[UPDATES][V-Live][comeback] Keep your eyes on these channels this weekend because Rain will be there.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Yes, indeed… you can go right to the V Live link below ↓ ↓ to see the replay of Rain’s Countdown Cooking/Eating Show, and you can choose English subtitles! Yay! 😀

**UPDATE, Countdown cooking show: Rain cooked steak, sausage, and kimchi rice, and shared that great meal with actor Kim Jae Wook and rapper Sleepy (he texted them and asked them to come be on the show if they were hungry^^)! The show was English-subbed, and he shared things like the concept behind his “The Best Present” single, how his Magic Hat worked, etc. He also said, “I should use some English. Hi, good to see you. Thanks for coming… Thanks to my fans from around the world.” Twenty minutes until midnight, he played the new music video EARLY for us! And with seven minutes to go, sang some of the new song live after finishing his kimchi rice! It. Was. Amazing. We should do this again sometime, Rain! You’re a natural! 😀 ^@@^ You will probably be able to see the REPLAY at the same link later: → http://www.vlive.tv/video/20540

(Caps by Stephe @ CloudUSA)

**UPDATE, Golden Disc Awards: Rain took the stage at around 5:07 am EST, angelic in a white suit and on point. He performed “It’s Raining” and “Rainism” fluidly and without skipping a beat, and afterwards his Teasers 2 and 3 played on the big screen. His junior idols were up out of their seats and hitting his moves with him, haha. 🙂 Well worth staying awake for in the wee hours of the morning! Very proud of him. ❤  ^@@^ You can see the performance at this Naver TV link: → http://tv.naver.com/v/1375499

(Caps by Stephe @ CloudUSA)


(Promotional image source credit: Music.naver.com)

As I understand it, he’s supposed to be…

At The 31st Golden Disc Awards, Day 2. His schedule provided by R.A.I.N. Company references a comeback performance, as does this article excerpt from SOOMPI News:

Rain will be making his comeback through a special stage at the Golden Disc Awards, as he did in his comeback three years ago with “30Sexy” and “La Song.” Throughout the years, his junior colleagues had been covering his songs, but this year, Rain himself is back to dominate the stage. He will be performing his many hit songs that were released over the scope of his 15 years as an artist. You can check out the teasers for his comeback as you wait for the special stage.

CLICK and go to the JTBC video feed now to note the time according to your location. Here in Atlanta, it’s tomorrow morning at 3:30 AM so I’d better have a plan! ^@@^


Counting down LIVE to his “The Best Present” online release time (I reckon) on V Cookie. I’m not sure if anything will also be released on V when it’s time or not… but in any case, the music video should be released on RAIN’s Official YouTube Channel when the clock runs down.

According to the feed on V-Live, the countdown starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM here in Atlanta. Sounds about right, seeing as South Korea is 14 hours ahead of us right now, which means that midnight on 1/15 there is 10 AM on 1/14 here. Which leaves one hour to count down to the release with Rain! While eating! While eating? That’s what the Hangeul says… Countdown Live, Eat with Rain. Oh lord. What is Mr. Greedy Gut up to? 🙂

CLICK and go to the V Cookie feed now to note the time for your location. ^@@^


Good luck, Clouds and fans! I hope your V Apps are all fired up and we get to share some LIVE Rain together this weekend.

Are you up to speed on all the teasers? Rain is back!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on January 13, 2017.

6 Responses to “[UPDATES][V-Live][comeback] Keep your eyes on these channels this weekend because Rain will be there.”

  1. Really great job civeting Rain and the new music and appearances!! As they say, “You’ve worked hard!” Thank you for keeping it all straight and working so hard to get us all the news, photos & music! You do a terrific job!


  2. Oh ÿes the count down is on⏱😀💦


  3. Moi je n’ai pas pu regarder !! En France car j’était au travail T_T Je suis sur qu’il a fait un super repas .


  4. I got my both my clock and cell phone alarms set. I am ready!!!


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