[9 images] Rain check. (Incl. Uhm Bok Dong, Sketch, E! News Asia, & Seasons Greetings.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

1/9/2019. R.A.I.N. Company announced across their social media that Rain’s historical movie Bike King Uhm Bok Dong, where he plays the 1920s Korea national cycling hero of the same name, is being released next month. Yay!! It’s going to be a fabulous February! ^@@^

» [article] Rain, Kang SoRa lead ensemble cast for bicycling movie Uhm BokDong. (4/5/2017)


1/2/2019. From our Cloud USA Instagram… our Top 9 images for 2018, generated by 2018bestnine. There’s also a site called Top Nine for Instagram… looks like they both work pretty much the same, pretty simple. For a special treat, we also looked up Rain’s best nine for the year, and this is what we got. ↓ ^@@^


12/26/2018. Rain posted a wonderful image of the curly mop top I love (and haven’t seen since his ADIEU 2010 and BEST Rain concerts) on his Instagram and Weibo accounts the day after Christmas. What a terrific gift! And that skin. Those eyes. *sigh* ^@@^


12/25/2018. Hoping you all had an amazing Christmas and have stepped into a prosperous New Year. ^@@^


12/23/2018. DATV in Japan tweeted this promo image, announcing the start of Rain’s Korean TV drama Sketch on Japanese television. Thumbs up! ^@@^


11/22/2018. This E! Online article about the richest singers in K-Pop right now has our Magic Feet at Number 4! “Drenched with ecstacy” indeed. Good article, good list! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 10, 2019.

One Response to “[9 images] Rain check. (Incl. Uhm Bok Dong, Sketch, E! News Asia, & Seasons Greetings.)”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
    I’m so excited that the bicycling movie is finally almost here!


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