[17 images][12 vids] Rain video salad. (Asian Culture Carnival, Sketch in Japan, Tiffany, & UhmBokDong.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

His name plate says, “Uhm Bok Dong❤️Rain.” 🙂 ^@@^

5/15/2019. Some of you recall how, while Rain was filming movie Endless August and was brand ambassador to several conglomerates in China, a ban on Korean stars performing in China took effect because of political difficulties. This Arirang news report about the 2019 Asian Culture Carnival in Beijing talked about how Rain is the first Korean star invited to perform in China since the ban, and how such a high profile event could mean the ban is over. Wow… ! ^@@^

(Images source: RAIN Company @ IG / Naver)


5/9/2019. Rain introducing Japanese fans to his TV drama Sketch. ^@@^ (Source credit: Navicon News Japan)


5/3/2019. Rain was invited to Tiffany & Co.’s “The Four Seasons of Tiffany” 2019 High Jewelry Event, in Taiwan. And of course, he showed up looking as sharp as a tack. Woaaaah. 💘 ^@@^

(Images source: RAIN Company @ IG / Wazaiii.com via Tiffany & Co.)


4/17/2019. NBC Universal Entertainment is distributing the Japanese version of Sketch on DVD. If it has English subtitles, plays in Region 1 (the USA), and is a decent price, I’ll buy it. Rain’s lucky he only had to jump in  that water twice, LOL! 🙂 ^@@^


3/1/2019. Day 1 of the Uhm Bok Dong stage greetings starts with Q & A with Rain. You can see Days 2 and 3 in my latest Rain Check post. Oh, how I wish I knew what he was saying. When he gets tickled and can’t help laughing at something, he’s so dang cute, LOL. ^@@^ (Images credits: celltrionent @ IG. Video source credit: Movie-Grapher Y.)

(Images credit: Darby7870 @ Naver Blogs as tagged)


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