[2 vids][info] Rain nominated for 2019 MBC Drama Award. Join us and him on TikTok! (12/16)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It says I voted! — Stephe ^@@^ (from my phone)

Before we get to Rain on TikTok…

Rain and leading lady Lim JiYeon have been nominated for their work in TV drama Welcome 2 Life, as well they should. The show wasn’t #1 in its time slot for its entire run for nothing — they and the plot and the cast were just that good!

Fictional couple “JaeSang” and “SiOn” are up for Best Couple in the 2019 MBC Drama Awards. International and Asian Clouds and fans are voting for them 3 times once a day on TikTok until 12/30, easy-peazy and in UNDER A MINUTE. For real! Please join us, because they truly deserve our support in this. Instructions are below. (HUGE thanks to _hannahssi_c and raincloudworld on Instagram!)

Everything you need is HERE. ↓ ↓ ^@@^

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IT'S TRUE! Now fans located in the USA can vote in 6 EASY steps in LESS THAN A MINUTE. (Fitting, seeing as we actually did watch Rain's drama Welcome 2 Life and are not blindly voting.) When you see a "투표하였습니디" message, that says you voted. After 3 times, the yellow vote button you used should turn gray. My first votes for Rain are in! Please join us about a minute a day until 12/30. 💪🏽☔ ^@@^ #Repost @raincloudworld • • • • • • Now all overseas fans should be able to vote!💪💪💪## Posted @withrepost • @_hannahssi_ To vote on "TikTok, Inc. app" for @rain_oppa and @limjjy2 as the best couple for MBC's 2019 drama awards. This is the only way I have been able to do it, since with the other app the page wouldn't let me have access to the app and informed me that it was unaviable in my country. I hope this will be of help. The steps are the following: 1.- Follow MBC's account on TikTok, with your TikTok account. 2.- Click on the account and look for Welcome 2 Life's video, afterwards click on it. 3.- Once you've clicked on the video many hashtags will show up, click on #withmbc2019 4.- Once you have done that, MBC's account will appear and you will be able to see a description. Click on "Show more" to see the full description, scroll down and then click the link that will appear in said description. 5.- Once you've clicked on it you will be redirected to a different page in which will be finally able to vote for Welcome 2 Life's video. 6.- On that page, look for Welcome 2 Life's video and click on the yellow button that will appear down below. Once you've done that you will have voted. Note: You can vote 3 times per day, and sharing the link with friends will allow you to obtain 2 extra votes. #rain_oppa #rainoppa #rainbi #birain #Jungjihoon #Kpop #kingofkpop #koreansinger #koreanactor #koreansuperstar #worldstar #songwriter #model #producer #singer #dancer #actor #legend #Welcome2life #웰컴2라이프 #이재상X정지훈 #비 #정지훈 #가수비 #배우정지훈 @raincompany_official

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And in related news…

A bunch of us weren’t on TikTok and, let’s face it, never would’ve considered being on it if not for this vote. (I’m sure all I’ll ever be using it for is things like this. What a weird, time-wasting app! LOL)

Rain wasn’t on it, either. But he joined up on the Chinese version after we all did, with his silly self! Coincidence? I think not. 😁 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 23, 2019.

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