[11 images][2 vids][싸이퍼] Hyung Rain’s Ciipher should be debuting in March.

Image compilation: Cloud USA. All images credit: RAIN Company/rain_oppa IG/Ciipher IG. Videos credit: SeasonBSeason @ YT.

Ciipher [싸이퍼], RAIN Company’s new — and first — boy band is on the horizon, y’all!

According to their IG page, they debut in March of this year. The word on the street is that date is March 15. Not sure of that, but we shall see… From the glimpses we’ve seen of them, the boys look and dance sharp. Papa Rain looks pleased as punch.

We’re behind you, boys!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ Rain Reveals Rain Company’s First Boy Group Ciipher (SOOMPI News 12/10/20)

Ciipher Instagram
Ciipher Twitter

현빈 (HYUNBIN) Korean. Leader

태그(TAG) Thai

원(WON) Korean. Maknae

도환(DOHWAN) Korean

탄(TAN) Korean


케이타(KEITA) Japanese

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2021.

5 Responses to “[11 images][2 vids][싸이퍼] Hyung Rain’s Ciipher should be debuting in March.”

  1. Too funny! Bi still likes yanking the chain of his young proteges. They look at him, like……Oh, man I’m in trouble. Like they are about to get scolded by a parent.

    Rain don’t mess with the babies. LOL. Too cute.

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  2. I thought MBLAQ was his first boy group? Or is this a new company for Rain? Is he no longer part of J Tune Camp?


    • Hi, Kim. Hope your day is good. 🙂

      MBLAQ was the first boy group that Rain mentored, yes, 11 years ago. But RAIN Company didn’t exist back then.

      Rain left JYPE around 2007-ish and founded J. Tune Entertainment to be his new management. He was an artist under J. Tune Entertainment, but not CEO. Then a couple of years later, J. Tune Entertainment created a subsidiary called J.Tune Camp. MBLAQ became artists under J.Tune Camp and Rain was their mentor/big brother and helped produce them. So, they were actually under two different parts of the company though they worked together — Rain an artist under J. Tune Entertainment, MBLAQ artists under J.Tune Camp. This lasted through 2010.

      Then Rain had to go into the military and wasn’t allowed to be involved in MBLAQ’s career. JYPE came in and took over J. Tune Enterprises and watched over J.Tune Camp. MBLAQ continued working and putting out their music while Rain did his mandatory service. By the time Rain got out, he himself had left JYPE/J. Tune Enterprises (they had done a horrible job representing him), and Joon and Thunder were about to leave MBLAQ and J.Tune Camp for other career choices.

      Sometimes I wonder about the things that could have happened if only they’d all had more time together, if Rain hadn’t had to enlist. Probably some great stuff! Still, MBLAQ had a pretty good run and some awesome albums. We loved those boys!

      About 5 years ago, Rain founded RAIN Company to be his management agency and to discover new talent. Ciipher is RAIN Company’s first group.

      As far as I know, J. Tune Entertainment and J.Tune Camp no longer exist.

      Thanks for your comments!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks so much! I knew some of the history but not all. I also wonder if Rain hadn’t gone into the military- would he have tried to to more Hollywood movies. I think I’ve seen Ninja Assasin 6 times. LOL!! Have a great day and stay warm! Its cold where I’m at and getting colder by the day. 🙂

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        • You’re welcome! I read in an article later on that he said he wasn’t satisfied with leaving Hollywood when he did. So, you know how Rain is, one day he might try to fix that. We can only hope!

          Where we are, it’s warm a few days, then blistering cold the next few. We never know what it’s going to do, it’s crazy. You stay safe and warm too, OK?

          Stephe ^@@^


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