9 Responses to “[fan account] Sweat ran over his face, but it didn’t cover his happiness.”

  1. Cuckoo… thanks for this lovely fan account. I’m glad you decided to post one anyway, because it was a great read. It was so cool that you got to have that one on one time with him and his answer to you was really sweet. He’s such a nice guy.

    My first thought on watching that video (of course) is that I was so happy he’s wearing cropped skinny pants and gladiator sandals. I have been a tad saddended that he’s been dressing so “normal” but there he goes being interesting again. Yay!


  2. @Stephe…typo of “knocked his head”. The corrected one should be “he nod his head”


    • Ahh! Thank you! I will correct. (I thought that might be it, but it’s always best to ask)

      I’m really happy that you got your time with him, Cuckoo. Aww… ❤

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Cuckoo,

    What a fabulous account. Thanks for sharing it.

    Oh, how I would love to have been that close to him.


  4. Waaaa ^^ You’re so lucky! 🙂 (I’m just one of these German fans that came over for some autographs 😀 Through I’m not german :D)… But I think there were more then just 5% of asian audience, don’t you think? Anyway I’m still really excited about it 🙂 And also the fact that there really were fans from around the whole world, so amazing ^^


  5. Sister Cuckoo, thanks so very much, to be close enough and share eye to eye contact without fan or guard frenzy? So very nice. Awesome of JiHoon, he is such a cool person 🙂 Its so nice that everyone respected his personal space that he felt comfortable enough for you to have shared that moment. One other thing stood out for me, 95% NON-ASIAN! I’m sure that did for him as well I remember a part during this concert him singing and the audience were singing a long as well and he said something to the effect “you know Korean?” I shouldn’t really put that as a quote because I’m not sure his exact words. 😀


    • @ Lotus…
      I know right? I wanted to be the one to be able to say, “Dude! Don’t you know soooo many people know at least a little Korean because of you??” I really wonder sometimes if he gets how famous he is in other non-asian countries. I mean, REALLY gets it?? It’s food for thought.


  6. I really love your fan account. What an experience for you.


  7. Wow what a great fan account and how lucky to have the opportunity to fly from NY to Germany for this event.


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