[7 images] Health Helper brings its G-Stemma Max Switch aboard the Rain Train. (3/18/20)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain has always been a “whole ‘nother animal”, one who trusts himself completely when it comes to his career path.

Even as an icon, he knew his fan base was changing and his career was transitioning. He knew he had to change along with them, especially since he had no intention of going the expected “life after K-Pop” route and taking a seat (thank heavens!). The past few years are indication he’s successfully navigating that change. And year 2020 is just the icing on the cake! The sexiest K-Pop king alive is now the sexiest hubby, father, K-Pop legend and wellness aficionado alive. His skin, face, and body are still his fortune, along with the fact he’s now a family man, and SEVEN companies have wanted a part of that in the past five months.

He’s always been a master of reinvention. Why should now be any different? Keep doing you and looking magnificent while you do it, Rain! Thanks for continuing to make your fans and family proud.

And now, on to the news!

Rain has been selected as ambassador for G-Stemma Max Switch, one of five products by energy formula brand Health Helper.

G-Stemma Max Switch (G-스템마맥스 스위치, containing ingredients recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) is a short-term stone leaf extract supplement taken before exercise that targets fat loss in the waistline and hips. According to a company representative, Rain was chosen because he uses the product and, with his energetic charm and meticulous self-care, Health Helper feels he can share reliable product experiences and self-care know-how with consumers.

I read plenty of blog posts/testimonials on Naver and consumer reviews to conclude that people like the product.

When I first went to the Health Helper website, there was no sign of new ambassador Rain yet. But six hours later and BAM! — he hit me in the face the second I rolled up.

As well he should. 🙂

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

(Sources: 1 / 2) (Images source credit: healthhelper.kr)

~ by Cloud USA on March 18, 2020.

2 Responses to “[7 images] Health Helper brings its G-Stemma Max Switch aboard the Rain Train. (3/18/20)”

  1. Dang it! I tried Amazon and I tried Korean Amazon (Amazon.co.kr doesn’t work any more). I’d like to try the product.


  2. Nice – not an once of fat on his muscles. Good for him, he takes care of himself


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