[61 images][17 vids] Rain’s fan meetings in Canada at the Hard Rock Vancouver. (6/7 & 8)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Huge thanks to the venue and sponsors who posted all these wonderful images of the event. I mean, my goodness! A pleasant surprise, indeed. *thumbs up*

Looks like a great time was had by all, including Rain. Yay! ^@@^

Playlist, 12 videos. A taste of two nights of singing, dancing, Q & A, and charming his fans. ❤ ^@@^

(Images: Asian Global Press)

6/9/2019. Before leaving the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver after his fan meet weekend, Rain left his autograph behind, much to the venue’s delight. ^@@^ (Images and video source credit: 河石亞洲娛樂RiverRockAE @ YT.)

(Images credit: River Rock Asian Ent.)

5/8/2019. Looking back at Rain’s fan meeting invite to fans. 🙂 ^@@^ (Source credit: 河石亞洲娛樂RiverRockAE @ YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on June 10, 2019.

2 Responses to “[61 images][17 vids] Rain’s fan meetings in Canada at the Hard Rock Vancouver. (6/7 & 8)”

  1. Nice, catching up and thanks for sharing


  2. Stephe! I made the first show on Friday. It was INCREDIBLE!!!. I was so caught up in his performance and being so close to him, that I forgot to film some of it. The photos and videos do not do him justice. I am still processing it all. I am also dealing with jet lag. I did this all in 48 hours. flying to Vancouver taking in the fan meet and flying back out. I am not as resilient as I use to be. But it was so worth it. The only complaint I have was the MC for the show was terrible. In the Q&A there was little or no translation.He was so awed of OPPA he could barely concentrate. But My Curious Boy took over, and even without translation it was great. My Bucket list is complete.:) 🙂

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