[21 images][1 video] The eyes have it: Rain shows how photo shoots are done.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Early this year, Rain participated in promotions galore for his most recent movie ์ž์ „์ฐจ์™• ์—„๋ณต๋™ (Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong, a.k.a. Race To Freedom: Uhm Bok Dong). Included in those promos were interviews and photo shoots for several major media outlets.

What we love about these photo shoots:

Firstly, his poodle-headed mop top. We’ve adored his poodle hair ever since his Adieu2010 New Year’s Eve concerts, and it’s something he doesn’t do often. It’s been a good while! Secondly, his eyes. LOOK at Rain’s EYES in these images. Gleaming and intensely expressive. So very alive. How does he do that?

Sit back and watch a master show you how incredible photo shoots are done! ^@@^

(Images and video source credit: Dispatch on Naver and V-Live.)


(Images source credit: Sports Kyunghyang.)

(Images source credit: My Daily and Yonhap.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 12, 2019.

2 Responses to “[21 images][1 video] The eyes have it: Rain shows how photo shoots are done.”

  1. I know y’all are going to kill me but I don’t like Rain with short, curly hair!!


    • LOL! Hi, Rosie! ๐Ÿ™‚ No, not going to kill you. Rain has many different looks, and you have the right to like or not like the ones you want to.

      No problem! We really appreciate your comment. ^^

      Stephe ^@@^


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