[article][Forbes] I almost didn’t share this write-up. But hey — what would Rain do? (8/12)

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I almost didn’t share the article below.

Not because there’s anything wrong with it — there isn’t. It’s well written and researched (with the exception of one small error) and gives Rain and his superb acting chops what they deserve. It’s a great write-up!

The problem was I recognized the writer as someone who, in 2013, repeatedly posted articles containing blatant lies from bad media sources about Rain’s military service and helped spread damaging things that weren’t remotely true. And, when truths came out days, weeks, and months later, when government and army reps confirmed Rain had not taken excessive vacation days, Rain had not bunked off his service, Rain had not been out drinking with his fellow soldiers but eating with his higher-ups across town instead, when I had receipts that soldier Rain DID indeed fill out his proper paperwork and did take his DEMA interview (the video itself is HERE), none of those articles were updated and no additional articles about Rain’s innocence were offered to those readers.

In fact, as much as six months later, this person was still smugly referring to the old accusations as truth in new, random articles that had nothing to do with the subject. And, those old articles are still out there for anyone to find and believe.

Yes, many journalists were doing the same thing. That fact doesn’t exonerate one (or any of them).

But, hey. We all know what Rain would do — he would let it go. Just not forget.

So, I’ll do the same. Besides, he deserves for this Forbes article to be shared and as his supporters, we deserve to simply enjoy it. There is enough anger in the world as it is, right? ^@@^


“Although he’s one of the first true Hallyu stars, Rain is never one to be satisfied with past accomplishments. His Welcome 2 Life role only confirms how relevant an actor he can be.”

Forbes 8/12/2019 —

Longtime Hallyu Star Rain Shines In Fantasy Drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’

A whole decade before BTS made Hallyu history on the U.S. charts, with their record-breaking k-pop releases, another Korean singer made waves in the U.S. by winning a coveted MTV award for acting. That singer-dancer-actor was Jung Ji Hoon aka Bi Rain, who snagged the award for his second Hollywood film Ninja Assassin.

Rain personifies the entertainment label of being a “triple threat,” having released six Korean albums and one Japanese album, plus 28 singles. He is so popular in China that his 2019 concert was the first major performance of a Korean star in China since political tensions over the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAD) treaty between the U.S. and South Korea prompted the Chinese government to ban Korean performers in 2016. He’s toured the world several times, as well as appeared in several Korean films and Korean and Chinese television dramas, most recently his current k-drama, Welcome 2 Life(con’t)

» You can read this article in its entirety on the Forbes online news site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on November 10, 2019.

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