[42 images][6 vids] Rain check for May. (tvN Story, FanClub, MaxCut, Polo Story, Hungry & Hairy, Raizo, & 5 more.)

Screen cap: Cloud USA

Compiled and written by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

May 31. Rain and Tan (of Ciipher) on several episodes of tvN Story’s Take Good Care of Us This Week [이번주도 잘부탁해], a cooking, eating, and talk show. The 5/31 episode also includes a section with Uee! (There may be another episode or two that I haven’t seen yet.) ^@@^

May 29. A wonderful soul by the name of Eunchae posted these precious, priceless images of a very young Rain and his band mates during his teenage FanClub days. We truly heart that girl! (Images credit: lovely_eunchae5 @ Instagram) ^@@^

May 27. Oh, my. Check this out! This businessman, who recognized Rain on the street and got a selfie with him, turns out to have been a guard during Rain’s It’s Raining concert at Seoul Olympic Park (2004-ish?) when he was a kid. Talk about memories! Huge thanks to rainworldcloud for this info. 🙂 (Image credit: koos_innovation @ Instagram) ^@@^

May 24. It’s never a surprise to see the Icon of Wellness and Self-help at an herbal clinic. Gotta stay on top of things! In their post, the clinic called him handsome, reliable, and with a good personality. The staff was in fan girl mode. 🙂 The doc prescribed him good stuff for immunization management, conditioning, and energy recovery, and wished him a healthy and active future. Nice. (Images credit: jahayun_clinic @ Insta / sosim_archive @ Insta) ^@@^

May 17. Ten seconds into DK Production’s official cinematography reel for 2022 is a 37-second section of Rain filming for Health Helper’s Max Cut. His body pretty much says buy the product. 🙂 ^@@^

May 16. It’s been 50 years of Ralph Lauren’s famous Polo shirts, so Harper’s Bazaar Korea interviewed Rain about his love of and history wearing them. He is also included in the 50th anniversary Polo book! According to rainworldcloud: “Rain_oppa shared his special memories. He said he’s liked Ralph Lauren since he was in middle school. He remembered that when he was young, he wore his Ralph Polo shirt very big like dragging the floor. That’s how he wore it and went around dancing.” We can just picture that, ha! ^@@^

May 12. Rain at Ciipher‘s showcase for the release of their 3rd mini-album, The Code. (Images credit: rain_jjh82 @ Instagram) ^@@^

May 11. Rain at the rehearsal for Ciipher’s comeback showcase. (Images credited to various news outlets.) ^@@^

May 8. Ro Hongchul (the Hairy, striped pants) posted on his Instagram during filming for the second season of The Hungry and The Hairy (Netflix), and we certainly appreciate it! Is Rain the Hungry (camo pants) looking sensational or what? ❤ ^@@^

May 6. Check this out! Who’s #6 on the Top 10 list on Netflix Hong Kong? Raizo, that’s who! Thanks so much to rainworldcloud for this info. Even though we have the Blu Ray, we watch it on Netflix USA all the doggone time. 🙂 ^@@^

Screen cap: rainworldcloud @ Instagram

May 6. This LUCKY girl went out for a hamburger and saw Rain at the next table. Holy cow! Can you imagine? (Image credit: ben__zy @ Instagram) ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 1, 2022.

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