[35 images][3 vids] Rain check. (Scripts, baseball, manta rays, & Welcome 2 Japan.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

11/1/2019. It’s Japan’s turn to watch Welcome 2 Life! Rain’s latest Korean TV drama is coming to the CS Satellite Channel later this month (looks like on the 21st). Awesome! ^@@^ (Screen shots: Stephe @ CloudUSA. Source credit: CSチャンネル 衛星劇場 / eigeki.com)


10/29/2019. Rain performed at a private event (surprise birthday party) at the Ocean Restaurant in Singapore last week. We don’t know who for, but they must move in luxurious circles because the editor of ICON Singapore Magazine was one of the people who posted on Instagram about it, in addition to a doctor/photographer. Yeah! ^@@^


(Images: sylvesterng @ IG)
(Images: Ng King Kang / k2359k @ IG)


10/23/2019. Rain thoroughly enjoying some rest and relaxation at a Doosan Bears baseball game (the team is out of Seoul) with friend Kim Kwang Min. The dude who was behind him said he couldn’t see Rain’s face, but knew it was him because he could fee his “aura.” That good ol’ Rain Effect, ha! Also, I could swear the announcer mentioned spotting Rain (but I could be wrong). 😀 ^@@^

(Images: fan as tagged, My Daily, Newsen, & various media / Insta cam: Official Doosan Bears)


10/20/2019. Oooooooh! What are these for, Rain? ^@@^

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9/22/2019. We truly loved it when Rain posted his well worn and note-laden Welcome 2 Life scripts on his IG. It’s amazing how he keeps it all together and delivers phenomenal performance after phenomenal performance on set. He promised to keep it up and do his very best all the way to the end. Our hard-working man! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2019.

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