The Top Ten Best Songs by RAIN

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: I regret that we’re only now seeing this post, because it is right on the money when it comes to mid-2017. Nicely done! — Stephe ^@@^

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K-Pop is one of the few international genres that places more focus on groups than solo acts, but when a single artist does make it big, they often burst into the stratosphere. Such is the case with Rain (Bi), who set the standard for male soloists everywhere. He is not only a Korean star. He’s a star who has conquered all of Asia. His lengthy discography is home to many classics, but here are my favorites.

  • Special shout-out to 2010’s Hip Song, which would have made it onto the list if it had been given a proper music video.

10. Free Way (2006)

Rain’s original Japanese material hasn’t always lived up to his Korean output, but the bright, breezy soul of Free Way is definitely the highlight.

9. How To Avoid The Sun (2003)

How To Avoid The Sun’s shuffling beat and atmospheric synths create the perfect midtempo soundscape for…

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~ by Cloud USA on April 28, 2020.

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  1. Wow111 thanks for sharing Stephe


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