[poster][Mnet][dance] Rain to host Be Mbitious, prequel to new summer show Street Man Fighter, in May. (4/26)

Image credit: MnetKR @ Twitter, 4/26/22.

Written by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Be Mbitious. Be “ambitious.” Get it? I knew you would!

So once again, the industry gets really smart and enlists Rain’s inspirational mentoring and hosting skills for this new upcoming dance show. And we can’t wait.

Be Mbitious is a prequel show that will allow male solo dancers (K-Pop idols, choreographers, world title holders, etc.) to compete for a spot on a project dance crew of the same name, and that dance crew will go on to compete against other crews in the line-up of new competition show Street Man Fighter this summer 2022. Street Man Fighter is a spin-off of the amazingly popular Street Woman Fighter show for female dance crews.

Producers of Be Mbitious were quoted as saying:

“Many of the applicants shared that they began dancing after watching Rain’s performances. As an idol of dancers, it was well-suited that [Rain] be the representative MC for the program.”

Amen to that. Idol of Dancers indeed. 🙂

Rain himself is quoted as commenting:

“I feel happy and welcome that I get to work on ‘Be Mbitious,’ which will be the start of ‘Street Man Fighter.’ I sincerely hope that this year will also be the year of dancers.”

The first episode of the show broadcasts on May 24 at 10:20 PM Korean Standard Time, on Mnet. Huge congrats to Rain for landing this plum of an MC role!

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  1. Rain is deserving to be the host of Be Mbitious…so excited …looking forward

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