[12 pics][2 vids] Rain check: Fresh imagery, TikTok, Gre-kriti, Cuckoo, La Cloud, & true fakery. (4/21 – 5/12)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

5/12/2020. Rain’s latest TikTok video and an update on how his 3-week-old account is doing (let’s just say he’s killin it over there). *thumbs way up* ^@@^

5/9/2020. The imposter Let It ๋น„ YouTube channel that Rain’s management slapped down last month for uploading his new V Live and Naver TV videos snuck and uploaded his latest video, to the tune of 1800+ views that Rain’s official video should have gotten. It had been up around 8 to 9 hours when I happened to spot itโ€ฆ shortly thereafter, it was taken down, so either the thirsty imposter either knew the jig was up and took it down themselves OR got smacked down again. *shaking my head*

PLEASE don’t give any videos that pop up on that channel your views, folks. Give your precious views to Rain instead, where they belong. He deserves them! SEE BELOW, from our Cloud USA Instagram post, a list of official sites where Rain’s videos are posted, by Sublime Artist Agency. Thank you. ^@@^

5/6/2020. Happy Mother’s Day, from CUCKOO Singapore! ๐Ÿ™‚ ^@@^

5/1/2020. Our compilations of fresh Rain GRE-KRITI images posted by company reps during April 2020. (All images retain their Weibo tags and are credited accordingly.) AND… campaign ads in the massive Hangzhou (China) Metro Line 5. Wow! *applause* ^@@^

4/30/2020. Sponsor CUCKOO International’s online branch shared this fresh ad all over. Samasama! ^@@^

Longtime friend and photographer Kevin Ra posted this gem on his Instagram. Long photo shoots do have a tendency to make a man thirsty, yup. ๐Ÿ™‚ ^@@^

4/29/2020. From sponsor La Cloud’s Instagram, models, parents, and power couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee. Aww โค ^@@^

Rain posted on his Instagram another fresh image from his latest photo shoot. We are so happy his mop top is back. We’ve always loved it so much! ^@@^

4/21/2020. The latest Rain from Cuckoo International. SAMASAMA! Stay at home. ^@@^ (Source credit: Cuckoo Singapore Official @ IG, as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on May 13, 2020.

2 Responses to “[12 pics][2 vids] Rain check: Fresh imagery, TikTok, Gre-kriti, Cuckoo, La Cloud, & true fakery. (4/21 – 5/12)”

  1. In that “how I get dressed” tid bit, he looks as young as he did when he was 15!


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