[13 images][21 clips][Eng briefs] Rain and his Uhm Bok Dong co-stars on MBC Radio Star Episode 603. (2/6)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As I understand it, this episode featured “extraordinary people” (the Uhm Bok Dong cast) and their self-cams. Indeed! 🙂

I searched for the episode around the Internet… Seeing as some places I clicked on seemed to try to give me viruses or something nefarious (ugh!), the only places I’m going to link here are the ones I have faith in — MBC Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Viki (you must have Viki Pass PLUS). As far as I can tell, English subs have NOT yet come out anywhere. When they do, I’ll add that version to this post. ^@@^

In the meantime, please enjoy some brief English summaries and clips by Cloud Kamila625 @ Twitter, under the videos below. ↓ ↓

Clip. Rain sings “Love Song” to open the show. His VOICE! ^@@^ (Source credit: MBCentertainment @ YT.)

FYI: The black and white insert that appeared when Rain began singing “Love Song” was from when Rain was on MBC Radio Star in June 2010, when “Love Song” was new. Aw ❤ ^@@^

14-video playlist. MBC Radio Star, Episode 603. NO English subs yet. ^@@^ (Source credit: MBCentertainment @ YT.)

Clip. MBC Radio Star Episode 603 Preview. (Source credit: MBCentertainment @ YT.)

(Images credit: MBC / News1Naver.)

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2019.

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