[5 videos][interview] Rain video salad. (Knowing Bros, Star Talk, Road for Rain, & Raizo on Netflix.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You know what to do — add your favorite dressing, stir well with a fork, and enjoy! ^_~

Preview. JTBC (this is the TV channel that aired Rain’s latest K-drama Sketch, remember?) released a trailer for an upcoming Knowing Brothers show where Rain will be promoting Uhm Bok Dong. And it looks hilarious, especially with Heechul and host Kang Ho Dong up in the mix, LOL! As I understand it, the episode will air on February 16 at 9 PM Korea time. ^@@^ (Source credit: JTBC Entertainment @ YT.)

Clip. Rain’s Star Talk interview in Hong Kong, recorded on 1/20 and released on 2/8. There are no English subs, but when a version with subs comes available, I’ll make sure to post it. ^@@^ (Courtesy of biblueberry 18 @ YT.)

Fan cam. Looks like this was the other thing Rain flew to Hong Kong on 1/19 to do… “Rainism” at the Ritz-Carlton. ^@@^

Fan made. Set to the Rain song “Turn Your Head” and featuring footage from the docu-film Road For Rain. I LOVE this song and this fan made! It’s bomb! ^@@^ (Edit and credit: Naoko(harudoful) @ YT.)

Ninja Assassin trailer on Netflix. I see that it says “Ninja Assassin 2” but I don’t know why. A commenter under the YouTube thread does say there is another Ninja Assassin but that Rain’s not in it. They’re both supposedly on Netflix, so if anyone knows more, please chime in! Thanks for this tip, Alisa4Rain. 🙂 ^@@^ (Source credit: NETFLIX MOVIES TRAILERS @ YT.)

(Image credit: Dee Dee LaShore / lashorzznook1965 @ IG.)

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2019.

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