[47 images][8 fan cams] Rain check. (A birthday, best 9, concert guest, a good meal, selfies & gorgeousness.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

1/2/2020. January 2 was the 6th anniversary of the 2014 release of Rain’s 7th full length album (8th album overall) Rain Effect. Needless to say, we celebrated all over our social media. ^@@^


1/1/2020. Happy 2020, y’all! Here are our Top 9 most-liked images on our Cloud USA Instagram for 2019, and here are Rain‘s as well. What do you think? I think his are no surprise, ha! 🤭 ^@@^


12/29/2019. Rain getting his guest-on at JYP’s NO.1 x 50 concert stop at Seoul Olympic Park. That voice! And you know what else? He and and the man who discovered him (mentor JYP) performing the second song released off Rain’s 2002 debut album. They did the “Instead of Saying Goodbye” choreography together, got down on the floor during the boxing dance and everything. Epic! ^@@^


12/26/2019. Here’s a cute little guy who is a model and dancer, who became Rain’s fan at a concert and recently got to meet him, wow! He’s also very polite, as he came over to our Instagram and thanked us for re-posting his pic. Aw 💖^@@^

Rain had an amazing meal at Sunwoo Black specialty beef restaurant and made the owner a happy man. ^@@^


4/26/2019. Rain posted this promotional shot on his Weibo account back on April 26 and it’s one of our favorites. 👀💘 ^@@^ (Source credit: RAIN-JIHOON)


November 2018. These ridiculously gorgeous promotional stills of Rain got a LOT of use, remember? As well they should have. From articles about TV drama Sketch in several Japanese magazines and news outlets to his Nov. 2018 and May 2019 video interviews… He was also seen with this amazing hairstyle in fan cams at the November 2018 Lotte Family Day Concert. Thanks to the little birdie who pointed that out! 👍🏽🙂 ^@@^ (Images: Korepo, Koari.net, The Fact Japan, DATV, KStyle, Korean Whirlwind)

~ by Cloud USA on January 5, 2020.

11 Responses to “[47 images][8 fan cams] Rain check. (A birthday, best 9, concert guest, a good meal, selfies & gorgeousness.)”

  1. I don’t know if Steph plans to post anything about Rain’s recent appearances on “How Do You Play” but let me tell y’all – I am so done with how rude Lee Hyori is to Rain and I’m only 11 minutes into the episode. (Episode 45) So Yoo Jae sook visited with Rain (Episode 43) and they talked about the fact that Rain’s Hang video has become really popular among young people who are doing parodies of it. (I had previously seen a post where it was implied that they’re making fun of the video.) So Rain decided to just enjoy it and not take it negatively because he says that after viewing the Gang video, then YouTube algorithms will introduce more of his music to the young fans. So in Episode 45, the subject comes up again and Lee Hyori interrupts Rain and asks is he only pretending to be okay with it. He starts to answer and she interrupts again to say “Didn’t you prepare that answer just to pretend that your okay with it?”
    Now I know y’all might say he’s like a little brother to her. But if she really feels that way (which they mention they haven’t seen each other in many years and then only in passing at the airport) then why would you speak so rudely to say something that might affect his career as he’s trying to turn a negative into a positive that works to his benefit?
    I watched the show telling myself to put my prejudice toward her aside and then this is how I see her behaving to her so-called friend. The reason I had to fight my bad impression of her in the first place is – years ago I saw an old episode of Running Man and she was on the show and so was Hwang Jung-Eum. The two ladies ended up on opposing teams. The two teams had to race across the room riding on two separate metal clothes racks. (Or maybe they were those hotel luggage racks.) Whatever the case, the racks had a metal bar across the top that the ladies were gripping as the guys on their teams pushed with one leg as if on a scooter. As the racks sped across, I guess Hwang Jung-Eum’s team was slightly ahead because Lee Hyori grabbed Jung Eum by the hair to keep them from passing! I don’t mean instinctively grabbed by the length or something like that. She grabbed her by the roots as if having a street fight! Jung Eunm was so shocked (while the guys laughed) and after a few seconds she retaliated and grabbed Lee Hyori’s hair. I have not cared for Lee Hyori since. And everybody says that rapper Jessi is rude but she’s just outspoken and real. It’s so annoying for me to watch the Running Man guys and Yoo Jae sook act as if it’s cute just because she’s beautiful.
    Whew! I’m sorry but I needed to get that rant out before I can even continue watching.


    • So now she just confirmed that they never became friends because they were so busy but dis h*ffa blurts out “if we weren’t so busy we could’ve dated… but we never did.”

      I’m just reporting. *keeping my less attractive thoughts to myself.*


      • I admit she’s funny in general and when she’s being self depreciating but too often her humor is at somebody else’s expense. I don’t like seeing people made uncomfortable for no good reason.


        • Oh, I forgot. They show footage of Lee Hyori and Kim Tae hee in a fist fight from some old sitcom they were in together but they didn’t mention the name of the show.


      • They might not have dated, but if she thinks for one minute that I believe they never got it on behind the scenes, she’s crazy. LOL Girl, come on. I am not that stupid! hahaha ^^

        There was a “scandal” of sorts way back then when people thought they were doing it (which makes no damn sense because they were both young and single and available), and all that stuff was persisted for years and was hard to die, so now that they are both happily married, they are probably trying to head off any of that coming back up with side mentions of “never dating.” I can’t really blame them, lol.

        Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi! 🙂 Sorry I had to step away from the blog for just a little bit because of all of Rain’s overwhelming activity, wow! I’m enjoying everything tremendously, but he sure can tire a Cloud out. ^^ I’m getting ready to update the blog sometime this week and I will post some things about How Do You Play.

      Concerning Hyori on Episode 45, I agree that she comes off as a pretty dang rude older “sister”, yeah, and I think that she’s really pissed off because she knows how hurt Rain has been by the Gang debacle and being protective, she let it get to her and wanted to push him into saying so in the moment. Even knowing that would’ve gone badly. I think she speaks a lot of times without thinking, just blurts out what’s on her mind. Personally, I think she needs to cool her jets a bit. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Stephe, you’re so nice. I wanted to strangle her. So much so that it’s keeping me from tuning in to the rest of the episodes cause I know I’ll just get mad. Even Yoo Hae suk said to Rain “what good is you being the leader when Hyeori is not going to listen to you?” And without me really knowing much about her, I already knew that was the case.


  2. Nice Memories Stephe. Thanks for sharing – good birthday present to me (Jan 1st)


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