12 Responses to “[fan accounts] “I hope when I appear again, I show you an even smarter Rain.””

  1. I love Rain so much, he so darn charming and hilarious!!!! I laughed so hard with all he said!!! Yes I would love to be the mirror he stands in front of so I can get the full view from all sides, LOL!!!!!


  2. Rain …. ¿Como se te ocurren estas cosas? eres muy ingenioso, nos haces pensar cosas y luego sonreír …tan adorable.


  3. Oh my GOSH! funny, Bi stares at himself in the mirror and thinks “I’m awesome” keke lol. I wish I can just have a quick look through his eyes, I’d be happy forever ..drools..and so funny, he says he will split his hair-do.


  4. LOL,

    So silly. :-}

    Thank you Heidi for translating this for Rain’s English-speaking fans. We so appreciate you.

    Terri :-}


  5. Dear Lord I laugh so hard with the water spitting!! LMAO!!! He is so bad!! Then when he said that he’ll come out of MS a smarter Rain my heart just melted cuz he’s view of life can’t be more smarter, positive or clear. He leaved me in awe with his words!!


  6. This just had be cracking up. Part his hair down the middle…..he looks at himself at a full length mirror after a shower and he thinks he looks awesome…LOL. Well I bet you do Rain, I can only imagine what that sight is like… 😉


  7. The man is very charming.


  8. Good Gawd…..he and my husband must be twins separated at birth one Black, one Asian. The whole “admiring” yourself in the Big bathroom mirror. I’m like “Damn dude you been to my house?” That must be some Man “ish” they like to do, cause I try to get away from that mirror as FAST as I can!

    Bi…..ever the comedian! (SMILES)


    • Yeah, my hubbie do that too!! Lol!!! But I think he do it without thinking, he just stand there looking himself from all angles!! We have mirror doors in our closet and I get out asap just taking time to see my face and makeup. The rest I just take a quick look like you!! Lol!! Then people said that women are the ones who stay for hours in front of a mirror!! Yeah, right!!


  9. OMG, he is so ridiculous, so HILARIOUS. ROFLMAO! *heart him*

    I am going to laugh about this stuff for a month of Sundays. LOL!

    Stephe ^@@^


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