[7 articles][4 vids] Rain media salad: News, Come Back Home, & Master in the House. (5/8 — 3/14/21)

Come Back Home screen cap by Cloud USA.

Written and compiled by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You know the drill. Add your favorite dressing, mix well, and enjoy!

[SOOMPI News] Watch: Rain and KTH adorably tease each other behind the scenes of their commercial (5/8/21)

[SOOMPI News] Rain reveals how much the choreo costs for his collabs with Park Jin Young and Chungha (5/2/21)

[SOOMPI News] Sunmi shares a touching story of how Rain comforted her when her father passed away during her trainee days (4/24/21) ⬇️

This happened when Rain and former Wonder Girl Sunmi were on the KBS show Come Back Home recently. You can watch the episode itself in our Come Back Home/How Do You Play? playlist on our Cloud USA YouTube channel BELOW — look for the 5 KBS World videos subbed in English! Please enjoy the KBS Entertain videos (in Korean) as well. 🙂 ^@@^

[SOOMPI News] 10 New K-Pop songs to add to your back-to-school playlist (3/27/21)

[SOOMPI News] Watch: Lee Hyori and ATEEZ’s Yunho dance with Rain to his new boy group Ciipher’s debut song (3/20/21)

[SOOMPI News] Rain confirmed to star in new fantasy medical drama (3/16/21)

[SOOMPI News] Watch: Rain successfully pranks “Master In The House” cast (3/14/21) ⬇️

Of all the pranks Rain has ever pulled, THIS ONE IS EPIC. OMG, I thought everyone except Tan and the two cast members in on the joke were going to have HEART ATTACKS. If poor EunWoo (of Astro) had been Rain’s senior, he might have bopped Rain across the back of the head, LOL! You know he wanted to! Poor Won about passed out, and I was sure Lee Seunggi was going to give up on life. Rain’s just too good an actor (and apparently so is Tan)! haha~

Some MITH fans out there might not have liked the prank, and that’s fine. But don’t be getting on Rain’s case about it — get over yourselves. He did nothing wrong. Two of the cast were in on it themselves, had fun, and felt it was fine. And who in the Korean entertainment industry hasn’t been pranked? NO ONE. I enjoyed the hell out of it. So, sue me. As if Ciipher is going to have nervous breakdowns over a PRANK. Puh-leeze. Give those boys more credit than that. ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 10, 2021.

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