as you nor do I have such a trained eye for dance. I also don’t have as long a history of love and keen observation of Rain as do you. I’ve only been a fan since I found him on Full House a year and a half ago. I will sure defer to the longer running fans here and just try to learn all I can from all of you. Thank you.


  4. Rain is a best present. ))


  5. I thought I would give you guys this link because I won’t be able to cover it on the site. I nearly fell out my chair watching this. Why is he even better live than in the performance vid?


    • I was just showing this to Terri! (his comeback stage on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook yesterday) And we were saying the exact same thing — We LOVE the MV, but what is it about this HIM LIVE that makes me weep all over my Twitter?? O_O

      Stephe ^@@^

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    • Thanks for the live performance vid. I like both but – I’ll say something I’ve never said before and frankly, never understood it when others said it – the live is just organic.

      Yes, the MV is slick and I really like it but that live video…no words to really describe the feels it invokes. Maybe he’s more touchable or “real” in the live vid?


  6. 🤗💦👏🏾🤠😍


  7. Ok……now see…….just ain’t right, ain’t right I say! Damn, where to even begin. You are absolutely right Terri………Slay he did! This video……simplicity at its finest.

    No, no…….Mr. Magic Feet does not need “bells and whistles” ladies and gents….nope. All he needs is a sick sexy as hell slow groove, be lit in silouhette and his body does the rest. Smooth like butter baby. Yes sir!

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  8. Totally slayed.

    Terri :-}


  9. This song & video got a 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from my sister who watched him for the first time. Maybe a new fan ? Blown away by him yet again. Loved my curious boy’s hilarious ending for those who waited for it. So looking to get the whole package.💋💓💓

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