[17 images][5 videos] Rain at the Lancôme Absolue VIP Event at Lotte Duty Free in Seoul. (9/26)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain looked as sharp as a tack and as stunning as the roses surrounding him at the Lancôme Absolue VIP Event, which took place in the Star Lounge at the Lotte Duty Free Shop in Seoul, back at the end of September.

How does he do that? Is he even real? O__O

As a brand ambassador and face of high-end skincare and beauty products for many years of his career, it’s no surprise Lotte called him up and that he looks right at home. And to think, when he was new to celebrity-dom, a fortune teller told him his face would be his fortune. I’ll say! Even the news media seemed enthralled, and published headlines like Jung JiHoon, Eye-Catching Footsteps and Jung JiHoon, The Perfect Fit.

Other men get oooooooohs. Rain gets screams and shrieks — notice that? LOL^^ That body language. The way he carries himself. His posture. Skin like butter and legs that go on for days. It all comes together in one amazing package, don’t you think? Hard work pays off.

Pardon me, y’all, while I go lie down and recover.

Stephe @ cloudusa.org / CloudUSA.org

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BONUS!! Courtesy of Insight News. ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2019.

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